Benefits Of Surah Baqarah

Benefits of Surah Baqarah

Benefits Of Reading Surah Al Baqarah

Indeed, Surah Al Baqarah has innumerable virtues and benefits. Reciting and memorizing Surah Al Baqarah has been encouraged due to its mention in hadiths as one of the most powerful Surahs of the Holy Quran

What is Surah Baqarah About?

The surah includes a few Islamic rules related to varying subjects, such as prayers, fasting, striving on the path of God, the pilgrimage to Mecca, the change of the direction of prayer (Qiblah) from Jerusalem to Mecca, marriage, and divorce, commerce, debt, and a great many interests.

It is narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

“For everything, there is a hump (pinnacle) and the hump (pinnacle) of the Quran is Surah Al Baqarah, in it, there is an Ayah which is the master of the Ayat in the Quran; [it is] Ayat ul-kursi.” (Tirmidhi)

Virtues Of Surah Baqarah

Benefits of Surah Baqarah

Every believer is aware of the great powers that are hidden in this beautiful Surah Baqarah. A lot of emphasis has been put on reciting and memorizing this Surah as a whole or a few ayahs of it. The verses which hold great importance in the light of hadith and Sunnah are Ayat al-Kursi and the last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah, along with reciting Surah Baqarah as a whole.

Last Two Ayats | Verses Of Surah Baqrah

Last 2 Ayat of Surah Baqarah

Surah Baqarah Last 2 | 3 Ayat

Benefits Of Last Ayats Of Surah Baqarah

The last two verses of Surah Baqarah are short but extremely rewarding. Reciting the last two verses of Surah Baqarah can help us in gaining Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

1- The last two verses of Surah Baqarah are the source of forgiveness.

“When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was taken on the Night Journey (Lailat al Miraj), he came to Sidrah Al-Muntaha, which is in the sixth heaven. That is where everything that comes up from below ends, and where everything that comes down from above, until it is taken from it. Allah says: When what covered the lote-tree did cover it! [1] He said: “It was moths of gold. And I was given three things: The five daily prayers, the last verses of Surah Al Baqarah, and whoever of my Ummah dies without associating anything with Allah will be forgiven for Al-Muqhimat.” The sins of the worst magnitude that drag one into the Fire.” (An-Nihayah)

2- The last two verses of Surah Baqarah are sufficient for anyone who recites them.

Abd al-Rahman b. Yazid said:

I asked Abu Mas’ud while he was making circumambulation of the Ka’bah (about the recitation of some verses from the Qur’an). He said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

If anyone recited two verses from the last of Surah Al Baqarah at night, they will be sufficient for him. (Sunan Abi Dawud 1397)

3- The last two verses of Surah Baqarah are a great source of mercy.

Narrated by Ayfa’ ibn Abdul Kila’i:

Ayfa’ told of a man who asked Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) which surah of the Qur’an was greatest and was told that it was “Say, He is Allah, One.” He asked which verse of the Qur’an was greatest and was told that it was the Throne Verse, “Allah, there is no god but He, the Living, the Eternal.” He asked Allah’s Prophet which verse he would like to bring good to him and his people and was told, “The end of Surat Al Baqarah, for it is one of the treasures of Allah’s mercy from under His throne, which He gave to these people, and there is no good in this world and the next, which it does not include.” (Al-Tirmidhi – Hadith 2169) 

4- Reciting Last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah keeps the Shaytaan out of the house.

It is narrated by An-Numan bin Bashir, the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Indeed Allah wrote in a book two thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth, and He sent down two ayah from it to the end Surah Al Baqarah with. If they are recited for three nights in a home, no shaitan shall come near it.” (Tirmidhi)

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10 Ayat Of Surah Baqarah

Last 10 Ayat of surah Baqarah

Abdullah bin Masud (R.A) said,

“Whoever recites ten Ayahs from Surat Al Baqarah in a night, then Shaytan will not enter his house that night.”

Another narration by Ibn Mas’ud (R.A):

‘If it is recited until the morning, no Shaytan shall enter a home.’ (SunanDarimi hadith 3382 and Al-Mu’jamul Kabir hadith 8673)

Benefits of Reciting Surah Baqarah

Undoubtedly, Surah Baqarah is one of the most powerful surahs of the Holy Quran. There are many benefits of reciting Surah Baqarah:

1- It protects the reciter and its family members from the harm of shayateen and unconsciousness.

The Messenger of Allah said:

Whoever recites 4 verses from the first part of Surah Al Baqarah, the verse of throne, two verses after the verse of throne and three verses from the last part of surah Al Baqarah, shaytan would never come near him or the members of his family on that day, and nothing he despises would come near him or the members of his family, and never are these verses recited over a madman without him regaining his consciousness. (Tabrani)

2- The devils run away from the house in which Surah Baqarah is recited.

3- It protects the reciter from black magic, evil eye, and other harmful things.

4- It acts as a cloud of shade on the Day of Resurrection for its reciter.

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

Recite the Quran, for on the Day of Resurrection it will come as intercessor for those who recite it. Recite the two bright ones, Al Baqarah and Surah Al-Imran, for on the Day of Resurrection they will come as two clouds or two shades, or two flocks of birds, in ranks, pleading for those who recite them.” (Muslim)

5- Reciting Surah Baqarah brings lots of rewards for the reciter.

bn ‘Abbas reported that while Jibraéel A. A was sitting with the Messenger Of Allah (PBUH) he heard a creaking sound above him. He lifted his head and said:

This is a gate opened in heaven today which had never been opened before. Then when an angel descended through it, he said: This is an angel who came down to the earth who had never come down before. He greeted and said:

‘Rejoice in two lights given to you which have not been given to any prophet before you: Fatihat al-Kitab and the concluding verses of Surah al-Baqara. You will never recite a letter from them for which you will not be given (a reward).’ (Muslim)

6- Recite Surah Al Baqarah to never forget the Quran.

“Whoever recites these ten verses before sleeping, will not forget the Quran.” (Sunan al-Darimi)

These ten verses are the first four verses, Ayat al-Kursi, two verses that follow Ayat al-Kursi, and the last three verses of Surah Al Baqarah.

7- Reciting the verses of Surah Baqarah in the Fajr prayers helps in following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Ibn ‘Abbas R.A. reported:

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) used to recite during the two rakah of  Fajr prayer:

“Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and that which has been sent down to us…” (2:136) which is in surah Al Baqarah in the first Rakah and the verse: “We believe in Allah, and bear witness that we are Muslims (i.e. we submit to Allah.” (3:52) in the second rakah. (Muslim)

Power & Benefits Of Ayat Kursi

Ayat Kursi

Ayat al-Kursi or the Verse of Throne is the 255th Ayah or verse of the surah Baqarah. There are many hadiths that point at the importance of Ayat al-Kursi.

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud:

“Allah has not created in the heavens nor in the earth what is more magnificent than Ayat Al-Kursi.” Sufyan said: “Because Ayat Al-Kursi is the Speech of Allah, and Allah’s Speech is greater than Allah’s creation of the heavens and the earth.” (Tirmidhi 2884)

Benefits Of Reading And Memorizing Ayat Kursi

Ubayy ibn Ka’b reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said,

“O Abu Mundhir, do you know which verse in the book of Allah with you is greatest?” I recited the verse of the throne, “Allah, there is no God but Him, the Living, the Sustainer,” (2:255). The Prophet struck me on the chest and he said, “By Allah, Abu Mundhir, rejoice in this knowledge!” (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 810)

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Steps To Memorize Surah Baqarah

Undoubtedly, Surah Baqarah is the longest Surah of the holy Quran. But its unimaginable benefits make us eager to learn this Surah and recite it every day. It can take long for you to memorize but giving up is never an option.

Here are some tips that can help you in memorizing Surah Baqarah.

  • Make strong niyyah or intention to memorize Surah Baqarah.
  • Start with Bismillah and pay full attention to each and every word.
  • As there are 286 verses, make an intention to learn at least 5 verses every day.
  • Learn the meaning of each word and verse so that it develops better understanding.
  • There are a total of 6,140 words and out of which only 2,279 words are unique and without repetition. So when you emphasize each and every word, this will help you in grasping the repeated word quickly and easily.
  • Learn the story and message of each verse and connect yourself to it completely. It helps in maintaining the flow of the learning process and understanding.
  • Do not hurry. As this is the longest surah, do not make unachievable targets or goals. Rather focus on learning it efficiently.
  • Listen to audios and lectures on Surah Baqarah to improve your tajweed and pronunciation.
  • Do not forget to revise! Make sufficient time to revise what you have learned.
  • Enroll in an online Quran memorization course or hire a Quran tutor online to learn Surah Baqarah with discipline.

How Long Does It Take To Memorize Surah Baqarah

If you will learn 5 verses each day, giving just 30-45 minutes, it will take you roughly 58 days to learn it whole. If you keep a day after every fortnight to revise what you have learned then it will take you 62 days. That’s roughly two months! Isn’t it incredible that you can learn the longest Surah in just two months?

Surah Baqarah is a long surah but it can be memorized in a short period of time with strong intention and willpower. Also, you can hire an instructor or a Quran tutor online to learn it efficiently. This way you will have the right guidance and pre-planned sessions, and it will take less amount of time too.

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How Many Juz Is Surah Baqarah

2 and half a Juz – 47 Pages

How Many Ayat In Surah Baqarah

Al-Baqara (Arabic: البقرة, ‘al-baqarah; lit. “The Heifer” or “The Cow”), is the second and longest chapter (surah) of the Quran. It consists of 286 verses (āyāt) which begin with the “mysterious letters” (“muqatta’at”) A.L.M.

How Long Is Surah Baqarah

Once you master your recitation skills, you can recite Surah Baqarah in 50-60 minutes. You can enroll in online Quran courses or hire a Quran tutor for this purpose.

What Is Surah Baqarah Good For

There are many benefits of reciting Surah Al-Baqarah, and the most authentic (Hasan) benefit of the Surah is that it protects you from Shaitan (Satan) and all evils. The Surah helps to protect people who recite it from evildoers and those who wish harm upon us.

What Surah Baqarah Teaches Us?

The main motto of our life should be to spend it in complete submission to Allah. We all come across situations where it becomes utterly difficult to obey Allah, where the world becomes too tempting. But let this verse remind you that those who submit to Allah will have beautiful endings and a beautiful hereafter.

Why Is Surah Baqarah Called The Cow?

AL-BAQARAH (the Cow) has been so named from the story of the Cow occurring in this Surah (vv. 67-73). It has not, however, been used as a title to indicate the subject of the Surah.

Which Is The Most Powerful Ayāt In Quran?

Image result Ayat al-Kursi Ayat al-Kursi is regarded as the greatest verse of the Quran according to hadith. The verse is regarded as one of the most powerful in the Quran because when it is recited, the greatness of God is believed to be confirmed.

What Does Ayat Al Kursi Do?

Image result The recitation of Ayat ul-Kursi will safeguard your children. The recitation of this Ayah will safeguard your home from theft. The recitation of Ayatul Kursi will ease the death. Ayatul Kursi along with Qul Surah’s can be recited to safeguard from the evil eye.

Is It OK To Listen To Surah Baqarah?

Recite Surah al-Baqarah, to take recourse to it is a blessing and to give it up is a cause of grief.”

What Is The Lesson Of Surah Baqarah?

The main motto of our life should be to spend it in complete submission to Allah. We all come across situations where it becomes utterly difficult to obey Allah, where the world becomes too tempting. But let this verse remind you that those who submit to Allah will have beautiful endings and a beautiful hereafter.

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