Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully and contact us if you have any questions. You agree to be bound by these Terms whenever you start our online courses.

Payment Method

Easy & Secure Online Payment Methods via PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.

Monthly Recurring Subscription will be paid in advance and automatically renewed on the same day of every month and will be changed in 2024 to be renewed after every 4 weeks or after finishing the required hours in case of holidays, pausing or rescheduling and will keep you updated of any changes.

In case of cancelation, stopping, or changing the plan, we provide you with the option to cancel, pause, or change the plan accordingly with a full money-back guarantee.

Refund Policy

If you wish to pause or stop your classes at any time during the month, we will refund you 100% of the classes that have not been delivered. But make sure that you shall email [email protected] or text the Live Chat Icon “Support Team” 2-3 days earlier to the date of stopping of your course..

If the number of study hours has not been completed in a certain month you must arrange these missed classes ASAP with your teacher to make them up on any suitable day with your as well as your teacher’s schedule. In case it is not possible, you shall have a refund for the due classes.

Make-up Classes

– In case of canceling or rescheduling a class, there shall be prior notice at least 1 _ 2 Hours before the class time to be entitled to a make-up class maximum twice monthly except for an emergency..

– If a student plans to take a holiday, then shall inform the teacher or Support via [email protected] or text the Live Chat Icon.

– If a student misses a class without prior notice to the teacher at least 1 _ 2 Hours before class time, no make-up classes will be reschedules except for an emergency.

– If a tutor cancels a class due to an emergency, he shall inform the student; and the class will be rescheduled for another day.

Number of Monthly Classes/Hours

The number of Monthly Classes/Hours will be agreed upon when joining the Academy. If you wish to increase or decrease the number of classes, please inform your teacher, email [email protected] or text the Live Chat Icon.
* Please note that the teacher will inform you of the cancellation of any extra classes which will be more than the number of agreed required classes.
* Example: If it has been agreed upon 4 classes per month on Saturdays, sometimes it happens to be 5 Saturdays in a month. In that case, the 5th class will be cancelled, as the payment is done according to monthly hours, or rescheduled as make-up classes for any missed classes.
Public Holidays

According to the Islamic Calendar, Muslims Have two main holidays:-

1- Eid Al-Fitr (3 Days).

2- Eid Al-Adha (4 Days).

No Make-up Classes for Eid Holiday will entitled to.

Quarterly Progress Report

Parents will receive a quarterly report at the end of each 3 months for students less than 16 years. This will allow parents to review the progress of their kids..

Male/Female Students

Male students under 12 can be taught by male or female teacher according to the parent’s request.

Female students under 12 can be taught by male or female teacher according to the parent’s request.

Evaluation & Feedback

In order to improve our service, we ask our students for feedback after studying for a while in the academy. Your feedbacks will help us in improving the student experience and optimizing our services.

Learning Environment

We ensure that our students have a healthy learning environment. Tutors are helpful and available to students for 24 hours a day. Students can enjoy their learning in a cooperative and relaxed environment.

Quality Control

The quality of learning is monitored closely through various procedures such as measuring attendance discipline, regular teacher training, student feedback, and regular examinations.

Rating and Feedback

Our Support department will email you after a few lessons to ask for your feedback. Please let them know if you have any concerns, enquiries or complaints. Your feedback helps us to improve our service. We highly appreciate it.

Teachers Punctuality

If a teacher is late for the class, the student should email the teacher and inform her/him that they are online. If the student/parent doesn’t get a response, the student/parent should email: [email protected]. The teacher will make up for any missed time or class.

If the teacher is often late or misses classes, kindly email [email protected] ASAP.

Special Packages

* Orphans can pay 50% or get it for Free.

* Low-Income Families are provided with affordable programs.


* You can gift the courses to your friends and family.

– How to Give a Course as a Gift!

➔ Go to ➔  Contact ➔ Gift Voucher.

Studying only with the Academy

Tutors are not allowed to arrange classes with students outside the Academy.

Students may take additional courses or make-up classes only with the Academy.

Dress Code

Students should ensure that their outfits is modest and suitable for the Holy Quran Classes.

Leaving the Academy

If students wish to leave the Course, they can contact our Support Team at [email protected] or text the Live Chat Icon.

Students should discuss Course completion with Staff or Tutors two days before leaving the academy.


Student privacy is our responsibility and we trust that student’s personal information is kept confidential between student and Tutor.


Protecting your personal information is important to us. We take the responsibility of keeping customer information secure very seriously. The information we collect remains confidential between us.

What kind of personal information do we collect?

The personal information we collect from you varies depending on the context of your contacts with us and the Course you are using. The following information may be included, but is not limited to: –

  • Profile Data, such as courses you have taken, preferences, feedback, and survey responses.
  • Usage data, such as how you use our website.
  • When you make a payment to us, we collect identifiable information such as your name, date of birth, and gender, as well as contact information such as your mailing address, email address, and phone number.

Why do we collect information?

The information you provide to us is used solely to improve our services, create accounts on a website, and for educational purposes.

How do we keep your information secure?

To protect our users’ information from misuse and access, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to protect our users’ personal information.

Retention of Data

We retain a student’s personal data for 12 months before deleting it from our system if the student cancels their account.

After 12 months, the student’s personal data and progress report will be deleted to ensure the security of the student data.

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