Mishkah Academy International Arabic Scholarship Program, Arabic Scholarship Program for Non-Native Students, Mishkah Academy is one of the International Leading Institutes that believes in providing scholarship opportunities for deserving students all over the world at reasonable fees from the comfort of their homes. This Full Scholarship is available to international Arab and Non-Arab Students who want to study Arabic Online, in recognition of their achievement and as an incentive for all those studying Arabic to excel.

(Diploma Certificate in Arabic as a Foreign Language)
by Mishkah Academy

A Two-Year Full-Time Study Program

Consisting of 100-Credit Hours. The Program is designed to develop the students’ linguistic competence in Arabic in all 4 Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

“Al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk” series “Arabic between your hands”

The Program mainly employs “Al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk” series “Arabic between your hands,” published by “Arabic for All,” & “Madina Arabic” published by of Institute of the Arabic Language.

A certificate upon completion of the program

Upon completion of the program requirements, students receive a Diploma Certificate in Arabic as a Foreign Language (DCAFL) and Outstanding Students have the opportunity to UPGRADE their scholarship and continue studying many other subjects relating to Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Serves to advance the field of Arabic while enriching the online education

This Scholarship also serves to advance the field of Arabic while enriching the online education atmosphere with diversity, talent, and academic excellence to recognize and reward students who are seeking knowledge of Arabic.

Saving money & enjoying some amazing opportunities

If you’re looking to continue your studies while saving money and enjoying some amazing opportunities, then this is your ideal destination. The opportunity is open throughout the year and all applications are submitted via the Academy’s Online Application Portal. Be sure to contact Academy Support for more information.


Students above 15 years from all over the world are welcome to apply.


Reasonable fees starting from 250$ || Certified Native Arab Tutors || Flexible Schedules 24/7 || Completion Certificates || 1-On-1 Online Tutoring || Group Classes for Friends and Family.


For any other information, please contact the Mishkah Academy Scholarship Committee at [email protected]

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Mishkah Academy has become one of the leading online Islamic schools in the World due to its good reputation for many years in teaching Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of Muslims by offering an affordable methods to learn conveniently at home by developing effective methods to help students learn with interactive online options that make learning accessible.
We offer different ways that can be adapted to the amount of time you have available, your area of interest, and the type of teacher you prefer. We offer a wide range of Courses that can fit into even the busiest schedules that are the best fit for your learning needs and interests.