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Prophet Muhammad PBUH Says:

“For whoever Allah wants good, he gives him understanding in the religion.”

Quran recitation comes with a beautiful feeling, but it becomes great when we read it while understanding the translation, the background, and the words of Allah. these things can only be learned by mastering the tafsir of the Quran which becomes difficult for many Muslims without an expert tutor particularly Non-Arabic speakers.

Many Muslims want to learn Quran Tafseer online as they find difficulty in understanding the meaning of verses. This language barrier restricts them from fully understanding what the verses of the Quran really mean and what Allah has conveyed to us through these verses.

The verses of the Quran in each surah have a separate meaning in entirely different aspects. Without knowing the background, readers might not understand what Allah (SWT) wants to tell us in His Holy Book.

Many Muslims living in non-Muslim countries have trouble finding a certified tutor who can help them on their online journey. If this is your case, Mishkah Academy has designed this course for you. We have certified Azhar instructors that use authentic Tafsir Books to explain their interpretations with great teaching strategies that make the Tafseer easy for you.

What Is Tafseer Quran

Tafsir, the science of explanation of the Qurʾān. It is an Arabic word meaning “Explanation” and “Interpretation” which is derived from the root word ‘Fassara. Fassara intends to clarify, explain, expound, or explain the Quran.

Tafseer Meaning

The literal meanings of Tafseer include explanation, elucidation, or interpretation. The authentic interpretation of Quranic verses, chapters, or sections is called Tafseer-Al-Quran. It involves the science of explanation of the contextual meanings of the Quran in reference to multiple books of Tafseer by known writers. We also provide a Completion Certificate of the Online Tafseer Course.

Online Tafseer Classes

Tafseer Al Quran Online

Learn Quran Tafseer Online

Many English-speaking Muslims who want to learn the Tafseer face difficulty understanding the deep meanings of the Holy Quran, as the language barrier prevents them from understanding what the Quran really means.

Without Tafseer, many English-speaking Muslims and non-Arabic speakers find it difficult to understand the translation and messages of Allah in the Holy Quran.

Tafseer-Al-Quran is considered the most significant science of the Quran that helps all Muslims understand the Quran even better. Since the accurate application of Islam is based on proper comprehension of the guidance from Allah, without studying Quran Tafseer, Muslims will not be able to understand Quran, the teachings, the commands, the prohibitions.

How To Learn Tafseer Of Quran

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Tafseer Quran Benefits

Overall, the aim of the Quran Tafseer Course is the interpretation or exegesis of the Holy Quran. It is in Tafsir that deals with issues like Linguistics, Theology, Morphology, Orders, Prohibitions, Halal, Haram, all kinds of worship, Islamic Creed, Jurisprudence, etc.

In short, Quranic Tafsir is an attempt to provide commentary with an explanation and interpretation for understanding God’s will, which has been stated in the Holy Quran.

About Course

Quran Tafseer Classes

This course focuses on learning the explanation and interpretation of the Quran and the way to implement it in daily practice according to Islamic teachings by improving your understanding of Worship, Islamic History, Fiqh, Sunnah, Aqeedah, the Life of Prophets, Linguistics, Theology, Morphology, Orders, Prohibitions, Halal, Haram, all kinds of Worship, and much more than the importance of the Quran can only be understood by learning it and understanding the messages of Allah in His Holy Book which is vital for every Muslim living in non-Muslim countries.

Mishkah academy has specifically designed this course for English speakers or non-Arabic speakers living in non-Muslim countries in different parts of the world. Muslims may live in different parts of the world, but nothing can fade their love for Allah and the Holy Quran.

If you are the one looking to build your connection with Allah’s word, then this course is for you. We provide expert teachers that not only make you master the Tafseer of the Quran but also build a strong connection between your life and the Holy Quran.

Tafseer Course Leveles

1- Beginner Level:-

Short Surah as well as some Surahs that has great virtues like (Al Baqarah – Al Mulk – Yassen – Al Rahman – Al Waqia’h – Al Sajdah).

2- Intermediate Level:-

Juz A’mma (Juz 30) as well as some Surahs that has great virtues like (Al Baqarah – Al Mulk – Yassen – Al Rahman – Al Waqia’h – Al Sajdah).

3- Advanced Level:-

Studying the entire Holy Quran from Al fatiha till Al Naas (30 Juz).

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Importance Of Tafsir

Tafseer Quran Online
Online Quran Tafseer

Read Quran With Meaning

It goes without doubt that the Quran recitation holds great significance and rewards even if recited without understanding the meaning. But interpreting the Holy books holds great importance too.

If any Muslim is not familiar with the Arabic language, he/she must familiarize herself with Tafseer and Quran translation as it is the prime method of obtaining the true benefit from the verses of the Holy Quran and getting the best guidance in every aspect of life.

Holy Quran is a guide for all human beings. It guides Muslims in every aspect of life, whether living a happy and successful life, facing any hardship or enmity, knowing the purpose of life, and much more. To conclude, it is the divine book that can only be appreciated when one embraces its meanings and teachings in life.

If you are the one looking for true guidance. This is the course for you to design your life according to the teaching of the Quran and sunnah.

Why Take Online Quran Tafsir Classes

Do you think you have mastered the Quran by reading its translation only?

If yes, then you are missing the most beautiful part of the Quran, i.e. Tafseer Quran Understanding because there is no book in the world that can challenge the Qur’an, and there are no words in the entire world that can compete with the deep meanings of the verses of the Qur’an. In addition, the Holy Qur’an cannot be fully understood through translation because the Arabic language is more eloquent than any other language around the world.

Start learning Tafseer Quran Online from the comfort of your home with flexible time schedules by Expert Tafseer Teachers.

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Tafseer Course Outcomes

These online Tafseer Classes have been designed to meet certain outcomes at the end of the program:

  •  Developing a strong bond with the book of Allah.
  •  Understanding the meaning and interpretation of the verses and surahs.
  •  Covering the History, Science, and Translation of the Quran.
  •  Addressing the different incidents mentioned in the Quran.
  •  The themes of the Quran chapters.
  •  Understanding the reason, time, and cause of revelations of every verse and Surah.
  •  The orders, demands, prohibitions, teachings, manners, and messages in each verse.
  •  The teachings of each verse and Surah.
  •  The history of revelation and its time and place.
  •  Basic Arabic reading and grammar.
  •  Implementing the orders of Allah and the ruling of this noble book in your lives.
  •  Reading and memorizing the Quran is faster and easier.
  •  Reciting the Quran by keeping its meaning and interpretation.

Course Features

Tafseer Course Instructors

They are well-qualified, with a degree from well-known Islamic universities. They have honed their craft through years of experience in the field. Our native Arab tutors are well-versed in English and conduct the courses with extreme professionalism. They have learned from different scholars and have a grounded knowledge of this domain. They pass a few finely designed tests. Thus, they get the teaching position after going through many evaluation rounds.

Customized Study Plans For Tafseer

One of the main factors that distinguish us is that we do our best to make studying online way easier for you and all your family or friends by giving you the ability to create your own schedule and adjust your available hours at any time of the day to what suits you best to keep the individual needs of students in mind.

Course Prerequisite

Who Should Take Tafsir Quran Course!

Due to the importance of learning Quran Tafseer for every Muslim in the world, Mishkah Academy presents Online Quran Tafsir Course for those Muslims who are Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries. Now, you or your kids can take online Tafseer classes with highly qualified Quran teachers from Al-Azhar University through one-to-one live sessions.

Any Muslim from all over the world can join the course irrespective of their age, gender, or nationality, also recommend you to take our Quran Recitation Course first if you are interested in the Quran Tafseer Course to have a basic understanding of Quran Recitation. For beginners, we recommend first starting with Quran Recitation Course.

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Course Structure

Class Type: 1-On-1 or Group Class

Levels: Beg, Int, Adv.

Requirements: None

Age: 10 – 70

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