Mishkah Academy is very amazing; I really had a great time learning with them. Quran Memorization Ijazah Course is awesome, the way the Courses are structured are remarkable.
Aqsa Ahmed
My daughter is taking the Tajweed Course for children. The way the Tutors interact with the students is great, and I love how they keep me updated with my daughter's progress through weekly reports.
Numan Sajid
Mishkah Academy is one of the best and most professional academies so far. I have learned so much from the Tutor and improved my Arabic grammar so much through the Standard Arabic Course.
Ahmed Munir
I am grateful to Mishkah Academy for providing such a beautiful platform for learning the Quran. Their Quranic Arabic Course is very informative, and the Tutors are really nice, and they are always trying their best for the students.
Zainab Ali
I am impressed by the dedication of Tutors to children's learning. I have enrolled my daughter in the Tajweed Course and am very pleased with the curriculum, how beautifully they have integrated Noorani Qaida into the Course.
Haya Hassan
A great place to learn Islamic studies. They have covered all the important points in this Course regarding Aqidah, Fiqh, everything is explained really well and the Tutors' behavior is really supportive.
Hamza Zaid
The Tutors are really dedicated and friendly to the students. I had the best experience with Mishkah Academy. Everything from the Course outline to the behavior of the Tutors, the class schedule, and the assessments were the best.
Sara Edrees
The Tutors of Mishkah Academy are very helpful and the way they teach makes learning easy. I took the Learn 10 Qiraat Course and I must say that the Tutors made this Course easy and convenient for me. I will always be thankful for that.
Junaid mustafa
Excellent experience with Mishkah Academy, in sha Allah I will take more Courses. Very helpful and cooperative staff. My friend brought this platform to my attention, for which I will always be grateful.
Azra Abubakar
As a mother of two boys, it was quite a challenge for me to find such a great Islamic institute. Their Tafseer Course for kids is a great Course for all mothers who want their kids to learn Tafseer at home. The Tutors are amazing.
Amira Fatima
I was confused about the Tutors and the syllabus, but on the first day of my Course, I found the Tutor very supportive and helpful. My Tutor taught me everything very well about Tajweed, and now I am planning to enroll for an Islamic Studies Course.
Said Ali
Choosing Mishkah Academy for Quran memorization was the best decision I have made so far. Their quizzes and the testing system help me memorize the Quran really well.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mishkah Academy is the best choice for those who can't manage to go out. Alhamdulillah, now I have easily completed my Course from home and within a short time, I have made a lot of improvements.
Karim Abasi
Amazing experience with Mishkah Academy. I have taken two Course s with them and both times I got a great response from the Tutors and learned a lot from them.
Aylin Lateef
The staff is really great and helpful. I have completed my Quran Tajweed Course at Mishkah Academy, and I must say I have learned new things and made many improvements in my recitation.
Fatima Yahiya
I have always been interested in Islamic history and have taken many online Course s on the subject, but the Mishkah Academy Course is perfect. You learn new things and are amazed at the way the lecturers teach.
Mansoor Ali
My trip with Mishkah Academy went very well. The Tajweed Course helped me learn many new things and improve my Qiraat. The Tutors are very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this Course to anyone who wants to improve their Quranic Qiraat.
Hameed Yassen
The Quran Tafseer Course is my favorite. I would also recommend this Course to my family members and friends because after taking this Course I realized how much we are missing.
Maajid Omar
Great experience learning with Mishkah Academy, I learned many new things from the Islamic Studies Course . The Tutor was very helpful. I missed a class due to personal reasons, but my Tutor made up the class on another day without embarrassing me.
Farhad Akbar
I got a job in Dubai, and it was quite difficult for me here, as most of the people there speak Arabic. My friend suggested that I should learn the Arabic language, as it opens new opportunities for me. Arabic Conversation Course was very helpful for me.
Abid Hamid
Mash Allah, Mishkah Academy is an amazing platform to learn Quran Tajweed. The Tutors are very responsible and cooperative, this platform is a blessing.
Kiran Asim
Alhamdulillah, I really enjoyed my Quran Ijazah Course, the Tutors are professional, and their teaching methods are fantastic, with the constant support of the Tutor I am able to recite the Quran confidently in front of people.
Sara Ali