Online Quran Classes For Kids

Online Quran Classes-For Kids

Best Online Quran Classes For Kids

Indeed, the best thing that parents can offer to their children in this life and the next is to teach them the Book of Allah SWT as it is the easiest means of achieving the pleasure of Allah.

Discover a world of Quranic learning like no other. Nurture your Kids’ Quranic Journey with the expertise of our professional certified Quran Tutors, specially trained to engage Kids in a truly unique and captivating manner. We are committed to teaching with utmost joy and excitement, ensuring that Kids will not finds our courses tough or boring.

Our Online Quran Classes for Kids cater to various age groups, from as young as 4 to the vibrant age of 15. Embrace this enriching experience, where your little ones thrive in a fun-filled atmosphere, exploring the wonders of learning Quran, Tajweed, Arabic & Islamic Studies Courses (Tafseer, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Hadith, etc.) with Mishkah Academy.

Do you want your kids to succeed in this world and hereafter?

Join the Best Online Quran, Tajweed, Arabic & Islamic Studies Courses Online Now!

Every parent dreams the best for their kids in this World and the Hereafter and waits for the beautiful moments until their kids grow and make them proud of their success. But you don’t need to wait for your kids to grow older and achieve success. We are here for you!

Give your child the expertise of learning Quran, Tajweed, Arabic & Islamic Studies Courses at an early age. Childhood is the best era to instill Islamic values in your kid. As we all know, early age is the best learning phase of life. Things learned at this stage remain in their memory forever just as a carving remains on a stone because they have sharper memory and learn things better than adults and teenagers.

The huge misconception has affected the choice of the parents as there are many parents who think that the Holy Quran should be learned at later stages of life as kids find it difficult to learn the recitation rules and memorize the Holy Quran.

Thus, Mishkah Academy gives great emphasis on learning the Quran for Kids and provides a unique variety of online Quran classes for kids that are specially designed to suit all ages and levels.

If you would like to have the opportunity to learn Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies with the best Online Quran Teachers, start your journey today towards learning and seize the chance to get FREE Trial Class!

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Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One or Group

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: None

Age: 4 – 15

Course Outcomes

  • Quran Memorization
  • Hifz E Quran.
  • Learning Tajweed Rules.
  • Beautiful Quran Recitation.
  • Tafseer Quran.

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About Course

learn the quran for beginners

Quran For Children’s

On average, our students who enrolled in the online Quran lessons for kids complete the memorization of the Holy Quran within 2 to 5 years depending on the child’s determination and the number of classes per week.

The prime objective of an online Quran lessons for kids is to make young Muslims capable of reading, reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran with perfect Tajweed.

Online Quran teaching for kids focuses on building the strong love and attachment of kids with Almighty Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Holy Quran and Islamic values.

This course is ideal for the kids willing to attain expertise in the Holy Quran recitation with Tajweed or have a dream to memorize the entire Holy Quran fast and easily.

Mishkah Academy offers Online Quran Classes for Kids. This course has different levels. Each level will help your kid to attain the expertise, and, in the end, your kid will be able to read the Holy Quran perfectly with no mistakes.

Levels Of Quran Classes For Kids Course 

Mishkah Academy offers three levels of Online Quran Classes for Kids. These levels are divided to meet the difficulty level of your kid and help them attain expertise in a particular subject of Quran recitation. You can read the details about these three levels below.

Beginner level

The beginner level is designed for students that have no previous knowledge of Tajweed rules and Quran recitation. The students assigned at the beginner level will have to pass our Noorani Qaida Course to continue the Quran recitation course with Tajweed. Any kid willing to memorize the Holy Quran would have to master the Noorani Qaida course first.

Intermediate level

As your kid gets expertise and passes the beginner/Noorani Qaida online course, he/she will be moved toward the intermediate level. The intermediate level is designed to enhance the Tajweed and help kids master the recitation of the complete Quran with no hidden errors.

If your kid has basic knowledge of Tajweed and has passed the Noorani Qaida course in some other institute or home, you can also enroll your kid in Mishkah academy’s online Quran Recitation Course to improve their skills. Mishkah Academy will evaluate your kid to check whether they meet the criteria or not.

Advanced Level

This level is suitable for the students wanting to get an Ijazah Certificate or want to Memorize Quran after attaining expertise in the beginner and intermediate levels.

Great offer for you!

Mishkah academy provides free trial classes on the three levels. Get your kids enroll in Mishkah Academy’s Online Quran Classes for kids to experience the beautiful journey with us.

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Course Features

easy way to learn quran for beginners

Quran Online Classes for Kids

Experienced & Skilled Staff

We understand the value of experienced and skilled teachers. Our tutors are highly qualified. They make Quran learning easy and interesting for the kids. They use different techniques and Activities to motivate the kids into learning the Holy Quran and practicing the teachings in the daily life

Educational Games & Joyful Classes

Our teachers design each class while keeping your kids’ progress, difficulty level and interest in mind. They use different techniques to build their interest in the classroom. Our classes are fun-oriented. We use educational games, mirror techniques and multimedia to perfect the recitation of the Holy Quran and make your kids better Muslims.

Progress Reports & Competition

Mishkah academy officially sends notifications to the parents to keep them connected with the learning journey of their kids. Our teachers conduct different competitions between kids and award them certificates to develop their interest in learning and speed up the learning process.

Islamic values

Mishkah Academy understands that kids are the building block of society. It is very important to instill Islamic teaching at an early age in the kids. Therefore, we also offer basic Islamic teachings to the little Muslims to Mould their life according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

  • 5 Pillars of Islam.
  • 6 Pillars of Iman.
  • Islamic Creed.
  • Fiqh & Tafseer.
  • Exemplary Islamic Lessons.
  • Dua, Azkar & Hadith.

Why Join Quran Lessons for Kids!

best online quran classes

Quran Online for Kids

The Holy Quran is a complete and beautiful guide for all humans. This beautiful book introduces you to the love, mercy and orders of Allah SWT. This book is complete, while your life is incomplete without the Book of Almighty Allah.

It is excellent guidance for all human beings including your kids. Kids need guidance the most. Whatever way or guidance you’ll give them in their childhood will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Give them the guidance of Allah, the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)- the Holy Quran. if you want to connect your kid with their Islamic roots, bound them with the love of the Holy Quran

Quran gives you a ray of light in the dark cave. If you want your kid to walk on the right path and not be influenced by the negative energies, give them an understanding of Islam and the Holy Quran.

Their strong connection with Holy Quran will save their heart from getting dark by the negative energies. The Quran works as a protective shield for the ones that pay respect to it.

How proud you would feel when your kids will hold your hand to take you to paradise with them just because of your good upbringing and your struggles to make them Hafiz-e-Quran.

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Mishkah Academy offers a special variety of online Quran classes for kids that are specially designed to suit all levels and ages. Learn at your convenience. Your location is no barrier.

Holy Quran For Children’s Learning And Memorizing!

At Mishkah, our online Quran classes for kids are taught by the most highly qualified certified teachers in the world from the comfort of your home.

Online Quran Teaching For Kids!

The Quran for Kids – Full Track course is an all-in-one Quran course for children. Online Kids Madrasa is the best online Quran teaching platform that provides Quran teaching services 24/7 at economical fees to students from all over the world.

Quran Learning For Kids

Best Quran learning for kids with expert Quran Tutors from the comfort of your home. let your kids join best online Quran learning classes with male and female Quran tutors for kids. book free trial class today!