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Embracing Islam is an important step; a new phase of life starts as you convert to Islam. It brings a lot of challenges for New Muslim Reverts because it involves a person challenging his/her past beliefs.

The study has shown that converting to Islam is a life-changing journey with many challenging situations that must be dealt with in care. But surprisingly, none of the difficulties could turn the new Muslims away from the true religion. New Muslims are greatly valued by the Muslim society, and they give a warm welcome to every new Muslim and offer great support on different levels.

The most successful part in helping New Muslim Converts has been determined to be practical training by Certified Islamic Teachers. This training involves the complete practice of living by the teachings of Islam, providing necessary guidelines to potential reverts, and solving their queries related to Islam.

New Muslim Course Classes

The majority of New Muslims are very enthusiastic from the day they declare the Shahadah (La Ilaha Illa Allah) or those who want to learn more to be more convinced and ready to convert to Islam but do not know enough about it. One shall first convert and then do his best to learn and understand the basics, pillars, teachings, and principles of Islam in the right way.

The new Muslim is blessed with the knowledge of Islam. He must increase this knowledge and he must learn about halal, haram, immoral, disliked and mustahabb actions through knowledge of the Qur’an, Sunnah, jurisprudence, creed, hadith and more about Islam.

It is the duty of New Muslims to practice Islam in life and to get best Islamic education. Whereas it is the duty of Mishkah Academy to guide you toward the right part and ease your journey toward Islam. Our expert teachers are available 24 hours, 7 days to guide you and bring you closer to Allah.

Mishkah Academy offers 1-on-1 and group Classes for New Muslim Reverts to start learning more about Islam. We also recommend joining our Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Programs to start your blessed learning journey of Islam.

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New Muslim Convert Course

Learning Islam For New Converts

This new Muslim Course covers a wide range of Islamic teachings, sciences, and fundamentals including but not limited to Quran, Comparative Religion, Common-Revert Questions about Islam and other Religions, Islamic Creed, Manners, Ethics, Islamic societies requirements, and detailed knowledge of what Islam stands for and what New Muslims need.

Islamic Classes For Reverts

At Mishkah Academy, we have made it our duty to provide courses where New Muslim Reverts can gain the true knowledge of Islam _ the knowledge they need to successfully lead a life according to Islamic principles.

Our courses consist not only of enriching lectures but also activities, practice, guiding, etc. to help you get a better understanding of the Islamic Religion.

(Quran, Hadith, Sunnah, Pillars of Islam, Faith, Charity, Justice, Forgiveness, Patience, Tolerance, Honesty, Kindness to Parents, Keeping Promises, Modesty and Humility, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Dealing with Anger, Sincerity).

Why Take Islamic Classes For Converts

Converting to Islam is not an easy act. Muslim Reverts shall change the beliefs they’ve had all their lives, and that journey is not easy. But saying the Shahadah is not the end of a Reverts’ Journey _ it is the start rather it is the start of a new life. And when Reverts take that first step, many more steps follow. There will be some challenges as a New Muslim and even after you adjust to your new faith. You just have to remember that God is with you through every step, every difficulty.

This new Muslim course, prepared with great care and attention to detail, focuses on teaching New Muslim Converts the basics of Islam and some important rites and providing them with a comfortable setting in which to gain clarity on everyday issues and acclimate to modern life.

Learning the fundamental concepts and traditions of Islam is a given in this course. Along with that, you will also be studying with fellow reverts. You can share your experiences, and you will not be judged for any questions you might have. After this course, you will have all the necessary information to lead your new life, as well as grounds to study further.

New Muslim Classes Outcomes

The new Muslim course focuses on making the journey of a New Muslim exciting, fun, and unique after Shahada (Converting to Islam). This course has been specially designed to help new Muslims understand the new ways of life that you have chosen for yourself by choosing Islam.

In this New Muslim course, you’ll learn:

  • An Overview Of Islam
  • Comparative Religion
  • 5 Pillars of Islam
  • 6 Pillars Of Faith
  • Islamic Creed
  • Worship in Islam
  • Islamic Teachings
  • Morality in Islam
  • Shirk & Disbelief
  • Full Guide to New Muslim
  • The Islamic Social Structure
  • The Life of the Prophet
  • Manners and Ethics
  • Good habits for new Muslims
  • Major sins in Islam
  • Many other Related Topics

New Muslim Course Features

New Muslim Course Instructors

They are well-qualified with a degree from well-known Islamic universities. They have honed their craft through years of experience in the field. Our native Arab tutors are well-versed in English and conduct the courses with extreme professionalism. They have learned from different scholars and have a grounded knowledge of this domain. They pass a few finely designed tests. Thus, they get the teaching position after going through many evaluation rounds.

New Muslim Course Prerequisite

This course is aimed at new Muslims who want to learn more about Islam and its teachings to become competent in pursuing their new journey of Islam confidently from anywhere and at any time.

Any new Muslims, or non-Muslims who are planning to convert to Islam, can take this course irrespective of their age, gender, or nationality. People who want to learn more about this wonderful journey can join the course too.

New Muslim Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: None

Age: Any Age

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How To Convert To Islam & Muslim

Converting to Islam is a significant and life-changing event for those who choose to embark on this journey. For many people, it marks a profound shift in their spiritual beliefs and practices. In this essay, I will be discussing the steps involved in converting to Islam and what one can expect during the process.

The first step in converting to Islam is to learn about the religion. This involves reading the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam and studying its teachings. One can also research online or attend lectures or classes conducted by Islamic scholars. Learning about the religion is essential, as this helps one fully understand the tenets and practices of Islam.

After gaining knowledge about the religion, the next step is to make the decision to convert. This decision should be based on a sincere desire to embrace the religion’s teachings and follow its practices. One should also seek guidance from Allah through prayer to help make this decision.

Take Shahada Online

Once someone has decided to convert to Islam, they should recite the Shahada. The Shahada is the declaration of faith in Islam, and it goes as follows, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger.” By reciting the Shahada, one is publicly professing their belief in Allah and his messenger, Muhammad.

After reciting the Shahada, one can choose to take part in the Islamic declaration of faith or the Bay’ah. The Bay’ah is a covenant made between a believer and their teacher or Muslim scholar, where they pledge to follow the religion’s laws and teachings. This step is optional but recommended as it helps one commit and remain steadfast in their religious journey.

Following the declaration of faith, one should perform the ritual ablution known as Wudu. This involves washing specific body parts before performing Salah, which is the act of daily prayers. Salah, which is performed five times a day, helps keep one connected to Allah and strengthens their relationship with Him.

After performing Salah, one can observe fasting during the month of Ramadan, which is a month of spiritual significance to Muslims. During this time, Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting helps develop discipline, self-control, and empathy towards those who are less fortunate.

Another essential aspect of Islam is giving to charity. Muslims are encouraged to give Zakat, which is a mandatory percentage of their wealth given to those in need. This helps promote social justice and equality among all members of society.

Finally, once someone has converted to Islam, they should continue to learn and practice their faith. This involves attending religious programs and events, reading and studying the Quran regularly, and maintaining a close relationship with Allah through regular prayer.

Converting to Islam is a significant decision that should be made based on a sincere desire to embrace its teachings and practices. It involves gaining knowledge about the religion, making a public declaration of faith, performing ablution and prayer, observing fasting, giving to charity, and continuing to learn and follow the religion’s teachings. Converting to Islam requires dedication and a commitment to follow Allah’s path, but it also provides an opportunity for spiritual growth, understanding, and connection with the Divine.

How long does it take to convert to Muslim

After gaining knowledge about Islam, one should seek guidance from a knowledgeable Muslim scholar or imam who can answer their questions and provide guidance about the conversion process. This may include reciting the Shahada, which is the declaration of faith in Allah and the acceptance of Muhammad as a prophet. One may also be required to participate in Islamic practices such as praying five times a day, fasting during Ramadan, and completing the Hajj pilgrimage if possible.

How do you convert to Muslim

Reach out to your local Muslim community for support and guidance. You can visit a mosque or Islamic center to meet with an Imam or Muslim cleric who can provide you with further insight and guidance. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can help you navigate the process and take advantage of the resources available to you.

Can you convert to Muslim

It is essential to learn about Islam and its fundamental beliefs and practices. This might include studying the Quran, attending classes or lectures about Islam, and engaging in discussions with knowledgeable Muslims. Take your time to reflect on what is being taught and ask Allah for guidance to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

Converting to Muslim religion

Take the Shahada or declaration of faith by reciting the phrase “La Ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah” which means, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” This declaration acts as the official conversion to Islam, and it is recommended to do so in the presence of Muslim witnesses. After the declaration, you will be considered as a Muslim, and the opportunities for growth and development within the religion are limitless.

Christian convert to Muslim

Converting to Islam is a deeply personal decision and can be a life-changing experience. It involves a commitment to following the teachings of the Quran and living a life in accordance with its principles. If you are thinking of converting to Islam, there are several steps you can take to help you on your journey.

Catholic to Muslim convert

When someone chooses to convert from one religion to another, it is usually a very personal and life-changing decision. In the case of a Christian converting to Muslim, the decision is often met with both curiosity and misunderstanding. For many people, the concept of converting from one faith to another seems unfathomable, but for those who make the decision, it is a choice that brings peace and clarity.

Converting from catholic to Muslim

For some, the decision to convert from Christianity to Islam may be based on a spiritual or intellectual quest for truth. Islam offers a different perspective on the world and has different beliefs about God, humanity, and the purpose of life. For others, the decision may be influenced by a desire for community and a sense of belonging. Joining a different religious community can provide a sense of connection and support that was previously missing.

How to convert to Muslim from Christian

Whatever the reason for the decision to convert, it is important to remember that it is a deeply personal journey. Many converts face challenges, both from those who don’t understand their decision and from within themselves as they work to reconcile their new beliefs with their old ones. However, for those who have found peace and fulfillment in their new faith, the decision to become Muslim is a powerful and transformative experience.

Can I convert to Muslim

The decision to convert to Islam is a personal one that should be made after careful consideration and proper knowledge of the faith. The first step in converting to Islam is to educate oneself about the teachings of the Quran and the practices of Muslims. One must also understand that converting to Islam means accepting Allah as the only God and prophet Muhammad as his messenger.

How to be converted to Muslim

It is important to make an effort to integrate Islamic values into your daily life as you work towards being a better Muslim. This includes practicing daily prayers, seeking knowledge about Islam through reading and attending Islamic events, and striving to improve yourself as a person. Remember that converting to Islam is a personal choice and requires a lifelong commitment to the faith and its teachings. With dedication and perseverance, anyone can successfully convert to Islam and embark on a meaningful and fulfilling religious journey.

Who is a revert Muslim

Islam is a religion followed by over a billion people worldwide. For those who are interested in converting to Islam, it is a very straightforward and simple process that requires only a few basic steps. The first step towards converting to Islam is to declare that there is no god but Allah and that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His messenger. This declaration is known as the Shahada and is the most important aspect of converting to Islam.

How to convert a Muslim

Becoming a Muslim is a step-by-step process that involves sincerity, education, and a willingness to embrace a new way of life. For those considering converting to Islam, there are several crucial steps to follow in order to ensure a successful transition.

The first step to becoming a Muslim is to learn about the religion and its basic tenets. This involves reading the Quran, which is Islam’s holy book, and learning about the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. It is important to approach this learning process with an open mind and a willingness to engage with the material in a thoughtful and respectful way.

How to convert catholic to Muslim

Once you have gained a basic understanding of Islam, the next step is to seek out a community of Muslims and connect with them. This can involve visiting a local mosque or Islamic center and attending services or events. It is important to approach the community with respect and humility, and to be willing to listen and learn from their experiences.

Muslim Convert vs Revert

It is important to remember that converting to Islam is a deeply personal decision that should be made with sincerity and conviction. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and should be made after careful consideration and reflection. By following these steps and embracing the core values of Islam, anyone can successfully navigate the process of converting to this rich and meaningful faith.

Converting to Islam is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. It requires dedication and commitment to learning and practicing the faith. However, many people find great peace and fulfillment in Islam and can embrace it as a way of life. Ultimately, the decision to convert to Islam should be based on a genuine desire to worship Allah and follow his teachings, rather than external factors such as pressure from others or a desire to fit in with a certain community.

What is a Muslim revert?

In order to How do I become a Muslim, one must declare their belief in the Oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad. This declaration is known as the Shahada, and it is considered the cornerstone of the Islamic faith. Saying the shahada can be done in the presence of witnesses, such as members of a local mosque community or family members.

Revert Muslim meaning

Another key aspect of becoming a Muslim is developing a connection with the Muslim community. This involves participating in community events, volunteering, and building relationships with other Muslims. It is important to approach these interactions with an open and welcoming attitude, and to respect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of others.

Becoming a Muslim revert

One of the most important aspects of becoming a Muslim is developing a relationship with the Quran. This involves reading and studying the text on a regular basis, and striving to live according to its teachings. It is helpful to find a teacher or mentor who can guide you through this process and offer support and encouragement.

How to revert to Muslim

As you continue on your journey to becoming a Muslim, it is important to seek out opportunities to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the faith. This can involve attending classes or lectures, reading books and articles, or engaging in online forums and discussions.

Who can give you your Shahada

Taking shahada (declaration of faith) is a crucial step towards embracing Islam. While traditionally, one would need to recite the shahada in front of a witness or an imam, modern technology has provided a new avenue for people to make their declaration of faith. In today’s digital age, it’s now possible for people to take shahada online. This is an excellent option for those who may not have access to an Islamic center or mosque nearby or live in areas where their faith is not commonly practiced.

How to take Shahada online

Taking shahada online involves reciting the shahada in front of a witness over the internet. Several websites and Islamic organizations offer online shahada services, allowing people to declare their faith anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes. Taking shahada online is a convenient option for those who may wish to keep their faith a private matter, or those who may be shy or nervous about making their declaration of faith in front of others.

How to say Shahada

Taking the shahada refers to the act of declaring one’s faith in Islam. For individuals living in areas where access to a mosque or Islamic center is difficult, taking the shahada online provides a convenient and easily accessible option. Through online platforms, individuals can learn about the basic faith principles of Islam and affirm their belief in the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad.

Online shahada platforms provide individuals with access to Islamic religious guidance regardless of their location or proximity to an Islamic center. This mode of learning and conversion has become increasingly popular in recent years and has led to a growth in the global Muslim community. Many of these platforms provide support through experienced scholars, teachers, and community members, aiding in the religious growth and development of new converts.

How do I become a Muslim?

Becoming a Muslim requires a strong desire for spiritual growth and development. There are several important steps that must be taken in order to become a Muslim. The first step is to learn about the basics of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. This includes studying the Quran and understanding the beliefs and practices of Islam.

The second step is to make a declaration of faith known as the Shahada. This is the statement that declares that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is his messenger. This declaration must be made sincerely and with conviction. Once this declaration has been made, a person is considered a Muslim.

Finally, one may also choose to formally announce their conversion to Islam in front of a group of Muslims, called the Shahada ceremony. This is a symbolic ritual that many new Muslims choose to perform to celebrate their new journey. However, it’s important to note that whether you choose to have a formal ceremony or not, the most important thing is to have faith in Islam, understand its teachings, and strive to be a good Muslim.

How to become a Muslim

Becoming a Muslim requires one to take the shahada, which is the declaration of faith. The shahada states, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” By reciting this statement sincerely and with full conviction, one enters the fold of Islam. However, it’s not just about saying the words; it’s about understanding and believing in them with your heart and mind. Before reciting the shahada, an individual must have faith in the oneness of God, believe in the prophets (especially Prophet Muhammad), and accept the teachings of the Holy Quran.

After reciting the shahada, an individual becomes a Muslim and must strive to follow the teachings of Islam. This includes understanding and implementing the five pillars of Islam, which are the declaration of faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Islamic teachings also emphasize the importance of kindness, compassion, and respect towards others, especially one’s parents, neighbors, and community members. Muslims must strive to follow the teachings of Islam in their daily lives and work towards improving themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically.

How long does it take to convert to Islam

The process of converting to Islam is a personal journey that varies from person to person. The length of time it takes to convert to Islam depends on several factors, such as the individual’s background, knowledge of Islam, and the resources available to them. In some cases, conversion occurs quickly and spontaneously, while in others, it may take months or even years of research and contemplation.

For some individuals, converting to Islam is a gradual process that may take several years. This process typically involves reading about Islamic beliefs and practices, attending religious services, and interacting with Muslim communities. During this time, individuals may have questions about Islamic customs or teachings and may seek the guidance of a local mosque or Islamic center. Some individuals may also take courses or attend classes to further their knowledge of Islam and gain a better understanding of the religion’s teachings.

In other cases, the conversion process may be instantaneous, with individuals accepting Islam after hearing a compelling message or experiencing a life-changing event. Some individuals may be inspired to convert by the conduct of some Muslims who they interact with on a daily basis or from reading about the Prophet Muhammad’s life. Ultimately, the length of time it takes to convert to Islam is dependent on the individual’s level of understanding of the religion and how they feel about embracing it as their way of life.

What to say to convert to Islam

When declaring the Shahada, you must say, “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.” This declaration is the cornerstone of the Islamic faith and it represents your commitment to Allah and Islam. It is important to say the declaration with sincerity and conviction, and to truly understand the implications of what you are saying.

Once you have made the declaration of faith, it is important to find a mosque or Islamic center where you can learn more about Islam and its teachings. You will also need to learn the basics of the religion, such as the daily prayers, the importance of Zakat, and the significance of Ramadan. With time, you will become more familiar with the Islamic faith and its teachings, and you will be able to live your life as a Muslim with knowledge and understanding.

Shahada Recitation

Shahada Recitation online is a recent phenomenon that has emerged with the growth of technology and internet access. For Muslims who do not have access to a mosque or an Islamic center for various reasons, Shahada Recitation brings convenience. It is also an opportunity for non-Muslims to learn about Islam and convert from the comfort of their homes. While some might argue that it is not as meaningful as taking shahada in a mosque in front of witnesses, the intention and sincerity of the person taking shahada online remain the same.

Some websites have made it easy for people to recite Shahada online by providing simple methods for reciting the declaration of faith in Arabic, and offering witnessing programs where they can be connected to a Muslim community. Reciting shahada is a life-changing event, and it serves as a declaration of one’s conversion to the Islamic faith. Reciting Shahada online should not be seen as a substitute for face-to-face interactions with a Muslim community, but rather as an opportunity to start one’s spiritual journey, especially in these times when people may not have the option to visit a mosque in person.

Shahada translation

Translated from Arabic, Shahada means “testimony” or “witnessing”. In essence, the Shahada is a declaration of faith that reaffirms the belief that there is only one God and that Muhammad is his prophet. The statement reads “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.” The Shahada forms the foundation of the Islamic faith and sets out the fundamental principles and beliefs that Muslims are supposed to uphold.

Shahada words

Shahada words, also known as the declaration of faith, are the most important words in the Islamic faith. This declaration of faith, or shahada, is a concise statement where one proclaims their faith in Allah as the only god and that Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah. It is a statement of belief in the oneness of God, and it serves as the foundation for the Islamic faith.

The shahada words are a constant reminder for Muslims to stay true to their faith and to strive to achieve a better understanding of Islam. It serves as a fundamental guide for Muslims to follow in their everyday lives, reminding them of the importance of their faith and the role they play in this world. The shahada is a powerful tool that inspires Muslims to seek knowledge and to better themselves so they can live a life that is in line with Islamic teachings.

Do you need witnesses to take Shahada

Taking Shahada, which is the declaration of faith in Islam, is a personal commitment that one makes to themselves and to Allah. This declaration consists of two simple phrases that reflect one’s belief in the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him). According to Islamic teachings, witnesses are not required for someone to take Shahada. It is not a legal or formal process that requires witnesses to ensure its validity.

Shahada is fundamentally an expression of an individual’s faith in Allah and their submission to His will. Therefore, it is a personal commitment between the individual and Allah, and does not require any intermediaries or witnesses. The declaration of Shahada is considered a highly personal and spiritual experience, and it is up to the individual to determine when and how they want to take it. It can be done in private or in public, and there is no prescribed format for how the declaration should be made.

New Shahada Classes

There are many great online resources available for new Muslims, including Shahada classes. Here are a few of the most popular options:

Mishkah New Muslim Academy: This website offers comprehensive online new Muslim Courses. The New Muslim course covers the basics of Islam, including the Five Pillars, the Quran, and the Prophet Muhammad.