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Do you want to be a fluent Arabic speaker and be able to read, write, and speak Arabic easily? Do you want to learn Arabic to study and understand the Qur’an, Sunnah, and the entire Islamic and Arabic heritage?

You are in the best place to learn Arabic online! Mishkah Academy offers the Best Modern Standard Arabic Course Online! Learn a new and exciting language spoken by over 400 million in +25 countries with Mishkah academy.

Modern Standard Arabic MSA is the Classical Arabic Language, the language of the Quran and early Islamic literature. It is also known as Al-Arabiyah and Al-Fusha. The main aim of the Modern Standard Arabic for adults course is to introduce you to Modern Standard Arabic, which will help you learn and understand the Quran, the Sunnah, and the entire Islamic and Arabic Tradition like Media, Business, and Formal Language by mastering reading, writing, listening, speaking, and communicating skills in a very short time.

Modern Standard Arabic Lessons Online

It is a full-track course that has been specially developed under the guidance of expert scholars for adults and older teens who want to be fluent in Arabic to the mastery level of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing by completing all levels of this course.

Modern Standard Arabic

What Is Modern Standard Arabic!

This course has been specially designed for adults who wish to reach an advanced level in Modern Standard Arabic under the guidance of experienced scholars by a designed curriculum improving all topics related to Modern Standard Arabic, including how to speak, read and write Arabic correctly.

Modern Standard Arabic Course focuses on teaching the structure and use of the language before moving on to reading, writing, and speaking activities to ensure that students have a thorough comprehension of the language by studying everyday scenarios, such as identifying objects and conversations with people, as well as learning about Arab festivities, customs, food, laws, clothes, and other habits to ensure that students have a thorough comprehension of the language.

Why Learn Modern Standard Arabic Online

This course has been meticulously prepared by Arabic teachers who have extensive experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers to be suitable for students of all levels and ages to help them learn Modern Standard Arabic in a convenient and interactive way at a totally reasonable fee and flexible schedules!

We have divided this course into 4 levels, so you don’t have to worry about your current level of Arabic knowledge. Whether you have no previous experience with the Arabic language or you are looking to expand your knowledge of the Arabic language, this course is for you.

The Modern Standard Arabic Course will teach you how to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in Arabic as it covers Basics, greetings, weather, time, shopping, numbers, daily routines, nationality, shopping, clothing, food, common phrases, occupation, calendars, and many other topics are covered in this Course.

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Modern Standard Arabic Levels

1. Beginner A1:

Greeting individuals, occupations, numbers, hues, objects, nourishment and beverages, and essential language structure.

2. Elementary A2:

Conversations, shopping, eating out, travel, and requesting bearings.

3. Intermediate B1:

Job interviews, occasions, dating, culture, news, and imparting insights.

4. Upper-Intermediate B2:

The advanced world, amusement, world news, and media.

Modern Standard Arabic Lessons Outcomes

– Read Arabic newspaper articles and be able to understand the main ideas on a variety of topics.

– Communicate with a fair degree of ease on professional topics related to life in the Middle East.

– Successfully handle many uncomplicated tasks and social situations that require the exchange of basic information related to work, school, recreation, special interests, and areas of competence.

– Conclusions and express their opinions in simple terms on issues of interest to learners in the Arab world.

Course Features

When we learn a new language, there are four basic interrelated skills everyone needs to achieve fluency. The pillars of learning Arabic, or any other language, are listening, speaking, reading & writing.

Our online Arabic classes cover all four skills equally in an appropriate manner as each unit contains a variety of lessons to ensure that our students practice their Arabic effectively by listening and speaking Arabic along with reading and writing.

Course Instructors

They are well-qualified, with a degree from well-known Islamic universities. They have honed their craft through years of experience in the field. Our native Arab tutors are well-versed in English and conduct the courses with extreme professionalism. They have learned from different scholars and have a grounded knowledge of this domain. They pass a few finely designed tests. Thus, they get the teaching position after going through many evaluation rounds.

Customized Study Plans

One of the main factors that distinguish us is that we do our best to make studying online way easier for you and all your family by giving you the ability to create your own schedule and adjust your available hours any time of the day to what suits you best to keep the individual needs of students in mind.

Course Prerequisite

This course is designed for learners with a basic knowledge of Arabic who wishes to expand their knowledge in order to upgrade their written and oral communication skills in Modern Standard Arabic.

Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One or Group Class

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: Arabic Reading

Age: 15 – 70

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Is Modern Standard Arabic Useful!

MSA is particularly helpful, then, for academics, journalists and researchers who want to explore written documents and the literature of the Arab peninsula. Unlike local varieties, MSA is always grammatically consistent, so it makes it easier to acquire rules and master them in a relatively short time.

How to learn Modern Standard Arabic!

Here’s our guide to resources, books, and online courses to learn Modern Standard Arabic, as well as notes on what you shouldn’t waste your time on. You should learn MSA if your goals are long-term and focused on mastering Arabic comprehensively. If your goals are short-term, to communicate, you should just learn dialects.

Modern Standard Arabic vs Classical Arabic!

The difference between difference between classical Arabic and modern standard is in the form in which they are presented. Quranic (classical) Arabic is more common in literature and writing while MSA is more common spoken. Because both are similar, with a few minor differences, most Arabs can be taught one and quickly learn the other.

Eastern Arabic vs Modern Standard Arabic!

No difference between MSA and Classical Arabic in the form use. Both Classical Arabic and MSA are used in formal spoken. Because both are similar, with a few minor differences, most Arabs can be taught one and quickly learn the other.

Best way to learn Modern Standard Arabic!

Mishkah Academy offers Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) courses across 3 levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. MSA is the standard Arabic that forms the basis of all Arabic dialects across the Arab world.

Modern Standard Arabic Numbers

How to count in Modern Standard Arabic (اللغة العربية الفصحى), the universal language of the Arabic-speaking world. Note: numerals in Arabic are written from left to right, while letters are written from right to left.

0 (٠) (ṣifr) صفر
1 (١) (wāḥid) واحد m – (awwal) اول
f – (ūla) اولى
2 (٢) (iṯnān) إثنان (alṯani) الثّاني
3 (٣) (ṯālaṯa) ثلاثة (alṯalṯu) الثّالِثُ
4 (٤) (ārba’a) أربعة (alrab’eu) الرّابِعُ
5 (٥) (ḫamsa) خمسة (alḫamsu) الْخامِسُ
6 (٦) (sitta) ستة (alsadsu) السّادِسُ
7 (٧) (sab’a) سبعة (alsab’eu) السابعُ
8 (٨) (ṯamāniya) ثمانية (alṯamnu) الثّامِنُ
9 (٩) (tis’a) تسعة (altas’eu) التّاسِعُ
10 (١٠) (‘ashra) عشرة (al‘ashru) الْعاشِرُ