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If you are looking to pursue a Quran Online Ijazah Course but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! Welcome to our esteemed academy, where we proudly offer an exceptional Online Ijazah Program for passionate individuals who aspire to teach Quran and engage in Islamic research studies.

Our mission is to empower you with the finest learning and teaching methods, delivered by highly qualified tutors who possess the expertise to guide you effectively.

As a testament to our dedication, we are delighted to offer a trial class completely free of charge. This unique feature allows you to experience our program firsthand and witness the quality of education we provide.

Online Ijazah Quran Course

Are you seeking Online ijazah course to teach other Muslims?

Get your Ijazah Now in Quran Memorization or Recitation!

Do you wish to get Ijazah Certificate In Qiraat Quran and Tajweed?

In this course, you’ll get to know all about “Ijazah” and how to get Quran Ijazah Online Fast & Easily.

Ijazah Meaning

The linguistic meanings of Ijazah (Arabic: الإِجازَة) are “Permission” “Authorization” or “License”. An ijazah is a license authorizing its holder to transmit a certain text or subject, which is issued by someone already possessing such authority.

What Is Ijazah In Quran

Ijazah is a certificate from the Sheikh or the Scholar to the students for their expertise, excellent performance, and perfection in the recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran. Ijazah certificate represents the permission given to Ijazah Holder for teaching the Quran and Tajweed to other Muslims all over the world to obtain the excellence level in Quran recitation or memorization for sincere students of the Holy Quran with constant Sanad (Chain of Quran Reciters) linked to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This Quran Online Ijazah Course has been designed for those who want to reach the level of perfection (Itqan) in Quran Recitation, Quran Memorization or Quran and Tajweed Learning to teach other Muslims while getting an authorized Certificate (Ijazah). Also, Ijazah (The Chain of Transmission–Sanad) can be held in Quran, Tajweed, Tafseer, Fiqh, Aqidah, Sirah, etc.

Through the online ijazah classes, the students learn advanced topics in tajweed and Qirat through repetition with the goal to obtain the Itqan in one of the Quran recitations. At the end of the course, after passing tests & evaluations successfully, you will earn an Ijazah certificate. During the course, our licensed teachers will walk with you in detail from the essentials of the Quran to the outstanding level when you are ready to teach the words of Allah (SWT) to others.

Who Can Get Quran Ijazah Online!

Holding the Ijazah is not monopolized for specific people, any Muslim can do it if all requirements are applied, so he has what it takes to teach others, and these requirements are:

– Being fully capable of reciting the Holy Quran without making any mistakes.
– Acquiring Tajweed skills and reciting the Holy Quran using it.
– Memorizing the Holy Quran and reciting it to and Ijazah holder without peeking.

About Quran Ijazah Online Course

Quran Ijazah Online

This course is designed to attain the level of Itqan (Perfection) in Quran Recitation for students of the Holy Quran with continuous Sanad (Chain of Qur’an Reciters) connected to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Through this one-on-one Quran ijazah online course, students learn advanced topics in Tajweed and Qiraat to attain the Itqan in one of the Quran recitations.

Online Ijazah Course Description

Ijazah certificates are only issued to eligible students having expertise in all fields of reciting or memorizing the Quran. We do not grant Ijazah certificates until and unless students get capable of achieving it in all forms. If the student fails to reach the eligibility criteria, he/she will have to review the Quran course again to get perfection and receive an Ijazah certificate.

How To Get Ijazah In Quran

3 steps to get an Quran Ijazah online “Certificate”

  1. Students will have to recite the complete Quran in front of our qualified teachers
  2. it is required that the student must master Quran tajweed rules and Quran recitation rules
  3. In the last step, the student will be examined by expert teachers who will decide if the student can achieve the Ijazah certificate or should practice more to attain the certificate.

Once the student completes the Ijazah, Mishkah Academy will issue an official certificate signed by the teacher and Mishkah academy. This ijazah certificate would allow the Ijazah certificate holder to apply for teaching the Holy Quran in any Islamic center, an Islamic university, and mosques worldwide.

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How To Get Ijazah In Tajweed

Tajweed Ijazah Course

– To obtain Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed, the student must recite the whole Quran with Tajweed correctly from Mushaf (The Holy Quran Book). – To obtain Ijazah in Quran Memorization, the student must recite the whole Quran by heart to the tutor.

Ijazah Program Online

Ijazah Program Online

2 Main Quran Ijazah Programs In One Or More Of The 10 Qiraat:

Following are the 10 Qira’at of the Quran

7 Mutawatir Qiraat & 3 Mashhur Qiraat

  1.  Qirat Nafiʽ Al-Madani (Madinah) ► Warsh & Qalun
  2. Qirat Ibn Kathir Al-Makki (Makkah) ► Al-Bazzi & Qunbul
  3. Qirat Abu Amr Al-Basri (Basra) ► Al-Duri & As-Soussi
  4. Qirat Ibn Amir Ad-Dimashqi (Syria) ► Hisham & Ibn Zakwan
  5. Qirat Aasim Ibn Abi Al-Najud (Kufa) ► Shu’bah & Hafs
  6. Qirat Hamzah Az-Zaiyyat (Kufa) ► Khalaf & Khallad
  7. Qirat Al-Kisa’i (Kufa) ► Al-Layth & Ad-Doori
  8. Qirat Abu Jaafar Al-Madani (Madinah) ► Isa & Sulaiman
  9. Qirat Yaqub Al-Hadrami (Basra) ► Ruwais & Rouh
  10. Qirat Khalaf Ibn Hisham (Baghdad) ► Ishaq & Idris

Types Of Quran Ijazah Online?

1- Ijazah In Quran Memorization (HifZ)

Who Can Join Quran Memorization Ijazah?

To join Quran Memorization Ijazah Program, a student should first complete our Online Quran Memorization Course or he himself is a Hafiz who must have memorized the whole Quran besides having a solid knowledge of Tajweed Rules before starting the Quran Memorization Ijazah Program.

2- Ijazah In Quran Recitation (Tilawah)

Who Can Join Quran Recitation Ijazah?

To join Quran Recitation Ijazah Program, a student should have a solid knowledge of Tajweed Rules and the ability to read and recite the whole Quran proficiently before starting the Quran Recitation Ijazah Program.

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Purpose Of Quran Ijazah

  •  Establish the Narration of the Holy Quran with the Chain of Transmission through which it has reached the Ijazah Holder.
  • Attain the Perfection (Itqan) level in reciting the Quran for serious students of the Holy Quran with continuous Sanad (Chain of Qur’an Reciters) connected to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  •  Help students in getting Ijazah in Quran recitation with the help of a competent teacher. Students will recite the entire Quran with Tajweed rules correctly.
  •  Increase the number of students who recite the Quran and keep an Ijazah in Quran recitation in order to preserve the Book of Allah Almighty and protect it from error and distortion.

Why Take Ijazah Certificate!

The “Ijazah” is a certificate that allows the holder to teach and recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed.

Anyone who wishes to teach the Quran must achieve Ijazah in Quran recitation. However, it is not limited to Quran teachers, but anyone who wants to specialize in Quran Tajweed reading or Quran recitation can take this course and improve his recitation and this certificate is considered a recognized Quran Certificate worldwide.

If you wish to learn the holy Quran and teach it to your family, friends, or community, then it is time to be a certified Quran tutor who owns an Ijazah of reciting the Holy Quran with Tajweed and memorizing it.

Upon receiving the recommendation for a certificate from the teacher, Mishkah Academy will send an official certificate signed by the institute and the teacher himself. Thus, this certificate will allow the student to be recognized for teaching the Quran in mosques, Islamic centers, or Islamic universities.

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Ijazah Certificate

ijazah online

Ijazah Course Features

Course Outcomes

  • Studying Tajweed Rules
  • Perfection in Quran Recitation with Tajweed
  • Perfection in Quran Memorization
  • Ability to teach the Holy Quran to other students after holding the Ijazah

Online Ijazah Instructors

They are well-qualified, with a degree from well-known Islamic universities. They have honed their craft through years of experience in the field. Our native Arab tutors are well-versed in English and conduct the courses with extreme professionalism. They have learned from different scholars and have a grounded knowledge of this domain. They pass a few finely designed tests. Thus, they get the teaching position after going through many evaluation rounds.

Customized Study Plans For Ijazah

One of the main factors that distinguish us is that we do our best to make studying online way easier for you and all your family by giving you the ability to create your own schedule and adjust your available hours any time of the day to what suits you best to keep the individual needs of students in mind.

Ijazah Course Prerequisite

In order to receive an Ijazah, you must go through a series of procedures, starting with the ability to read the Quran, then study all the Tajweed Rules, and finally be evaluated by an experienced scholar to receive the Ijazah in Quranic recitation.

  1. A free trial session with Ijazah Certified Tutor to see your current level of recitation (Tilawah).
  2.  Mastering Arabic Reading.
  3.  Mastering Tajweed Rules.
  4. Quran Recitation by Heart as for Quran Memorization Ijazah Program.
  5. Quran Recitation from the Mushaf as for Quran Recitation Ijazah Program.
  6. Reciting the whole (Mushaf-30Juz) to the Tutor.

If you would like to have the opportunity to learn Quran, Arabic, or Islamic Studies with the best and the most proficient online Quran teachers, start your journey today towards learning and seize the chance to get TWO FREE Trial classes!

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Ijazah Course Structure

Class Type: One-On-One

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Requirements: Quran Memorization, Quran Recitation & Tajweed Rules

Age: 10 – 70

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