Teaching Methodology

The Best Online Learning Platform, Offering an online learning service is challenging, but not if you have the best-qualified Tutors and a well-structured curriculum.

Well-structured Courses

All the courses are structured in such a way that they contain all the relevant topics as each course is divided into different levels, which are gradual from easy to advanced so that students learn in small steps and do not feel burdened, in this way learning becomes easy and simple.

Course Evaluation

Course evaluation is the most important step in the preparation of any course . When a course is structured, all courses are evaluated by a group of experts before being posted on the website to test their effectiveness. The progress of our students is all we want in return for this hard work.

Competent & Qualified Tutors

It is the best option for students to learn from someone who has a degree in Quran recitation and memorization and also has an Ijazah Certificate. The lectures are given by experienced Tutors who explain everything to the students efficiently.

Needs of the learners

Each Course is developed according to the needs of the learners. For example, if we are developing a course for children, we know that this course is for beginners, so we have developed a course that contains all the basic information. First, we understand our learners, then we develop the course according to their needs.

Advanced Teaching Methods

The effectiveness of a Course depends entirely on how the Tutors proceed and how they design the lecture. We have provided training to our Tutors from time to time on teaching methods so that they can teach the students with advanced effective teaching methods which would increase the effectiveness of the Course.

One-on-one Sessions

In the personal one-on-one sessions, the Tutor focuses entirely on one student. This type of lecture is best for the students who feel more comfortable learning alone. An advantage of individual classes is that the student can discuss anything related to the course or any difficulties they are having with the Tutor without hesitation.

Group Classes

Classes are delivered by expert Tutors and can be delivered individually or in a group depending on the student's interest. If you want to study with your family or friends, you can take a group Course, and start your learning together.

Personalized Courses

Everyone has different mental abilities or learning styles, and we understand that. That's why we have created the option of personalized course s, where courses can be tailored to the student's learning pace.

Helpful Materials

Courses can be delivered effectively when there are visual aids, multimedia, or other teaching tools that help Tutors make lessons engaging for students. With the help of visual aids, things become clearer for the students.

Group Learning

We offer Muslim families and friends the opportunity to share group classes in a comfortable and trusting environment to enjoy learning together and can help each other in the learning journey.

Progress Report

Our tutors prepare monthly progress reports which help students to improve their progress. Also, it helps teachers review and work on students’ strengths and weaknesses to bring out the best in them.

Completion Certificates

Each student will receive a certificate at the end of the course at no additional cost. Certificates give you permission that you are now qualified to teach others what you have learned.

Detailed Courses

All Courses are detailed and cover every point. When it comes to Tajweed, we focus on covering all the Tajweed Rules, and for Arabic courses, our focus is on providing all the information a student needs to learn Arabic from scratch.


To relieve the boredom of the students, we have arranged games and activities for them to have fun while learning which enables Tutors to deliver classes in such an easy way for students so that they can actively take part in the course.


Each Course is flexible and can be changed according to the needs and demands of the students. The course flexibility option allows Tutors to make changes in the course if they find that the student needs something additional to learn.

Tests and Presentations

Tests and presentations help students and Tutors to monitor student progress and improve any errors on time. Tests and presentations boost students' confidence and make them believe in themselves when they see the progress they have made.


Homework or assignments are assigned to students so that they can practice what they have learned after the lecture. This way, they stay connected to the course and do self-study, which is a good habit and will help students when the Course is completed.

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