We are more concerned with providing Quality Assurance in Quran Teaching at Mishkah Academy Online Classes, We try our best to deliver quality classes by educated, trained, and expert Tutors. However, we do have the following ways to ensure the best learning platform for you and your kids. This is because most of the parents have no idea of a Good Tutor and the process of teaching online. So, to ensure the utmost level of Online Quran Classes we have the following procedure:

Online Learning Quality Assurance at Mishkah Academy

1) Hiring educated Tutors:

Well-trained Tutors are graduates from Prestigious Universities with Profound knowledge.

2) Certified Professional Tutors have full command over the subjects they teach:

Mishkah Academy hires experts to train our Tutors so that they can give you the best quality classes ever.

 3) Monitoring the Teaching Process:

All of the classes are recorded for the purpose of quality assurance and for the purpose to be listened to by the expert to make sure that every class was delivered with maximum effort.

4) Progress Reports:

Our Quality Assurance Staff evaluates the Students’ Performance and the shortcomings if any. The report generated on such evaluation is then worked on by the Tutors and improvement is monitored through this process.

5) Comparison of Old Reports:

We compare every month’s report with the old one and measure the level of improvement in learning.

 Mishkah Academy and its team strive to deliver the maximum quality online classes.

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