10 Best Quran Memorization Techniques

Quran Memorization Techniques

Tips To memorize Quran Online

Memorizing the Quran is certainly an honor in Islam that brings Muslims countless virtues in this world and the hereafter. You may be wondering if there is a secret way to memorize the Qur’an easily or faster? Certainly, there are some great tips that can help one to memorize text quickly and easily.

With the aim of helping our Muslim brothers and sisters, we have come up with a list of some amazing Quran memorization techniques. Keep reading this article to find out what these tips and techniques are.

Best Way To Memorize Quran Online

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Enrolling in a Quran memorization course is great for those who are looking for how to memorize the Quran faster. When learning the Quran under the guidance and supervision of professional teachers, students tend to complete the process beautifully without making any mistakes. In this day and age, people prefer to learn from online institutes, considering the flexibility and customization they can enjoy. Students can schedule their classes according to their needs, without any hassles.

Therefore, it is important to choose a well-known institution at the initial level to facilitate the process. At Mishkah Academy, we have qualified teachers who specialize in teaching the Qur’an. You can enroll in a Quran memorization course designed for children and adults.

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10 Best Quran Memorization Techniques

If you wish to benefit from the blessings of God, you must be in a position to receive them and, accordingly, strive to achieve them and maximize the benefit. Here are the best and most comprehensive Quran memorization techniques that you can follow to ease the journey:

1- Hire Quran Tutor

While you can learn the Qur’an on your own, getting help from a tutor who specializes in the Qur’an can make the process better, easier, and faster. Memorizing the Quran is a daunting task, especially if you try to do it yourself. With a professional by your side, you will be given guidance at every step of the memorization process. The teacher will not only help in the techniques of memorizing the Quran but also in the correct pronunciation and interpretation of the verses. You can either learn the Quran with a Quran teacher at a mosque or institute or by joining an online course.

2- Be sincere

The most important piece of advice in all Quran memorization techniques is to make a sincere intention to learn the book of God Almighty. When you intend to learn the Qur’an, you must purify your intentions and goals from learning. Make sure that your intention is only to seek God’s pleasure and mercy. If your intention is pure, then Allah Almighty will make the journey of memorization easier for you. But if someone recites and memorizes the Qur’an just to show off and listen to it, then he will have no reward on the Day of Judgment.

3- Seek the Almighty’s help

Before starting the process of memorizing the Qur’an, be yourself enough to remain determined, no matter how difficult the journey may be for you. Refer to God Almighty and ask Him for help and support in this regard.

4- Select a Specific Time to Memorize Quran

Timing is crucial when it comes to Quran memorization techniques. Find out the best period of time in which you can be most productive and attentive to learning the verses.

Morning hours are a very good option. It is the time when the human mind and body are fresh and receptive, and their mind stores new information quite easily. This time is also recommended by a number of people who have memorized the entire Qur’an.

5- Using the same Mushaf

One of the things that will help you in the process of learning Quran memorization techniques is to stick to a specific version of the Quran. This is because a person preserves sight and he preserves by using hearing. The verses, their forms, and places in the copy leave an imprint in the mind when reciting and looking at them often.

If a person has to change his copy of the place where he memorizes or if he is to memorize from several copies, the positions of the verses will be different and so will the text. This makes memorization very difficult for him. Therefore, it is advised for those who memorize the Quran to do so from one copy and not to replace it.

6- Understand the meaning of verses

Before beginning the process, read a verse carefully in the language you understand to make sure you get the meaning of the passage. A complete understanding of what each word means, the basic meaning of the verse, and how it is constructed to understand the message conveyed by the verse must be read.

When you understand the messages within the verses, memorizing definitely becomes an enjoyable experience because the verse is not just memorized but also understood and acted on it.

Knowing what you save makes the process faster, easier, and smoother. You can also increase memorization by learning some interpretations. Mishkah Academy offers an Online Tafseer Course to help people understand the messages of the Noble Quran.

7- Utilize repetition technique

Read, Recite and Repeat with the rules of Tajweed, aloud or whispered. Repeat each verse at least five to six times while reading from the page. Continue to do this practice on a daily basis. There is no shortcut to memorizing – you have to work hard and keep replaying your lessons. If you get stuck, check out the Quran, audio recording, or any Quran memorization app.

8- Recite What You Have Memorized in Prayers

One of the best techniques for memorizing the Qur’an is to recite what you have memorized in your daily prayers. Prayer is a special act of worship that brings us closer to God Almighty. You can further consolidate what you learn in memory by reciting memorized verses in the five daily prayers.

9- Listen to Quran Recitation

Listening to different Quran recitations also helps in memorizing verses. Listening to the same verses several times will make your mind feel, and you will remember them quite easily. You can choose the audio of the Quran recitation by any of your favorite or famous Qari and listen to it again and again in the morning or in the evening.

10- Dua for Hifz Quran

Last but not least, dua will certainly help you in memorizing the Quran. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) has said “Call upon Allah while being certain of being answered. So, keep praying that Allah helps you with your memorization journey and makes you from the people of the Quran.

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Memorizing Quran Techniques

Summing up, you will see that no matter how busy you are if you try and implement the Quran memorization techniques shared above, you will be able to learn even the smaller bits of the text and complete the process over a period of time.

So, if you or your kids want to learn Quran, professional teachers at Mishkah Academy have got you covered. You can also contact them to get your different questions answered related to Quran memorization. Our Online Hifz Program will take you from the beginner level to mastering the  the Holy Quran and even teaching it to others Inshallah.

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