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How To Become A Hafiz | How To Memorize Quran Online

Best Tips To Memorize Quran

How many memorizers of the Qur’an are in the world? Well, no one can tell you the exact number of people who are Hafiz, but it is estimated that there will be many lucky people around the world. Al-Hafiz is the one who memorizes the Qur’an, and he means the one who memorizes the Qur’an and reads it by heart.

Anyone can become a keeper, but some find it a very daunting task. For those who don’t know how to become a Hafez, we have come up with simple steps to follow in this post. Keep reading the post to find out the simple steps, rewards Hafez gets, and everything in between.

5 Tips For Memorizing Quran

A lot of Muslims want to learn Quran, but they don’t know how to become a hafiz. Following are a few instructions and tips that you can follow on how to memorize Quran easier and faster to become a hafiz; First is Joining Quran Memorization Course Online:

1– Join Quran Hifz School

In this age of digital media, you can learn anything online. There are a lot of institutes on the internet for people who are wondering how to memorize the Quran with a busy schedule. These institutes help people to learn Quran with certified and professional Islamic teachers in an affordable manner. Find the best Quran memorization school and enroll yourself in the online course. Mishkah Academy is one of the leading Islamic School where you can find an expert teacher to learn the Quran online from the comfort of your home.

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2- Allocate specific time for Memorization

Avoid memorizing the Qur’an at random times throughout the day because it causes difficulty in continuing the process. Instead, find a suitable time to devote to memorizing the Qur’an. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to start memorizing a new lesson after dawn. It is believed that it is the best part of the day to absorb new things.

3- Set regular and realistic Goals

Learning the entire Quran in a day, week or month is not possible at all. You need to show consistency and patience to save them. In addition, you should set daily goals that you have to achieve each day.

Steps how to become a Hafiz:

  • Remember not to set your daily goal too high.
  • Decide the portion of the Quran that you are going to learn in one day.
  • Don’t stop until you memorize that portion completely.

4- Revise Regularly

Aside from memorizing a new chapter of the Qur’an at the beginning of your session, it is also important to review what you have memorized in previous lessons. Those who do not read it regularly eventually forget what they have learned so far. This can be seen from the following hadiths:

On another occasion, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Read the Quran regularly. By the One in Whose Hand Muhammad’s soul is, it escapes from memory faster than a camel does from its tying ropes.” [Sahih Bukhari]

5- Learn the Arabic Language

Try to learn Arabic because it is the language of the Qur’an. Instead of memorizing only Quranic verses, it is better to understand what you are memorizing as it is helpful in remembering what comes next while reading by heart. Although learning Arabic is not takes some time, the best online Arabic language course will make the learning process much easier.

6- Always Seek Allah’s Help

Finally, continue to pray to God on a regular basis asking for his help in keeping you and mercy on you with patience and willpower to complete this beautiful worship. By asking God Almighty for help, you will get the motivation, which will help you stay determined to memorize the Quran. If at any point you find it difficult to carry on, don’t lose hope.

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Hafiz

How To Become A Hafiz | How To Memorize Quran Online


There is no set time for how long one will take to memorize the Qur’an. But having a rough estimate is important for motivation and making a schedule for memorizing the Qur’an. Usually, it takes 3-5 years to become a custodian. But there are also some students who have memorized the Qur’an within two years or even earlier.

People often ask, “Is it possible to memorize the Quran in one year?”. Yes, but it depends on memory, time and effort one puts in. If you are thinking how to memorize the Quran in one year, then you need to separate yourself from unnecessary activities and memorize 2 pages per day.

Some also ask: “How do you memorize the Qur’an in 30 days or how do you memorize the Qur’an in a month?” “How to become a Hafiz in 6 months?”, etc.

The answers to these questions are similar. Depending on how well you memorize, this can take anywhere from one to several months. You can divide the number of verses to be covered in the day and plan your schedule accordingly to memorize the text faster.

Hifz Quran Benefits

Memorizing the Qur’an is an act of worship through which a Muslim seeks God’s pleasure and reward in the hereafter. The benefits of Hafiz are enormous and are not limited to the ones mentioned below. God has given special rewards and privileges to those who have learned the Holy Qur’an in many ways in this world and the hereafter.

Whoever memorizes and works according to the teachings of Islam will enter Paradise. A hafiz will be given special treatment on Judgement Day by Allah SWT and will receive an immense reward with every verse he recites in front of Him. In addition to many other rewards.

Final Words

The memorization journey of the Holy Quran is difficult but can become relatively easier if you know how to become a hafiz. With proper guidance and an expert tutor, this task is highly achievable.

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Q: How to memorize Quran by yourself?

Here are some guidelines and tips that you can follow on how to memorize the Quran easier and faster and become a memorizer:

  • Renew your intention.
  • Be disciplined and programmed.
  • Get to know the Tajweed well.
  • Check back regularly.
  • Find the best Quran memorization school.
  • Learn Arabic.
  • Always seek help from God.

Q: How to become a hafiz in 6 months?

If you want to become a Hafiz within six months, you will have to memorize five parts of the Qur’an or five parts each month. Although this can be achieved, it is much better to memorize the Qur’an at a slower pace. One page per day is a very good rate which should generally get you a Hafiz in two to three years.

Q: How to become a hafiz in 1 year?

To become a Hafiz, you must have a daily schedule or routine for learning the Qur’an. Practice with a hafiz or other Quran teacher to facilitate the process. Review what you learn on a routine basis. If you follow these steps, you will memorize and learn the Qur’an within a short period of one to two years.

Q: How to become a hafiz in 2 years?

Memorize 1 Page every day, a part after Fajr and a part after Asr or Maghrib, and in this way in 2 years you will memorize the entire Qur’an to the fullest, and memorization will be complete, unless you increase your memorization, because if you do, what you memorized will be weakened.

Q: How long does it take to become a hafiz?

Thousands, if not millions, of Muslims learn to memorize the Qur’an in one year, and this is understandable. While some dedicate themselves to memorizing the Qur’an online in its entirety, others give up. According to various sources, it may take less than a year or as many as four or five years to learn and remember the entire Qur’an. No, I doubt it. Several variables can affect the length of time it takes to become a Hafiz.