How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic Language

So you are thinking of learning Arabic. We are here to provide you with the best ways to boost your Arabic skills.

So the first and most common question you would have that how long does it take to learn Arabic? Perfect.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple answer to this question?

It will take you:

  • 1 year to master the Beginner’s Course.
  • 1 year to deal with the Intermediate Classes.
  • 1 Year on the Advance Program.

Does it make a difference if you’re studying online or in a classroom? Maybe.

Does it change things if you’re studying the language in an Arabic-speaking country? Definitely.

It All Depends On You

How long it takes to learn Arabic is entirely dependent on you – on how much time you put into it, on how seriously you take your coursework, and on how often you try to put the language to use.

This ability to learn at different speeds is incredibly important. It may feel like you’re going too slow at first, but that strong foundation may make it much easier to master the language a little further down the road.

If you make the decision right now to dedicate your time and effort to learn Arabic, the total time between the introductory courses and the ability to have a conversation with a native speaker will be greatly reduced.

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Benefits Of Learning Arabic Online

Online learning has changed the way we approach a new language

Now, it is possible to learn a language completely at your own pace. So, if you happen to be a pro at memorization, you can move through your lessons as quickly as you want.

This complete guide is for you, through which you can get a clear picture of how you can get hold of a new language, how you can handle the pressure of learning, what different frameworks suggest about timelines of knowledge, and what extra activities you can conduct to speed up ‌ learning.

Remember one most important thing: learning any foreign language is an arduous task because every language has its grammar, words, the structure of sentences, and an entire set of vocabulary to be memorized. If we talk about language on its whole, it is a way of speaking and writing. So, it takes time to be learned, but it is an achievable goal.

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How Long To Learn Arabic

How Long Will It Take Me to Learn Arabic

This is one of the first questions anyone interested in language learning asks, and unfortunately, there’s no easy way to answer it. Learning a language is a complex process that is different for each individual based on several different factors. Let’s take a look at these different factors and how they impact how fast you learn Arabic:

  1. Previous Language Experiences
  2. Arabic Language Itself
  3. Language Level & Its Time
  4. Learning Methods
  5. Time Dedicate to Learning
  6. Attitude
  7. Motivations

1- Previous Language Experience

Can you speak any other language apart from your native language?

Yes? Studies have shown that if you are multilingual or bilingual, the time you would take to learn a new language will be lesser.

If you are a native Urdu speaker, you may also have less difficulty learning Arabic, as Urdu and Arabic have similarities.

If you are not bilingual, then no worries because we should move forward, try to open new doors, and simply try new things in life. Try not to be apprehensive. Get out of your comfort zone and take off.

2- Language You Are Learning

Define Your Goals for Learning How to Speak Arabic

In order to succeed at your goal of learning Arabic, it is important to give yourself a clear and attainable goal, and that you commit to achieving it.

Have you thought about your wants, needs, and goals – why do you want to learn Arabic?

Are you interested in Arab culture and history as well as its language?

Do you want to meet people from Arabic or Muslim cultures?

Are your motivations religious, or are you interested in learning more about Quran and Islam?

Or do you just want to learn the Arabic language for fun?

We know that you’ve heard all of the rumors and you’ve read all of the “Most Difficult Languages to Learn” lists about how hard Arabic is to learn. However, when you start to learn basic Arabic words, you just might find that you already know some of them as Arabic borrows some words from English and vice-versa.

Some of the words Arabic has borrowed from English are words like:

  • كومبيوتر / Kompyuter / computer
  • تليفون / Telifone / telephone
  • ميكرويف / maycrowayf / microwave

In turn, Arabic has loaned some words to English, as well, like:

  • سكر / sukkar / sugar
  • قطن / qutn / cotton
  • الكحول / alkuhul / alcohol

These words are definitely helpful to know and can make learning Arabic vocabulary much easier and faster.

First, if you want to learn Arabic, you should know about its importance.

  • Arabic is a fast-growing language.
  • It is the official language of about 28 nations.
  • Approximately there are 420 Million Arabic Native Speakers around the world.
  • It is one of the most spoken languages worldwide and the most commonly used language.

Apart from this, Arabic has three subcategories:

  1. Quran Arabic
  2. Modern Standard Arabic
  3. Colloquial or Daily Arabic

3- Language Level & Its Time

There are different levels of Arabic. When you learn Arabic, you will achieve those levels one by one. Let’s discuss how long a person takes to learn Arabic.

Every person is different, so the time taken from person to person may differ.

However, to give you an estimate, we have concluded results from Foreign Service Institute (FSI) language proficiency results. So, FSI is a handy tool for testing the proficiency level. It uses a scale of 0-5 to test the proficiency level.

Let’s discuss the FSI Levels.

– No Proficiency

The candidates have not even a basic knowledge of the language.

-Elementary Arabic Proficiency

At the beginners level, a person can satisfy basic traveling needs and answer basic courtesy requirements.

– Limited Arabic proficiency

candidates at this level can speak basic working commands and compete for routine socializing and basic work requirements.

– Professional Arabic proficiency

A person can communicate with almost proper sentence structure and vocabulary. Can communicate in formal and casual socializing.

– Full Professional Arabic Proficiency

The candidate can start discussions. They can speak more fluently and can understand as well‌ they are more confident in the language.

– Multilingual Proficiency

The person can speak the same as a native speaker. They would have full command of the Arabic language.

Time For Every Level

Now, we are discussing the declared FSI Estimates.

To reach upper proficiency levels, you’ll have to put in more effort, like making conversation in Arabic daily and watching Arabic videos to achieve fluency in the language.

If you are damn serious about learning Arabic fast, you’ll have to spend about 10 – 20 hours a week to reach the professional level in a year.

To reach bilingual proficiency, like you want to watch movies without subtitles, you can interact with people in Arabic with no hesitation, and you can understand easily. Then you’ll have to study full time if you want native-level proficiency.

These are only estimated as every person’s learning capabilities vary so you can get an idea with this study, but you cannot rely on this study.

There is one more framework known as The Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (CEFR); CEFR assumes that if you spend one-hour learning in the classroom, you will study for 2 hours independently to reach an intermediate level of Arabic.

A language has different departments; each department takes time to be learned. Let’s discuss how much is required by various departments of the Arabic language and how much time investment is required for those departments.

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How Long To Learn Arabic Alphabet

Learning the Arabic alphabet is not extraordinarily difficult; it comprises 28 letters with long vowels and consonants, and each of these letters represents a single consistent sound.

The best way to learn the Arabic alphabet is to understand it in small groups of letters and read them. This way, you will slowly learn the Arabic alphabet. The approximate time it may take to learn the Arabic alphabet may be 3-4 weeks. In 3-4 weeks, you’ll be able to read the alphabet of Arabic.

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How Long To Learn Arabic Writing

Arabic has a format of writing from right to left. You can learn to write Arabic by learning Arabic vocabulary. The more you have learned Arabic vocabulary will increase your ability to form ‌Arabic sentences.

You can make targets like translating any language paragraph into Arabic, which will help you improve your Arabic writing. Learning Arabic script is a long process. It might take you longer, but in 3-6 Months, you may write a basic level of Arabic.

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How Long To Learn Arabic Fluently

The more you spend your time learning, the more you can get fluency. If you want to have Arabic fluency, you can travel to different Arabic countries or choose the easiest way to be fluent in Arabic by Joining Online Arabic Classes to save money, time, and effort which help you in learning Arabic faster. Over time, you will notice the fluency in Arabic.

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How Long To Learn Quran In Arabic

If you desire Allah to talk with you, ‌read the Quran. So it is necessary to understand the Quran in Arabic, although it is available in almost every language in the world.

You will think, why should I put too much effort into learning Arabic as I have translation available for that?

So the thing is, you can only understand the true meaning or essence of the verse if you can understand Quran Arabic.

How long it may take depends on you. If you work smartly, then it might take you less time. The first thing you can do is that there are almost 100-1000 words in the Quran repeated repeatedly. So if you learn those words, you will ‌understand nearly 50% of the Quran words.

Every Quran verse has a ‌deep meaning. A single verse points out many ideas behind it, so this all depends on the time you give to learning. If you provide only 1 hour a day by self-studying it might take 10-15 years, but if you are studying the Quranic Arabic Course with Us, it would take a year.

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How Long To Learn Arabic Grammar

For learning any language, the main thing is to understand its grammar. Grammar is the backbone of sentences structure. You can get an initial grasp of Arabic grammar within the first few days of learning, but you may have a complete hold of grammar that may take 1-2 years. The more time you’ll spend, the more you will get hold.

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4- Learning Style

When you are learning something, the time and effort you put in are critical.

Like you want to learn Arabic, but you are only limited to classroom lectures. If you are not practicing it after class, it will take you much longer to learn Arabic.

If you want to pace up the things for you, you should have different activities outside the classroom learning in practical life.

The activities you can perform besides classroom learning:

  • You can chat in Arabic with native Arabic speakers to help you write the Arabic language.
  • You can watch videos in Arabic or listen to the radio in Arabic. It will increase your listening power for Arabic.
  • Try to communicate in Arabic with native Arabic speakers to have more power in speaking Arabic.
  • Read Arabic newspapers to increase your reading power.
  • Try to learn Arabic vocabulary in your free time.

These are additional efforts you put in to achieve the highest proficiency as soon as possible.

4- Learning Methods

Let’s discuss the learning methods:

– Achievable Goals

Make achievable goals because goals give you directions, and stick to those goals with restricted timelines. Never compromise on your goals and, for that, motivate yourself as much as you can.

– Communicating

Try to have one-on-one lessons with native Arabic speakers. The point is to get yourself familiar with Arabic.

– Conduct Activities

Conduct activities related to listening, reading, and writing Arabic as much as possible. Through these activities, you will speed up ‌the learning process.

– Join Private Online Arabic Class

Arabic courses are a great way to learn Arabic
Sign up for Arabic classes to succeed
Your private teacher will work with you to create a customized plan of study so that you can learn Arabic in the best way possible. Soon you’ll be able to chat with any Arabic-speaking person.

It can be a great advantage to have a teacher all to yourself – all of your questions about Arabic spelling, verbs, syntax, colloquial phrases, and grammar can be answered directly, and your Arabic pronunciation will improve greatly with a native speaker.

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5- Time Dedicated To Learning

The ‌more time you spend learning, the earlier you can get a good proficiency level. If you are studying Arabic for two hours daily, you’ll be more like to have a high proficiency level than the one who has only one class a week. So invest time as much as you can so you’ll be able to achieve your goal.

6- Attitude

The essential thing in this learning process is your mindset toward learning. So, what type of mindset do you need to have? The answer is simply a positive attitude. It can lead you to achieve anything in life. Having an inspirational perspective further develops the probability of accomplishing your aim, speeding your headway, and strengthening yourself.

Try to learn Arabic in fun and exciting ways. If you fail at any point, then try again, but don’t give up on your goal. Try, try to try again till you achieve your goal. Keep reminding yourself what the motive behind learning Arabic was. Why did you want to learn Arabic?

Learning Arabic is a long process, and when you have a long process to pursue. Those are the points at which you have to make your mindset upbeat and pursue your goal.

7- Motivation

Apart from a positive mindset, motivation is essential. Always keep yourself motivated. Why do you want to learn Arabic? Keep this in your mind, and constantly remind yourself why you want to learn Arabic?

Without motivation, you cannot have a positive mindset. Always try to be motivated as much as you can. Motivation is the only reason through which people rise or fall. Rise to achieve the purpose after you have learned Arabic.

How We Help You To Expedite Learning Arabic

How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic Language
How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic

Useful Tips To Accelerate Your Arabic Learning

Don’t get intimidated if you are a beginner. Here are some useful tips that can come in handy if you are looking for ways to speed up your learning.

You are learning Arabic; you are doing great in classroom practices. The next question that comes into mind is how can I speed up ‌learning? There are various ways to do so.

– Start From What You Know

Hm… I know you must be questioning what this means.

The Arabic language has influenced many other languages like English. English has over 1000 words borrowed from the Arabic language. So if you are a native speaker of English then there is good news for you.

– Start Learning Arabic From What You Know

What you can do is start with the words that are common in your language and Arabic. This will give a great boost to your Arabic learning. Also, it will be fun getting to know which words in your language are actually borrowed from Arabic.

– Immersing yourself in Arabic will mean you learn it faster

In order to really learn how to read and write in Arabic, you’ll need to study almost every day, until your brain is completely immersed in Arabic culture.

– Work on your Arabic vocabulary in order to improve

The more you study, learn new words in Arabic and try them out, the more the language will eventually become second nature. You definitely won’t be able to learn all of the vocabulary and syntax of Arabic by studying for just two hours a week.

– Communicating & Chating

One way is to have a conversation with a native Arabic speaker. You may have a simple conversation. This will help you learn the language and how they pronounce their words, and you will ‌learn their accent.

– Reading

Another way is to read the material in Arabic as much as possible. Set your goals; for example, you set your goal that in one month, I’m going to read 25 Arabic stories or will go through some amount of videos.

– Listening

Without going too far into it, have you considered listening to an audio lesson during your commute, whether on public transport or in the car or whilst you are getting ready in the morning (don’t laugh, some people only take 30 minutes!).

Obviously, nothing will stop you from studying Arabic more if you’re feeling motivated, but 20 minutes is a good minimum amount to keep improving your level of the language.

– Get Yourself The Right Tools

If you’ve been dealt a good hand, it’s easy to succeed at learning Arabic, and it does not take too long.

This means investing in some good tools and learning aids to help you learn Arabic the best way possible.

– Videos and Podcasts

Hearing the Arabic language spoken in videos and podcasts is one of the greatest advantages of using such free language learning resources and will give the student that added reassurance that they are fully grasping the language. Because, as many language learners will know, the key to mastering a language is being able to communicate face to face as well as being able to put it down in writing.

Join Us to have no-cost access to Arabic spoken perfectly by teachers and native Arabs. We will provide you with different dialogues in Arabic covering a variety of subjects, such as entertainment, family, food, introducing yourself, traveling, friends, weather, and shopping.

– Apps

Today, many of us are lucky enough to have mobile phones or tablets and therefore we will help with many high-quality apps that can open us up to interesting, engaging, and interactive ways of learning the Arabic language.

– Private Arabic Classes

For those of you who don’t have any Arabic language institutes near you or don’t have the time to commit to a regular course or travel to the Arab world, finding an Online Private Arabic Teacher could be a great solution.

Joining Online Arabic Classes is a common way of starting learning Arabic. You can join Our Online Courses in which you’ll have the main focus with the help of Certified Native Arab Tutors.

Apart from this, if you are setting up your goals, try to achieve those goals in limited time frames. By binding yourself to narrow time frames, you’ll speed up your learning process. It would help if you also reward yourself after every success of your goal. Because it is human psychology, when you reward yourself for success, it gives you a positive and motivated mindset.

How Our Website Can Help You With Learning Arabic
How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic Language
How Long Does It Take To Learn Arabic Language


We designed this article for you to know the estimates of learning Arabic, your attitude towards learning, and how you can fasten things for education.

Our website offers a course on learning Arabic. We have designed this course to let you know Arabic in the easiest and most fun learning way. We have hired exceptional instructors and trained them, especially for you guys.

We have carefully designed a step by step structured courses for you to learn Arabic so that you may have a complete understanding and don’t feel burdened with the learning process.

We have talented Arabic teachers who can help you learn Arabic and give you motivation and guide you. They will encourage you to know in every ‌way they can.

How long it may take to learn Arabic depends on how much time you invest in learning. Still, our website can give you the directions to pursue your goal and guide you to the best Arabic courses with specialized Arabic instructors who can teach you in intelligent ways to make you achieve your goal.

Our Arabic teachers will help you learn Arabic most efficiently. They will conduct classes in the Arabic language and assist you in every department of the Arabic language in complete fun activities. They will analyze individual student progress and structure lessons so that it will not make you overburdened with the learning process. The thing we prioritize over the course is the satisfaction of our students.

You have to take the first step towards learning. Be optimistic and believe in yourself that you can learn Arabic.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much time it takes to learn Arabic and which factors can help you achieve your goals faster, perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of this is that learning Arabic is tantamount to practice. In the end, you’re the one who’s in control of how quickly you’ll learn Arabic and how you’ll sustain it. With the right attitude, dedication, situation, and motivation, Arabic is certainly within your reach.

So we structured this complete guide to help you understand how long it may take for you to learn Arabic. We have shared the results of different frameworks. We have talked about how your attitude plays a vital role in this entire process and what challenges you may face during learning.

So, the responsibility is on your shoulder to take the first step. Rest depends on our instructors, who will guide you in every ‌aspect.

Apart from all this, the most important thing is hard work, which is in your hands, and accomplishment is in the hands of God. Take your first step towards learning Arabic, do all your hard work; the rest depends on God.

Remember, there is a way to pursue that wish when there is a wish. We are providing you with a way to fulfill your desire. You want to learn Arabic. We are providing you with the right directions to pursue that goal. Trust us; we will not disappoint you.

If you have any questions regarding your language learning don’t hesitate to contact Us. Our team of expert linguists will be more than happy to help you.

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