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The Arabic language is one of the most amazing languages in the world. The fact that our holy book Quran is written in Arabic, makes it more beautiful. Every Muslim should strive to learn Arabic.

It is the dream of every Muslim to learn Arabic. In modern times, it is easy to Learn Arabic Online. Just by a few taps from the comfort of your home, you can reach the Best Native Arabic Tutors who can help learn Arabic as it has been approved by study and experience that the fastest and easiest way to learn Arabic online is through an Expert Quran and Arabic Tutor.

With the help of the Native Arabic Teachers available online, learning Arabic can be fruitful for those who want to learn Arabic or memorize the Quran. The exclusive attention saves one’s time and also makes the process easy. The crafted schedule, planners, and syllabus make learning Arabic faster and easier online.

How To Learn Arabic Speaking Quickly

Undoubtedly, one can start learning Arabic at any point in life. Learning Arabic with Native Arabic Tutors online can make students look closer to their religion. It is like a strong foundation that can help them in better understand the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet.

Learning Arabic is also important because all of the Quranic and Mansoon Dua’as are in Arabic. Many times, the non-Arabic speaker recites the Dua’a without knowing its meaning. Imagine how deeply we can connect to Allah by knowing what exactly we are asking from him! Imagine our Salat when we know the meaning of every word that we recite. Learning Arabic can bring remarkable changes in our lives.

How To Learn Arabic To Read Quran

If you do not know what steps to take, what you should learn first, what comes next, and what kind of structured programs you should follow to learn how to read the Qur’an, then the help is here,,,

Here’s the most practical advice on how to read and learn the Qur’an in the following paragraphs. In addition to knowing the courses you must take to read the Qur’an fluently:

How To Learn Arabic To Understand Quran

1- Decide the goal of Learning Arabic

Learning Arabic can be fruitful for many reasons. It can develop conversational skills and can also make one multilingual that can enhance their persona. One must decide the purpose of learning Arabic. The learner can opt for learning the Quranic Arabic for a better understanding of the Quran. And one can also opt for learning Egyptian Colloquial Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic. Though the difference is minimal, it can be chosen accordingly.

2- Take the help of an Arabic Tutor or Online Academy

Learning Arabic requires preciseness and this can be developed by the Arabic Teacher online or by enrolling in the Arabic Courses online. This will help you with learning efficiently and under the right guidance of the tutor. Never hesitate to ask any questions. In fact, ask as many questions as you can and try to incorporate the learned lessons in your speech.

Our experts have designed structured Arabic reading plans for Beginners (Noor Al-Bayan and Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah) to help students read Arabic fluently in just 25 hours for Adults and just 30 hours for Kids.

3- Start with the basics of the Arabic Language

Start with learning the alphabet and its pronunciation. Master in their phonetics and roots to make your next lessons easy. Their pronunciation depends on the three positions of the speaking ability from the throat and mouth. Understand the flow and tone of each alphabet.

4- Start with simple Arabic Lessons

Do not jump on sentences, rather start from the simple words and understand the combination of different words. Give importance to grammar to make your foundation strong. Learn simple words to enhance your confidence. You can opt for learning the words related to nouns, people, body, clothes, food, work, verbs, and adjectives.

5- Go up with gradations

Once you reach learning Arabic in sentences, make sure to form easier sentences. Pay attention to the subject, tenses, mood and inflection of the tongue while speaking Arabic. Do not hasten to form complicated sentences but start with sentences with 2 to 3 words.

6- Show your full dedication

Make a firm resolution and give dedicated time and practice to learn Arabic online. Do not skip days and revise the sections twice a month to make your retaining power strong. Do not give up on pronunciations and phonetics, however hard they sound. Start with remembering Allah and find the motivation in the fact that it is the language of the Quran.

7- Take help from an Arabic Dictionary

Arabic dictionaries are not typical dictionaries. They are based on roots and may look more challenging than ordinary ones. But once you understand it, it becomes your friend. It helps in learning Arabic and makes you more comfortable.

8- Memorize more and more Arabic Words and Idioms!

It may seem like an odd tip. But memorizing the words and idioms will help you in getting into the habit of learning Arabic. It will make you more aware of the words and will remove the novel factor from the Arabic. This is an easy way to get familiar with the words.

9- Keep the Arabic Conversation alive

Form a group that strives to learn Arabic Conversation. Make sure to use all the lessons in your conversations and help each other with vocalization, active and passive voice, and pronunciations.

10- Try to read Quran with meanings

Learning Arabic comes with the huge advantage of being able to understand the Quran. Even when you reach the initial levels, ponder upon each and every word while reciting the Quran. This will keep your zeal alive and will motivate you to go further in your lessons.

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