How Long Does It Take To Memorize The Quran

How Long Does It Take To Memorize The Quran


How Long Does It Take To Become A Hafiz

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims are interested in memorizing the Holy Quran. Being a Hafiz of the Qur’an is a prestigious rank. However, if you are memorizing the Qur’an or thinking about it, one of the questions that may come to your mind is “How long does it take to memorize the Qur’an” or “How long does it take to become a Hafiz?”.

If this question bothers you, you are not alone. After all, you should know how long it takes to become a Hafiz. Many people’s responses may contain contradictions. Some may suggest 1 year, while others may say that it will take 1 to 3 years to memorize the entire Qur’an.

So if you are finding it difficult to calculate how long to memorize the Qur’an, Mishkah academy is here to help you with the appropriate schedule and guidance in memorizing the Qur’an. We will share with you some timelines for memorizing the Qur’an.

How To Become A Hafiz Online

Mishkah Academy is an Online Quran Academy, based in Egypt, offering Quran education to all Spoken-English Muslims all over the world through online Quran memorization lessons with the help of the best certified Quran Teachers graduate of prestigious Islamic Universities to help you memorize the Quran easily and quickly.

You can now join any online Quran course and start learning from the comfort of your home. You can schedule the lesson whenever you want with a flexible schedule. We offer an online Quran memorization program to help you become a Hafiz.

Before delving into the topic, let me share with you some guidelines that would help you memorize the Quran because we are sure that any of you will be stuck at some point while memorizing the Quran. There must be several questions in your mind about how to memorize the Quran faster. In this article we will try to highlight the most frequently asked questions and its answers.

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How Long Does It Take To Memorize Quran

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to know how long to memorize Quran. However, having a general idea will help you stay focused and organize your Quran memorization schedule.

In this article, we have collected information about the FAQS in this regard. If you or your children want to become a Hafiz and want high quality from certified teachers, you are at the right place.

It usually takes 1 to 3 years for the entire Qur’an to be memorized. But this is just an estimate based on average data from several students who have memorized the Qur’an. Some of our students have memorized the Holy Quran in less than a year, and others have done in 2-3 years.

If you think you have the ability, practice hard, find a good online Quran teacher, and persevere, you can memorize the Quran and become a hafiz in less than one to three years.

The best possible short answer is that the Qur’an consists of 30 parts and each part contains approximately 20 pages. For ordinary students, memorizing one page takes one hour.

The duration of memorizing the entire Qur’an depends on several factors, including:

  • The age of the person.
  • Number of classes.
  • Reading Quran in Arabic.
  • Methods used in Hifz.
  • Time dedicated for Hifz.
  • Perseverance and determination.

Quran Memorization Chart

Plan Pages Verses
5 years 1 page (5 days) 3 – 5 V
4 years 1 page (4 days) 4 – 6 V
3 years 1 page (3 days) 5 – 7 V
2 years 1 page (2 days) 5 – 10 V
1 year 2 pages (1 day) 10 – 20
30 Days 20 pages (1 day) 1 Juz

Best Age & Time To Memorize Quran

In fact, it is not possible to specify an exact number for the best age for memorizing the Qur’an on the Internet. Because we see young members of the nation who can be Hifz at 4-6 years old, just as we see those who complete Hifz at 60-70. Everyone’s ability to learn and memorize is different.

The best time for memorize Quran online is when a child reaches 5 years old. Children at the age of 5 are usually completely ready to memorize the Qur’an. However, there is no need to prevent your kid from taking any Hifz program online if they are less. This is because some children can easily learn from an online Hifz course before they are 5 years old. In addition, the online Quran memorization program has expert Quran teachers for kids and Adults.

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How To Memorize Quran Fast & Quickly Online

If you want to memorize the Quran online, Mishkah Academy is here to help you. With our certified male/female Qur’an teachers, with lessons that will always keep you motivated also with affordable tuition fees.

Whether you have any questions or want to start memorizing the Holy Quran online, contact us. Book Quran lessons online and start your journey of memorizing the Quran.

For all Muslims who wish to memorize the entire Quran but are not able to, just remember one thing: memorizing the Quran is a way to get closer to God. Do not rush to memorize the entire Qur’an as soon as possible. If you decide to memorize the entire Qur’an but die after memorizing one verse, then Allah will reward you as if you have memorized the entire Qur’an.

May Allah accept our humble efforts in memorizing the Quran. May we are dedicated to the Qur’an, in studying, memorizing, understanding, and exercising it; Ameen.

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How Long Does It Take To Hifz Quran

There is no hard and fast rule that must be observed while preparing a Quran memorization chart. One can easily make his own Quran memorization chart according to his ability. Mishkah Academy will help you in this regard by providing great templates for Quran memorization planner. You can choose and follow any method of memorizing the Qur’an.

Quran Memorization Planner

Memorizing the Quran is indeed a difficult task and needs well-organized planning. Therefore, Quran memorization programs are the best way to quickly memorize the Quran. Mishkah Quran Academy offers a variety of programs to properly memorize the Quran. These planners provide customized schedules according to one’s ability to memorize.

Best Way To Memorize Quran Fast And Easily

One of the best ways to memorize the Qur’an is to take individual lessons from an experienced teacher. A competent tutor will ensure you finish Hifz in the perfect time with best practice, schedule and timing. Mishkah Academy should turn your home, workplace or wherever you are into a Quranic school. With our online Hifz lessons, our experienced teachers will provide you with the highest quality Hifz experience.

How To Memorize Quran By Yourself

If you are really interested in memorizing the Quran by yourself, We suggest you start learning from a teacher. You can join our online academy for reliable tutoring. For whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable with any of these learning options, you can learn the Qur’an on your own. You must be consistent with your commitments.

How To Memorize Quran In Old Age

Our team of expert Qur’an teachers who memorize the Qur’an will help you and guide you to learn the Qur’an and the rules of Tajweed in an easy way to memorize the Qur’an. The learner must be able to read the Qur’an before joining this course. If not, our teachers will start reading the lessons of the Qur’an.

How Can I Memorize Quran Faster & Quickly

Yes, you can memorize the Quran online. Hundreds of Quran learning courses are available for you to join online. Many of these lessons are online Quran memorization lessons for kids and adults to learn and memorize the Quran without leaving home. Subscribe to the Holy Quran courses for children and adults from Mishkah Academy and start learning the Quran online.

How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year

To become a Hafiz, you must have a daily schedule or routine for learning the Qur’an. Practice with a hafiz or other Quran teacher to facilitate the process. Review what you learn on a routine basis. If you follow these steps, you will memorize and learn the Qur’an within a short period of one to two years.

How To Memorize Quran In 2 Years

Memorize 1 Page every day, a part after Fajr and a part after Asr or Maghrib, and in this way in 2 years you will memorize the entire Qur’an to the fullest, and memorization will be complete, unless you increase your memorization, because if you do, what you memorized will be weakened.

How To Memorize Quran In 5 Years

There is no age or time limit for memorizing the Qur’an. All you have to do is turn your pure and sincere intentions into memorizing the Qur’an. One can memorize the Quran within 1 to 5 years depending on his efforts. If someone memorizes one page a week, it will take a maximum of five years to memorize the entire Qur’an.

How To Memorize Quran In 6 Month

If you want to become a Hafiz within six months, you will have to memorize five parts of the Qur’an or five parts each month. Although this can be achieved, it is much better to memorize the Qur’an at a slower pace. One page per day is a very good rate which should generally get you a Hafiz in two to three years.

How To Memorize Quran In 30 Days

To recite and complete 30 parts of the Qur’an individually, read one part per day for 30 days. Since Part 1 consists of 20 pages, read 4 pages daily after each obligatory prayer. Read 4 pages a day, 2 pages before each obligatory prayer and 2 pages after each prayer.

How To Memorize The Quran And Never Forget It

One of the obstacles that students usually face while memorizing the Qur’an is that they have forgotten the previous passages. Here are some very important tips that will help not to forget the last lesson.

  • Repeat the lesson over and over.
  • Link the verses to the previous ones.
  • Never miss a day and memorize the Quran daily.
  • Practice with your friends and family.

How Many Hafiz Quran In The World

There are +3.5 Million Hafiz in the world, the big majority is the Arab world as well as thousands in non-Muslim countries like USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, etc. Join thousands of Muslim Hafiz to memorize the Holy Qur’an under the supervision of Mishkah Academy from the comfort of your home.

Number Of Hafiz In The World

There are +3 Million Hafiz in the world as nobody can tell you the exact number of people who are Hafiz, but it is estimated that could be few million on the entire planet; the majority of them from the Arab world as well as thousands of non-Muslim countries like USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, etc.

How To Be A Hafiz E Quran

Every Muslim wishes to become a hafiz e Quran in order to please God Almighty and to be rewarded in this world and the hereafter. Here are some tips on how to become a memorizer of the Quran.

How To Become A Hafiz At Home

Mishkah Academy offers a special online Quran classes to become a hafiz at home. You have just come to the right place if you want to become a hafiz at home; just enroll in Hifz Quran classes online Now. How Can I Hifz Quran at Home Easily!

Dua To Become Hafiz

It cannot be said that there is a specific dua to become a hafiz, but with the advice of the Prophet PBUH and dua, help can be from Allah. “O, Allah! Make easy for me every difficult thing, with Your favor and Kindness, for it is easy for You “O Allah” to make every difficult thing easy.”

How To Become A Hafiz In 6 Months

  1. Join Online Quran Class with expert Quran Tutor.
  2. Memorize 2 pages a day to become Hafiz.
  3. Stick to a fixed schedule for Hifz.
  4. Develop a better plan for Hifz.

How To Become A Hafiz In 1 One Year

To become a Hafiz in 1 one year, you must first take guidance from a Quran Teacher who can teach you I how to read and memorize the Quran correctly, how to recite the Quran with Tajweed and basic Arabic so that you can understand what you are reading from the Quran.

How To Hafiz Al Quran

Get help from an Online Quran teacher to become a memorizer of the Quran. It will help you memorize the Quran and learn the correct rules of Tajweed. It is much better to join online Quran Academy.

How To Memorize Quran In Old Age

Goal setting is the most important step towards achieving the dream of memorizing the Quran in old age and makes learning the Holy Quran much easier. It directs your focus and boosts your motivation to finish memorizing the Quran whatever you age.