7 Benefits Of Surah Ar Rahman

Benefits Of Reading Surah Ar Rahman

” Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (Radi Allahu Anhu) reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ”Everything has an adornment, and the adornment of the Qur’an is Surah Ar Rahman.”

We all are aware of the beauty of the Holy Quran. And Surah Ar-Rahman has been called its adornment. SubhanAllah! Indeed, the significance of the adornment of the holy Quran is truly unimaginable.

Benefits Of Reading Surah Rahman

Surah Ar-Rahman is one of the most loved and recited Surah of the Holy Quran. Its importance can be understood from its name “Ar-Rahman” meaning “The Most Merciful.” The name itself signifies the Merciful nature of Allah SWT. It brings lots of happiness, mercy, and tranquility to its reciter. It is the 55th surah of the Holy Quran. It has 78 verses and a total of 352 words. Some scholars believe it to be a Meccan Surah whereas some say it was revealed in the Medinan period.

On the authority of Abdullah bin Abbas, Ikrimah and Qatadah there are some traditions that say that Surah Ar-Rahman was revealed in Madina, but most commentators think it as a Meccan surah.

Meaning Of Surah Rahman

Virtues Of Surah Ar Rahman

The opening verse of this beautiful Surah is the title itself. It opens with “Ar-Rahman” attributing Allah as the Most Merciful, The Compassionate, or The Lord of Mercy.  In the first few verses, Allah talks about the creation of man and teaches him eloquence.

Allah also tells about the calculated timings of the sun and the moon, and that all things including the stars and moon prostrate to Him. Allah has created heaven in balance and all in justice. The verse meaning “So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny” has been mentioned to make mankind aware of Allah’s favors.

Surah Ar-Rahman also throws light on the creation of man and Jinn as Allah SWT clearly mentions that man is made from clay whereas Jinns are made from smokeless fire. Allah further mentions the creation of two seas that are separated through invisible barriers and never do they transgress.

Surah Ar-Rahman tells a believer about the wonders of Allah’s power and His ultimate dominion over the universe and beyond. And also about the countless blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us. It talks about the helplessness of all creatures and accountability before the Most Merciful.

This Surah also holds a strict warning to the evildoers. And the consequences that they will bear of being disobedient to Allah. And it also specifies the best results in the form of Jannah for the one who is obedient to Allah and is true to one’s faith.

The beauty of this Surah is that it has direct lessons for both mankind and jinns. This clearly means that the divine book of Allah is for both men and jinns.

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Great Benefits Of Surah Rahman

Benefits Of Surah Ar Rahman

The benefits of reciting Surah are innumerable. Many people memorize and recite Surah Ar-Rahman to combat the problems they face in worldly life.

1- Reading Surah Ar Rahman For Blessings

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says in Surah Al-An’aam, verse 6:

“And this [Qur’an] is a Book We have revealed [which is] blessed, so follow it and fear Allah that you may receive mercy.”

Indeed, reciting Surah Ar-Rahman will not only help us in worldly life but these words of Allah will also help in the hereafter.

Jabir reported: The Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, said,

“The Quran is an intercessor and a truthful prosecutor. Whoever puts it in front of himself, will lead him to Paradise. Whoever throws it behind his back, it will drive him into the Hellfire.” (Ṣaḥīḥ Ibn Ḥibbān 124)

2- Reciting Surah Ar Rahman For Health

Undoubtedly, every word of the Holy Quran has healing capabilities. And it has been seen countless times that reading and reciting Surah Ar-Rahman has miraculous effects on physical ailments. There are many instances present where reading Surah Ar-Rahman to newborns in critical condition has improved their health to a great deal. Also, reading Surah Ar-Rahman in case of serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases, Hepatitis, and heart problems has proven improvement.

3- Reading Surah Ar Rahman For Mental Health & Wellness

Surah Ar-Rahman is one of the best Surahs that calm the mind, heart, and body. The calming effect becomes more prominent when a believer reads it with meaning and understanding each and every verse. It makes us realize the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us that we take for granted.

“The Prophet (pbuh) went to the companions and recited Surah Rahman but they were all quiet. He told them that he went to the Jinn and recited it to them and they were responsive. And when he would recite the verses ‘And which of the favors of the Lord will you deny’ the jinn would respond ‘There is nothing among your bounties that we can deny, all praises belong to Allah.”

4- Reading Surah Ar-Rahman For Marriage

A believer’s firm belief can make him/her achieve anything by the grace of Allah. Reading and Reciting Surah Ar-Rahman for fulfilling our halal purposes can make the impossible come true by the power of Allah. Indeed, amongst all the favors of Allah, one is getting a spouse. So reading and reciting Surah Ar-Rahman can have a major impact on fulfilling our need for marriage.

5- Reciting Surah Ar Rahman Fulfilling Our Needs

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe”. ( Ibrahim 14: Verse 7)

How Merciful is our Lord that He promises us to increase in favor when we show gratitude for His already bestowed favors. And the verse of Surah Ar-Rahman “So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny” accounts for understanding and pondering upon how greatly blessed we are. And when we understand that and extend gratitude, Allah bestows more blessings upon us.

6- Reciting Surah Ar Rahman For Protection

Every word of Allah has a power to protect a believer. Reciting Surah Ar-Rahman has been beneficial in getting rid of evil eye, protection from magic, and its constant remembrance can also protect a believer from great harm.

7- Reading and Reciting Surah Ar-Rahman for success

We all know that whatsoever good we achieve and our success is only and only by Allah. When we put our Tawakkul in Allah we can achieve anything. And what can be better than reciting Surah Ar-Rahman to remind ourselves of the power of Allah? Making a habit to start our day by reciting Surah Ar-Rahman can be very beneficial. It will fill us with positivity for the whole day.

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Tips To Memorize Surah Ar-Rahman

Benefits Of Surah Ar Rahman

Benefits of Listening to Surah Rahman

  • Start with making a strong intention to learn Surah Ar-Rahman
  • Know that there are 78 verses in Surah Ar-Rahman and 31 verses are the same (meaning repeated)
  • Keeping the above point in mind, plan your learning schedule. For example, when we learn 1 out of those 31 verses, we have learned 31 verses already! So we just have to learn 47 more verses. And the first verse is the name of the Surah itself. So the total number of new verses that you have to learn shortens to 46!
  • Plan to learn five verses each day. So that it will take you roughly nine to ten days to learn Surah Ar-Rahman.
  • Revise them every day after Fajr and Isha or before going to bed.
  • Hire an online Quran tutor or enroll in online courses to perfect your learning, recitation, and understanding with discipline.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Surah Rahman?

Virtues Of Surah Ar Rahman

The beauty of Surah Ar-Rahman is that it has a single verse repeated many times. And if you go with learning 5 verses each day you can learn it in 9-10 days! And if you can learn 9 verses each day, it will take just 5-6 days. Though you will need to dedicate a different amount of time in both cases. Opt for learning and revising 9 verses of Surah Ar-Rahman every day if you have leisure time. This will roughly require dedicated time of 1 hour each day. But if you can spare only 30 minutes, then you should learn no more than 5 verses each day.


Q1: what is the best time to recite Surah Ar-Rahman?

Answer: There is no mention of reciting Surah Ar-Rahman at any specific time. However, it is beneficial to read it in the last one-third of the night. Or one can also read it after Fajr to start the day on a positive note.

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) as saying:

When half of the night or two-thirds of it is over. Allah, the Blessed and the Exalted, descends to the lowest heaven and says: Is there any beggar so that he be given? Is there any supplicator so that he be answered? Is there any beggar of forgiveness so that he be forgiven? (And Allah continues it saying) till it is daybreak. (Sahih Muslim)

Q2: Reciting Surah Ar-Rahman 7/33/41 times on the thread to cure illness is recommended?

Answer: There is no reference in Hadith or Quran over reciting Surah Ar-Rahman’s particular times or over the thread to cure illness. It is well known that the Quran is the ultimate source of healing and Surah Ar-Rahman is a part of this esteemed book of Allah. So reciting Surah Ar-Rahman has both physical as well as spiritual benefits.

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