How To Learn Quran Easily: Practical Steps for Success

how to learn quran easily

Easiest Way To Memorize Quran

The importance of reciting and memorizing the Quran cannot be expressed in written or words. Indeed, it is a source of great mercy and light for mankind. Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala has mentioned in Surah Yunus verse 57:

“O mankind, there has to come to your instruction from your Lord and healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers.”

Such is the importance of the Quran and every believer wants to memorize the Quran. It may seem challenging because of our busy schedule or less discipline towards this task. But with enhancements in technology, memorizing the Quran can be made easy.

Memorizing the Quran requires Niyyah (Good Intention). Along with that, one also requires strong dedication and discipline. Enrolling to memorize the Quran online course or program offers you a strict routine for memorizing the Quran online.

Memorizing the Quran online is one of the most convenient ways. As we are just a click away from the best Quran teacher from across the world. Quran memorization online through an expert Quran teacher can help us speed up the learning process. The most beneficial aspects of learning from the Quran teacher online are the one-on-one interaction, fixed schedules, better understanding, solving difficulties on a personal level, and many more.

Best Way To memorize Quran

Other ways to memorize the Quran online are through applications, videos, and listening to recitations. The self-learning of Quran memorization works for people who have strong determination and discipline. However, it comes with certain drawbacks. There is no one-on-one interaction with the teachers.

Allah (AWT) said in Surah Al-Qamar:

“And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?”

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“The likeness of the one who reads Quran and memorizes it is that he is with the righteous honorable scribes. The likeness of the one who reads it and tries hard to memorize it even though it is difficult to him, he will have two rewards.”

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Goal setting is regarded as the most important step towards accomplishing the dream of Quran memorization and makes learning Holy Quran much easier. It guides your focus and boosts your motivation to finish memorizing Quran.

How to Learn Quran Easily

People always ask: How can I memorize the Quran fast and easily? The followings are very useful tips to memorize Quran fast:

1- Make Neeyah or strong intentions to memorize the Quran

The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said,

“Verily, deeds are only with intentions and every person will have only what they intended.

Hence it is very important to have a strong intention to memorize the Quran. Do not forget to mention it specifically on your pinboard or planners. This way you will get reminded of it every time you go through your schedule.

2- Make your heart aware of your Intentions

One can memorize the Quran fast and easily online by turning the heart completely towards it. You must have a clean heart, free from the feelings of jealousy, anger, and enmity for anyone. Good virtues and manners free one’s heart from every bad feeling and make it more receptive for the good ones.

3- Make your personal space for Memorizing the Quran

Start fresh by assigning a special area for your Quran memorization practices. You can also decorate it with names of Allah, Quranic verse, or Surahs to motivate yourself to memorize the Quran. You can also keep a blank board to write the Quranic ayahs for revisions.

4- Memorize the Quran early in the Morning

Quran learning and memorizing can be made easy by waking up early to take your lessons. Science says that we are full of energy and clear-minded in the morning. One can opt for the time after the Fajr Salah to utilize the time to the best and memorize the Quran. You can further divide your memorization into small goals to learn with efficiency.

5- Revise the Quran after the Tahajjud

We all know the importance of praying in the last third portion of the night. It is the practice of Prophet Muhammad and is one of the most beneficial times. One can revise the Quran after offering Tahajjud prayer. This will bring the twofold advantage of revision as well as the reward of praying in the last third portion of the night.

6- Do not Despair when you fall

Memorizing the Quran requires time and steadfastness. Some day you may get stuck on one word of the ayah that you can’t remember. Another day you may get sick and won’t be able to practice. In such situations, one can always opt to pray to Allah. Make lots of Duaa to Allah during times like that and let the Almighty make it easy for you.

7- Start from the Basics and the Roots

A strong foundation can make the process of memorizing the Quran easy for you. Take the first step by understanding the minute details of the Arabic letters. Pay attention to its recitation and pronunciation. Know the difference between phonetics, alphabets, and dots to excel in the memorization of the Quran.

8- Enroll in a beneficial program/course or search for a Quran teacher online.

The memorization of the Quran can be made easy under the right guidance and one-on-one interaction. It can help you understand the smallest details and help you answer all your queries and questions in the best way.

9- Recite the ayahs in your Free time

Utilize your free time by reciting the ayahs. You can simply close your eyes and think about all the things you have learned in your last lessons. You can randomly choose a surah that you learned a month ago and recite it in your free time to cross-check your memorization.

10- Implementation in your Salah

The importance of memorizing the Quran can be understood while reciting the Salah and prayers. The memorization of the Quran helps us beautify our Salah and also helps us in paying full attention. It takes away all the distractions and makes us less prone to mistakes.

11- Use the time between Asr and Maghrib prayers

The time between Asr and Maghrib prayers is usually short. If you are looking to consolidate your connection with Allah SWT, make sure to utilize this time, especially on Fridays. Memorize the Quran during this short period of use for revision.

12- Listen, read and reflect upon the Quran

Enhance your interest by listening to scholars. Repeat the ayahs with them. Memorize the Quran in such a way that you relate to it even in your everyday life. Connect yourselves completely with it and memorize the Quran in the true sense. The Quran learning can be made easy by reflecting on what you read and listen to. As deeply you will understand its meaning, as deeply it will root in your mind.

13- Discuss the Quran with your Friends

Memorizing the Quran can be made easy when you are doing it with your friends. You can collectively memorize it or can do it individually. And you can discuss it to create interactive, useful, and knowledgeable sessions.

14- Build Interactive Quizzes for the Weekends

Memorizing the Quran can be made easy by preparing it interactively. One can choose weekends or certain days in the month to prepare quizzes for the group. It can include quizzes like completing the ayahs, naming certain surahs, their names, and the numbers of ayahs.

15- Keep the remainder of your Main Goal

Do not quit even when memorizing the Quran seems like a big task. Take help from the Quran teachers online, keep patient, make lots of, keep yourselves pure, and think about pleasing Allah. Be hopeful for your next lessons and keep revising to retain them.

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Final Words

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Q1: How Can I Memorize Quran Faster and quickly?

One of the best ways to memorize the Quran is to take individual lessons from an experienced teacher. A competent tutor will ensure you finish Hifz in the perfect time with best practice, schedule and timing. Mishkah Academy should turn your home, workplace or wherever you are into a Quranic school. With our online Hifz lessons, our experienced teachers will provide you with the highest quality Hifz experience.

Q2: How Do You Memorize The Quran Online?

Yes, you can memorize the Quran online. Hundreds of Quran learning courses are available for you to join online. Many of these lessons are online Quran memorization lessons for kids and adults to learn and memorize the Quran without leaving home. Subscribe to the Holy Quran courses for children and adults from Mishkah Academy and start learning the Quran online.

Q3: How To Memorize Quran In 1 Year?

To become a Hafiz, you must have a daily schedule or routine for learning the Qur’an. Practice with a hafiz or other Quran teacher to facilitate the process. Review what you learn on a routine basis. If you follow these steps, you will memorize and learn the Quran within a short period of one to two years.

Q4: How To Memorize Quran In 2 Years?

Memorize 1 Page every day, a part after Fajr and a part after Asr or Maghrib, and in this way in 2 years you will memorize the entire Qur’an to the fullest, and memorization will be complete, unless you increase your memorization, because if you do, what you memorized will be weakened.

Q5: How To Memorize Quran In 5 Years?

There is no age or time limit for memorizing the Quran. All you have to do is turn your pure and sincere intentions into memorizing the Qur’an. One can memorize the Quran within 1 to 5 years depending on his efforts. If someone memorizes one page a week, it will take a maximum of five years to memorize the entire Qur’an.

Q6: How To Memorize Quran In 6 Month?

If you want to become a Hafiz within six months, you will have to memorize five parts of the Qur’an or five parts each month. Although this can be achieved, it is much better to memorize the Qur’an at a slower pace. One page per day is a very good rate which should generally get you a Hafiz in two to three years.

Q7: How To Memorize Quran In 30 Days?

To recite and complete 30 parts of the Qur’an individually, read one part per day for 30 days. Since Part 1 consists of 20 pages, read 4 pages daily after each obligatory prayer. Read 4 pages a day, 2 pages before each obligatory prayer and 2 pages after each prayer.

Q8: How Hard Is It To Memorize The Quran?

You may be wondering why it is so difficult to memorize the Qur’an. Many Muslims fantasize about acquiring the title of Hafiz. But you may find a lot of challenges in front of you and make the goal difficult for you to achieve. At the end, we will also teach you how you can learn Quran faster and avoid these problems.

Q9: How To Memorize Quran By Yourself?

If you are really interested in memorizing the Qur’an, I suggest you start learning from a teacher. You can join our online academy for reliable tutoring. For whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable with any of these learning options, you can learn the Quran easily on your own. You must be consistent with your commitments.

Q10: How To Memorize Quran In Old Age?

Our team of expert Qur’an teachers who memorize the Qur’an will help you and guide you to learn the Quran fast and the rules of Tajweed in an easy way to memorize the Qur’an. The learner must be able to read the Qur’an before joining this course. If not, our teachers will start reading the lessons of the Qur’an.

Q11: How To Memorize The Quran And Never Forget It?

One of the obstacles that students usually face while memorizing the Qur’an is that they have forgotten the previous passages. Here are some very important tips that will help not to forget the last lesson.

  • Repeat the lesson over and over.
  • Link the verses to the previous ones.
  • Never miss a day and memorize the Quran daily.
  • Practice with your friends and family.