How To Get Ijazah In Tajweed Quran Online

How To Get Ijazah In Tajweed Quran

Are you seeking Ijazah online?

Do you want to get an accredited Quran certificate?

Do you wish to get Ijazah and master Quran learning?

In this article, you’ll get to know all about “Ijazah” and how to get it online fast & easy.

Due to the huge advances in technology, many Muslims in non-Muslim countries are seeking to learn the Quran with Tajweed, Arabic Languge or islamic studies online. Fortunately, there are many online Quran teachers on many Quran education sites, but choosing the right qualified Quran teacher is the hard part.

Ijazah is one of the most important qualifications that you should choose Qur’an teacher for.

Ijazah Meaning / What is Ijazah?

An Ijazah is a certificate that authorizes its holder to recite the Qur’an and teach it in Tajweed to others. The purpose of the Ijazah is to consolidate the narrative of the Qur’an through a chain of authorized transmitters going back to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), then to the angel Gabriel, and finally to God Almighty, the original author.

In other words, an ijazah is a certificate mainly used by Muslims to indicate that a person has been authorized by a higher authority who already has an ijazah to teach the Holy Quran.

How to Get Ijazah Online Easily (Step-by-Step)

1. Join Online Ijazah Course

Register for Quran Ijaza course in one of the accredited institutes/academies teaching the Qur’an online. After completing the course and passing the necessary exams, you will be given an online vacation.

Mishkah Academy offers the best online Ijaza course in Quran recitation with Tajweed (Tilawah) or Quran memorization (Hifz) by the best certified Quran instructors with Ijaza.

2. Join Quran Recitation Course

Learn how to recite the Quran correctly and to pronounce the Quranic letters, words, and verses properly with practical application with tajweed to get ijazah in Quran Recitation and Tajweed.

3. Join Tajweed Quran Course

Learn to apply Tajweed rules in Quran recitation to recite the Holy Quran perfectly the same way the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited and taught to his companions the same way Quran was sent down from Allah SWT by Gabriel to to reach the perfection level in Tajweed Quran.

4. Join Quran Memorization Course

Start memorizing Memorization from the comfort of your home through 1-on-1 online classes to become Hafiz/Hafiza with the help of certified Quran teachers holding Ijazah. We offer online Hifz classes for kids and adults with the best male/female Quran Tutors.

5. Join 10 Qira’at Course

If you want to get Ijazah in any of the 10 Qira’at, then you came to the right place. Mishkah academy offers the best 10 Qiraat course for all Muslims around the world who are interested in getting Ijazah in Qiraat.

Join thousands of Muslim Families who love learning Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies from the comfort of their Homes.

Learn Quran, Arabic & Islamic Online

2 Main Types Of Ijazah

Ijazah in Quran Recitation (Tilawah)

Quran Recitation Ijazah is a certification that authorizes its holder to teach Quran recitation (Tilawah) and can be awarded by a certified Imam or scholar (endless chain). The learner obtains Ijazah in Quran recitation after reciting the whole Quran with proper Tajweed in the presence of the certified tutor.

Ijazah in Quran Memorization (Hifz)

Quran Memorization Ijazah is a certification that authorizes its holder to teach Quran Memorization (Hifz) and can be awarded by a certified Imam or scholar. The learner obtains this Ijazah after memorizing the whole Quran very well and reciting it by heart in the presence of the certified tutor.

Get Ijazah Online With Mishkah Academy

In the event that there is no certified sheikh or imam near you or if you prefer e-learning of the Qur’an, you can take an Ijazah online at Mishkah Academy. We have highly qualified teachers who hold an Ijazah in Quran recitation and memorization, and they teach the Ijazah program through one-to-one online sessions.

Before any student attends the course, we assess him/her by a certified teacher to determine the student’s current level in Quran recitation or memorization. Based on this assessment, the required program and learning methodology will be determined.

The teacher begins by teaching the student the meaning and purpose of “Ijazah”. Then, according to the predetermined plan, the student will recite the Qur’an to the teacher, and the teacher will give the necessary guidance accordingly.

At the end of the course:

– To obtain an Ijazah in reciting the Qur’an with Tajweed, the student must read the entire Qur’an with the correct Tajweed from the Mus-haf.

– To obtain an Ijaza in memorizing the Qur’an, the student must recite the entire Qur’an by heart to the teacher.

Upon successful completion of the online Ijazah course, the student will receive the Ijazah certificate. This certification gives the student the authority to teach others and to issue Ijazah as well.

Why Get Ijazah Online?

Ijazah is very important for transmitting and preserving Quranic knowledge. In fact, it is one of the main factors that preserved Quranic knowledge from any manipulation or errors through the ages.

Since this is a religious matter, it is very important to acquire your Quranic knowledge from an approved source. Accordingly, obtaining an Ijazah in Quran Recitation with Tajweed or an Ijazah in Memorizing the Qur’an is a must for anyone seeking to teach the Qur’an. However, it is not limited to the teachers of the Qur’an, anyone who also excels in reading the Tajweed of the Qur’an or memorizing the Qur’an.

Moreover, holding Ijazah online has many advantages over the traditional method which requires a lot of effort and time. When you get Ijazah online, you will be able to schedule your lessons in a way that is comfortable for you and solves the problem of space and crowding of traditional educational classes.

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History Of Ijazah in Islam

Prophet (PBUH) Delivery of Quran:

In light of the above-mentioned definition, you notice that the beginning of this noble chain is Allah the Almighty, then Jibril to the Prophet (pbuh). This is actually mentioned in Quran:

“ Indeed, upon Us is its collection [in your heart] and [to make possible] its recitation. So when We have recited it [through Gabriel], then follow its recitation. Then upon Us is its clarification [to you],”

Companions Delivery of Quran:

Then the Prophet (pbuh) delivered the Quran to his companions, giving oral Ijazah-like to some of them, though the term had not been used at that time yet.

Take this Hadith as an example for a group of those companions:

“ Take the Quran from four: From Ibn Mas’ud, Ubayy bin Ka’b, Mu’adh bin Jabal, and Salim the freed slave of Abu Hudhaifah,”

After that, those companions spread through the Islamic world to teach people the Holy Quran and to give Ijazah to those who mastered their recitation and memorization level, to be able to go on through this chain as well.

Era of Systematic Delivery for Ijazah:

Years later, it’s getting more systematic. Thus, you can see 10 methods of recitation with different tajweed rules. All of these Qiraat taught by the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and there is no superfluous preference for one over the other, and there are no contradictions between them. Each one is more prevalent in some areas than the other.

They are:

1- Naafi’ Al-Madanee. (Madinah).
2- Ibn Katheer al-Makee. (Makkah).
3- Asim al-Kufi (Koofah).
4- Ibn Aamir ash-Shami (Syria).
5- Hamzah Al-Kufi (Koofah).
6 Al-Kisaa’ee.
7- Abu Ja’far Al-Madanee (Madinah).
8- Yaqub ibn Al-Basri (Basra).
9- Khalaf.
10- Ibn Aamir ash-Shami (Syria).

The journey of Scholars for Seeking Knowledge:

Muslims used to value knowledge, especially that related to the Qur’an or Hadith. They know that Allah facilitates Paradise for those who walk the path in search of knowledge. Thus, they traveled from their countries to go to the people of knowledge to learn from them.


With our “Quran Ijaza Course”, our well-educated and certified scholars will check your skills and abilities, assess your knowledge of the Qur’an, test your area of interest, and then award you the Ijaza. Of course, you can sign up for and get your Ijazah from the best Quran teachers.

Finally, Ijazah is a great thing for someone who reflects on those previous points. Start your Ijazah Program now. It can be the beginning of your journey of true happiness!

Contact Us now to start your Ijazah Program!

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