Why Online Islamic Studies Classes Are Great For Kids

Why Online Islamic Studies Classes are Great for Kids

The importance of Islamic education is increasing everywhere. Not only for adults, but it is also important for kids to study Islam. Getting Islamic education at an early stage is beneficial as one learns the subjects more easily and efficiently. This is why Islamic Studies Online is a great choice for Muslim parents.

Since we live in a digital world, parents and children can really benefit from taking Islamic lessons online. There are many institutes that offer a way for children and teens to complete Islamic courses without leaving the regular school. It is also a good option for those who live in areas without mosques, schools, or Islamic centers, or whose personal options are limited.

Study from the comfort and safety of your home

One of the many benefits of online Islamic studies for kids is that they can learn and attend their classes in the comfort and safety of their own home. Not only do the kids feel relaxed, but the parents also remain worry-free. Many parents are already benefiting from enrolling their children in online classes, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, as it remains the easiest, most convenient and most reliable option amidst the uncertainty of the current situation around the world.

Getting full attention from the teacher

In another blog post, we mentioned how a traditional classroom setting can be detrimental to a child’s learning depending on their abilities, needs, and learning style. This is in part because the traditional classroom setting generally does not allow for the individual attention that some children need to thrive in their learning. Lack of individual attention from a Qur’an teacher for example can make learning the Qur’an more difficult and less effective for children. When there are several students in a class, it is difficult for the teacher to focus on one child. In an online class, children get the attention they need and can communicate directly with their teacher and ask questions without hesitation.

No need to leave the traditional education system – unless you want to!

Unless your child is attending an Islamic school where they are receiving proper Islamic education, you will need to find a local mosque or Islamic center where they have an evening or weekend school program, which will add to everyone’s already hectic schedule and your weekly commute. These personalized options may not be available to you in your area, or may be temporarily discontinued due to the pandemic. With Islamic Studies Online, you can get quality Islamic education, flexibility and convenience without having to worry about your child’s regular school schedule or other extracurricular activities because online institutes like ours generally offer classes 24/7 – which means you can also Take lessons yourself and advance in your Islamic education. Everyone can finally enjoy their educational trips without worrying about traffic, school, or other obligations.

Shameless Plug: If you homeschool your child, know that we also offer an online Islamic Homeschooling Program to help parents like you, because we know it can be intimidating to teach your child Arabic, Quran or Islam if you don’t have a solid foundation yourself (and we offer Group classes too!).

Keep your child engaged

Let’s face it: in the current age, it can be difficult to keep a young man’s mind engaged and interested in their studies, especially if they already feel at odds with their religion. Going to an Islamic school or going to a weekend school can be uncomfortable for Muslim children and teens and the curricula are sometimes outdated. Switching or supplementing with online Islamic studies can bring a new perspective to their learning journey: navigating new technology, interacting with their teacher one-on-one, learning through innovative platforms and engaging teaching methods can boost motivation and confidence.

Really, what’s not to like about online Islamic education?

Online institutes offer a wide range of interesting Islamic courses. With the amazing benefits of new technologies, teachers can motivate their students to keep learning and never get bored. This will also help students make significant progress in less time thanks to individual attention, which can be difficult to achieve in a traditional classroom environment.

The benefits of online Islamic studies will ensure that your child gets what they need and the way they need it instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Mishkah Academy has quickly become one of the leading online Arabic language and Quran institutes, providing education in all aspects of Arabic language, Quran and Islamic studies. We have made it our mission to bring Islamic education to those who need it and who are eager to learn by providing high quality education and dedicated teachers.

Our Islamic courses are created and developed in a way that facilitates learning at the student’s pace. Teaching your children the fundamentals of the Islamic religion is an important step in their spiritual, intellectual and emotional development.

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