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is a native Arabic speaker who has finished memorizing the entire Quran by the age of 9 Ma’sha’allh!, she has been awarded several prizes in recognition of her excellence in memorization and Tajweed, and she is very well acquainted with all branches of Islamic studies. She studies at Al-Azhar University Faculty of Languages and Translation, she has also studied at other academies for teaching Islamic Shariah sciences, She has taken many courses in teaching methodology and positive discipline methods; and has been teaching Qur’an, its science and Arabic for 7 years. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping others explore the beauty of the words of Allah, Subhanahu Wa Taala.

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Mishkah Academy has become one of the leading online Islamic schools in the World due to its good reputation for many years in teaching Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies.
Our mission is to enrich the lives of Muslims by offering an affordable methods to learn conveniently at home by developing effective methods to help students learn with interactive online options that make learning accessible.
We offer different ways that can be adapted to the amount of time you have available, your area of interest, and the type of teacher you prefer. We offer a wide range of Courses that can fit into even the busiest schedules that are the best fit for your learning needs and interests.