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Ebtihal Elrahman Mohamed, were born in 1994 in Egypt. I graduated from the faculty of languages and translation, Simultaneous translation Department, Alazhar University. I hold an Educational diploma from the Faculty of Education. Moreover, I graduated from the Recitation institution that is affiliated to Al-Azhar and Specialized in teaching Qur’an and its sciences. I memorized the whole Quran and I hold an Ijazah in Hafs recitation. I started working as a Quran tutor 6 years ago since 2015. Also, I worked as a translator for one year, but I preferred the teaching field. Teaching people new language, especially the language of Quran is a great mission. It is sufficient to me to teach Quran, the eternal miracle, which was revealed to be a way of life for mankind until the Hour begins. Allah ﷻ chose Arabic as the liturgical language of Islam. Thus, the Quran, hadeeth and all Islamic teachings were provided in Arabic. It was chosen out of all the languages in the world, used in the past, present and future.

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