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Assalamu Alaikum. I am Shaikh Mahmoud Saied, Egyptian and experienced tutor. I graduated from the Faculty of Arts in the Arabic Language Department with a very good grade. I am an expert in teaching the Arabic language and its branches and in teaching the Holy Qur’an with the rules of Tajweed. I have been a teacher since 2015 (offline) and I have 3 years of experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers ( online ). I have taught more than 70 students (kids – teenagers – adults) from around the world and I have more than 3000 teaching hours in various educational branches and curricula (reading the Qur’an with proper Tajweed – Memorizing the Qur’an – Tafseer of the Qur’an for children – Quranic Arabic course – Arabic conversation – Teaching reading and writing – teaching the Egyptian dialect ). I started memorizing the Qur’an at the age of 15 and learned Islamic sciences (Fiqh – A’qeedah – Tajweed – Biography – Hadith – Nahw – Sarf – Balaghah – Arabic literature) from Azhari and non-Azhari scholars. I passed many training courses that help me perform my mission successfully, courses in teaching skills, curricula, the use of technology in education, and psychological guidance courses to be able to deal with different types and ages of students. I love teaching and I see it as the thing that inspires me most in this world, and I try to simplify all the information that I explain to my students by all means and methods that are appropriate and enjoyable at the same time.

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