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Have you decided to enroll yourself or your kid in an online Hifdh course?

If yes, you are the most blessed person in the entire world!

Allah Almighty is the most gracious and merciful. He guides His creations to the right path time. When He sees that a people have gone too far off the right path, He sends His prophets and books to guide them. Before the revelation of the Holy Quran, Arabs lacked any sort of humanity and compassion. They worshiped stones and killed the weak. The Quran is the light that Allah sent down to the world as a strong rope- and if we hold on to that tightly, we will never go astray.

Online Hifdh Program

The Online Hifdh Orogram is not just a course. It is a memorable journey from learning the first word of Arabic to memorizing the entire Holy Quran with accuracy and precision.

At Mishkah Academy, we work as a team with the world’s best instructors to make sure our students learn, enjoy and cherish every class they attain with us.

We specifically design planners for every age group of people according to their mental power, time, focus, and age to help every student (adults and kids) memorize the Holy Quran with perfection in a short time.

We have the best team and experienced tutors that not only guide the students throughout their Hifdh course but also support them in their journey in every way. Our online Hifdh classes are designed and organized by the world’s expert team to help you memorize the greatest book in the world and help you attain its benefits.

Mishkah Academy provides 1-on-1 classes to students. You will choose your teacher among our best teachers according to your availability and feasibility after a free trial class. Our expert teachers also focus on improving your Qiraat and essential Islamic knowledge to help you attain the status of Hafidh.

Start learning Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies from the comfort of your Home with the Best Online Islamic School.

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What Is Hifdh

Hifdh is an act of memorizing the Holy Quran. It requires continuous practice to preserve the Quran in the heart and efficient recall of all the memorized verses. The Quran is the revelation of Allah that was delivered to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Numerous Hadith have revealed that whoever memorizes the Holy Quran and acts upon its teaching will deserve Allah’s honor and glorious reward on the day of judgment.

Throughout the world, millions of Muslims including kids, adults, and aged people strive to memorize the Holy Quran. Hifdh-ul-Quran is not restricted to age or gender. Everyone can memorize it with Allah’s will. Indeed, he’s the one that helps Muslims memorize His greatest book by heart.

Hifdh Meaning

Hifdh is an Arabic term that is used to refer to the memorizing process of the Holy Quran. It is also named as Hifdh-ul-Quran meaning memorization of the Holy Quran.

However, the term hifdh is not limited to memorizing, it has deep meaning and describes an essential process of learning the virtuous book of the Holy Quran by heart and having a firm belief in the power and messages of the Holy Quran.

Online Hifdh Classes

Your Hifdh classes and teachers are the primary things that can make the process beautiful, fast, and easy for you.

Free level assessment: At Mishkah academy, students undergo a free level assessment in the very first class. This assessment class helps our teachers understand your requirements, previous knowledge, and expertise. The assessment result helps us design your regular classes based on your expertise and availabilities to help you memorize the Holy Quran efficiently.

Fast memorization: You have the option of choosing a number of classes per week which have a potent influence on how quickly you complete the process. Therefore, the more time you give to your classes the faster you will complete your hifdh course.

Arabic/English/Urdu teachers: We understand the language hurdle between teacher and student. Therefore, we assign teachers who have expertise in Quranic Arabic and conveniently speak your native language. This eases communication for students and helps us achieve satisfaction for our students.

Learning and engaging environment: Learning and engaging environment are crucial for maintaining the motivation and focus of the student. We ease the memorization process for you through exercises and games. These exercises are designed according to the age group of students. At Mishkah, we guarantee your beautiful Quran memorization journey with us.

Quran Hifdh Program

Many students struggle to memorize the Holy Quran because they feel it is too hard to preserve the verses. They end up giving up their classes.

But is it a solution?

Consistency is the key to success. You must give space to yourself and remember that you have just started and your brain needs to adapt to your new journey.

At Mishkah, your teachers comprehend the difficulties that you face in every step of the Hifdh course. Our teachers help you recognize your strength. In the initial classes, they evaluate which type of learner you are and which techniques of learning would help you out. They analyze your capacities through writing, learning, reading, and listening techniques and then design your planner accordingly.

Seek Allah’s help and ask for strength and widening of your heart for the Holy Quran and Always remember why you started this beautiful journey.

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”

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Hifdh Benefits

There are numerous benefits of Hifdh that one can only attain by purifying the intention for the sake of Allah. The intention is the first thing that should be primarily focused on by the student, teacher, and parents. The rewards of Hifdh can only be achieved by seeking Allah’s help and making Allah’s pleasure the prime goal of enrolling in the Hifdh Quran course.

Improve Memory

Scientific evidence shows that Quran-e-Hafidh has more strong and sharp memory than other humans. Some studies suggest that Quran memorization can stimulate the brain’s functions, memorizing capacity, and person IQ.

Holy Quran is a powerful book. This virtuous book leaves its impression even on the reader, how blessed would be the person who would be able o memorize this powerful book by Allah’s will?

The memorization practices and techniques used in Hifdh program help to boost student memory and improve overall performance.

Boost Health

Quran is a miraculous book. The one that reads and understands Allah’s words in His beloved book is not only benefited in the hereafter but in the world too.

A recent study has revealed that people who know more about the Quran have decreased risk of depression, hypertension, and diabetes.


For Hafiz, the blessings are endless. Hufaz will be blessed by Allah (SWT) on the day of judgment, and in the world: they have built their mind, their health, their character, and their willpower.


How To Hifdh Quran

  • Seek Allah’s help
  • Set your schedule
  • Make sure you have strong command of tajweed and recitation
  • Be consistent
  • Enrol in the best Quran memorization academy
  • Memorize the verses our loud
  • Revise daily
  • Connect with the meaning of the Holy Quran

Hifdh Tips

  • Purify your intentions
  • Memorize in the early morning right after fajr
  • Plan your schedule
  • Repeat daily
  • Recite your sabaq at salah
  • Enrol in best Quran memorization academy

Hifdh Chart

The duration of hifdh depends on focus and capabilities of a person. The hifdh chart varies for each person. However, it will be designed for the students based on the following factors:

  • Determination
  • Intention
  • Number of classes
  • Time dedicated
  • Method of memorizing
  • Quranic Arabic expertise
  • Age of the student

Hifdh Planner

When you get yourself or your kid enrolled in Mishkah academy. Our expert teacher analyses your expertise in the first class to design a specialized planner for your hifdh classes. The planner is designed according to your feasibility, age, time, memory, and brain power. This plan helps to learn the Quran fastly.

Plan Pages Verses
5 Years 1 page (5 days) 3-5 V
4 Years 1 page (4 days) 4-6 V
3 Years 1 page (3 days) 5-7 V
2 Years 1 page (2 days) 5-10 V
1 Year 2 pages (1 day) 10-20 V
30 days 20 pages (1 day) 1 Juz