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How & Where can Learn Arabic Online | Online Arabic Course | Best Online arabic Classes

Learn Arabic Online

Have you been thinking of learning Arabic but finding it difficult to get the time and find a good tutor to start with you from scratch or at your own level? Do you doubt learning Arabic online via video conferencing platforms like Skype or Zoom because you are not sure that it will really work for you?

We at Mishkah Academy hear you and are eager to solve any of your problems or concerns, and invite you to join us on the journey of successfully learning Arabic online! Keep reading to find out all we can do for you.

Best Online Arabic Classes

Mishkah Academy, founded in 2015,  has become one of the best online Arabic and Quran schools, offering education in all elements of Arabic, Quran, and even Islamic studies, for all ages and levels.

As one of the most important and largest Arabic and Quran centers for non-Arabic speakers and the Quran, we teach live classes online and in Egypt.

Because our goal is to provide high-quality education of the Arabic language to people all over the world, Mishkat Academy offers a variety of Arabic courses taught by professional native speakers who have extensive experience teaching people of all ages.

All of these classes can be taught online through our online student portal – which seamlessly integrates Zoom – for those who can’t take it in person or live across the world with no reliable Arabic teaching institution.

Courses vary from very basic Arabic lessons to short Arabic courses to even the most complex literature. Both the basics of language, such as the Arabic alphabet and verb conjugation, and advanced topics, such as Arabic poetry and deep language etymologies, are taught.

Best Online Arabic Lessons

Some people doubt the process of learning a new language only through online sessions. However, Mishkah Academy’s lessons are not just online sessions. We offer you structured classes, premium learning materials, and professional tutoring in a variety of classroom settings.

So yes! You can master the Arabic language online through Zoom with Mishkah Academy, insha’Allah. All you have to do is register for the course you wish to take by filling out the registration form, and the Mishkah Academy team will get in touch with you. Then you leave everything to them, confident that you will learn the right way.

Start learning Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies from the comfort of your Home with the Best Online Islamic School.

Learn Quran, Arabic & Islamic Online

Best Online Arabic Courses

You can learn everything about the Arabic language from the basic basics to more advanced topics. The study of Arabic includes many sciences, all of which are covered in our courses. Here you will discover lessons and activities that help you improve reading, writing, speaking, lexicology, vocabulary, grammar, morphology, rhetoric and poetry.

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1. Arabic Foundation Course

Noorani Qaida is the basic course for learning how to read Quran with Tajweed for beginners. This helps students to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed fluentlyin an interactive and attractive way for kids and adults as it has a great contribution to the Tajweed and making reading the Holy Quran easy for all children and adults.

It is very easy that once someone completes this Qaida, he/she can read the Quran fluently. This basic rule starts from the alphabets and pronunciation and ends with words and the composition of the verses, which prompts the student to master reading the Qur’an with self-sufficiency.

2. Arabic Conversation Course

This course is an improvement course aimed at students who have a basic knowledge of the Arabic language to improve conversational and speaking skills. This course is aimed at students who have a basic understanding of the Arabic language and want to focus on oral communication by focusing on improving fluency in Arabic.

If you are looking for the best online Arabic course to learn the language or to improve your current level of Arabic and you don’t know any way to follow this process in the most effective and permanent way, then you are in the right place. The Arabic Conversation course is the ideal Arabic course for beginners and intermediate learners.

3. Arabic For Kids Course

At Mishkah Academy, you can find the best online Arabic course for your kids with specialized programs and curricula that meet your child’s individual needs to master the Arabic language and delve deeper into its splendor.

Arabic lessons for kids online are specially designed to cover different levels and ages in the best way for your child to read and write Arabic properly and correctly. At the end of this course, your child will have the ability to read any Arabic text easily and spontaneously.

4. Quranic Arabic Course

Because the language of the Qur’an is so special, we generally refer to it as Qur’anic Arabic rather than just Classical Arabic, because the speech in the Qur’an comes directly from God and is therefore divine and unique: no other Arabic texts are similar or even close to it. It is therefore perfect for students who want to focus on increasing their understanding of the Quran or Islamic texts.

If you take a regular course in Standard Arabic, you will surely increase your understanding of the Qur’an. However, if you want to focus specifically on the book of God Almighty, you’d better find an Arabic Quran course. At Mishkah Academy, we offer individual and group lessons that help you develop a closer and more meaningful relationship with the Qur’an.

5. Modern Standard Arabic Course

As its name indicates, Fusha is the modern counterpart of Classical Arabic. It is the official language of 22 Arab countries where it is used orally and in writing on all official occasions. The main difference between Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic lies in the vocabulary. Classical Arabic reflects the needs of contemporary expression while Classical Arabic reflects the needs of ancient styles.

Modern Standard Arabic is the main variant of the Arabic language that is spoken and studied today in formal settings. This version of Arabic is the standardized version of the language that is widely taught in schools and universities, and used in news across the Arab world. If you are looking for a functional course for learning Arabic in its everyday settings, check out our Arabic Conversational Courses and Starting Arabic.

6. Arabic Grammar Course

Grammar is generally defined as the complete system or structure of a particular language. It is clear that the more we understand how language works, the more complete mastery we will attain of it and convey meanings more eloquently. Therefore, learning grammar is the foundation of our ability to communicate effectively in Arabic.

Grammar in Arabic refers to the rules for forming sentences, phrases, and words. To understand works written in Arabic well, you must deeply understand its grammar. Although the greatest benefit of learning Arabic grammar is understanding the language of the Qur’an and Sunnah, you will also gain a better understanding of all Arabic works whether literature, poetry or general conversations.

7. Colloquial Arabic Course

This conversational course is ideal for those looking to travel to Arabic speaking countries, have basic conversations with others and have a great time learning this wonderful language. This course is taught by Egyptian teachers with a great ability to teach Egyptian Arabic efficiently and is ideal for anyone eager to learn colloquial Arabic.

Colloquial Arabic refers to the Arabic that you can hear native speakers use in their daily lives – their mother tongue. Because the Arabic-speaking world is so diverse and widespread, colloquial Arabic will sound differently from country to country, or even from region to region, within the same country.

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Benefits Of Learning Arabic Online

1. Flexibility in schedules

Online learning is flexible. You can choose to attend class at any time convenient for you. You can include the online class in your schedule without wasting any time commuting to and from the Learning Center.

2. A variety of topics

As shown above, you have a wide variety of themes to choose from. Depending on your previous knowledge of the Arabic language, you can choose what you need to learn next without having to comply with a general course of the topics you learned before.

3. Cost-effective courses

With Mishkah Academy, you get what you pay for and more. With classes much cheaper than traditional classrooms, you can save money by paying the course price including teaching materials and any other external materials as everything is made available to you directly in your online student portal.

4. Tailored methods of learning

Our teachers are well trained to adjust the learning style according to the needs of their students, regardless of age. This adds a lot of flexibility to the lessons and allows the student to feel comfortable while learning and studying complex Arabic topics.

You will not feel stressed or rushed to learn anything very quickly. Your teacher will check your learning pace and move accordingly. We understand that studying Arabic takes time and effort, so we give you the opportunity to take your time and reflect on what you have learned before moving on.

5. Experienced teachers

With Mishkah Academy’s team of Arabic teachers, you are in good hands. All recruited teachers have several years of teaching experience as Arabic teachers. They also have professional training in educational psychology to better understand and act accordingly your educational needs and behaviors.

6. Different learning experience

Learning is now easier than ever. You can learn and improve your Arabic language skills from the comfort of your own home. We guarantee that you will witness a different learning experience that you have never experienced before.

All this without the risk of stepping out of your home at a time when still difficult or stressful for many around the world to go about as they used to. Start your journey to learning Arabic today with Mishkah Academy!

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Can learn arabic in 3 / 6 months

Yes, it is possible to learn the first level of the Arabic language within 3 _ 6 months. Mishkah Academy offers Foundation Course for beginners, children and adults, in a period of three to six months, in which the basics of reading the Arabic language and the Holy Qur’an with Tajweed.

Can you learn arabic in a year

Yes, you can learn reading, writing and speaking skills within a year. When studying the Arabic language with specialized teachers via the Internet, you can achieve a high level of the Arabic language in a short period.

How can learn arabic myself

Now, thanks to modern technology, you can learn the Arabic language or any other language through the Internet platforms, but despite that, the best option remains to join an Arabic language course with specialized Arabic language teachers.

How can learn arabic fast

Now you can learn the Arabic language easily with teachers specialized in the Arabic language via the Internet. All you have to do is allocate some time to study the Arabic language and join an Arabic language course with an Arabic language academy.

How can learn arabic quickly

Some people think that learning the Arabic language is very difficult or that it may take a long time. Despite this, learning the Arabic language is very enjoyable, especially when studying the Arabic language with specialized teachers in the study of the Arabic language.

How can learn to speak arabic

All you have to do is enroll in one of the Arabic language courses via the Internet. Now you or your children can learn the Arabic language without leaving home and with reasonable tuition fees.

Where can learn arabic near me

Now education is not limited to the presence of an Arabic language teacher near you, but rather you can learn the Arabic language via the Internet at any time and without the need to leave your home and according to the available schedule. All you have to do is register for the online Arabic language course.

Where can learn arabic online

If you are wondering where to learn Arabic? You have come to the right place. Mishkah Academy specializes in teaching the Qur’an and the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers all over the world, with the help of specialized teachers who have great experience in teaching the Arabic language.

Where can learn Egyptian arabic

Now you and your children can learn the Egyptian Arabic language with Egyptian teachers who are graduates of prestigious Islamic universities and have great experience in teaching the Holy Quran, the Arabic language and Islamic studies via the Internetز

Where can learn to speak arabic

If you are asking how to speak the Arabic language, all you have to do is join any Arabic lessons online. Mishkah Academy offers Arabic lessons for those who are interested in speaking the Arabic language all over the world.

Can you learn arabic by yourself

If you ask, can you learn Arabic by yourself? The answer to your question is yes! But it will take a long time, and you may get bored and stop after that, but the best option is to join the Arabic course online.

How can learn arabic alphabet

You can learn the Arabic alphabet by joining the Arabic language foundation course for beginners to non-Arabic speakers. In this course, you will learn the basics of the Arabic language, including reading, writing and speaking.

How can learn arabic easily

Many people ask how to learn the Arabic language easily, especially those who live in non-Arabic speaking countries. Now, thanks to technology, you can learn the Arabic language easily from your home and at reasonable prices, according to your schedule, with specialized teachers from the most prestigious Islamic universities.

How can learn arabic language online for free

Many people who love to learn the Arabic language ask how they can learn the Arabic language for free. Mishkah Academy offers free trial classes in addition to study plans at reasonable prices that everyone can afford to help them start their journey of learning the Arabic language.

How can learn arabic language online

Today it has become very easy to learn the Arabic language via the Internet. All you have to do is have a tablet device connected to the Internet and set aside some time to join the Arabic language courses with Arab teachers who have extensive experience in teaching Arabic language curricula to non-native speakers.

Can I learn arabic on my own

Nowadays many people are wondering if I can learn Arabic by myself. The Arabic language is like any other language that anyone can learn via the Internet, but the best option remains to learn the Arabic language with the help of a teacher with great experience. Now you can join one of the Arabic language courses with Mishkah Academy.

Can you learn arabic on your own

This question may arise in the mind of many! How can I learn Arabic by myself? the answer; Yes, you can learn the Arabic language on your own, but in order to achieve the best satisfactory results in a short time, you must join one of the Arabic language courses via the Internet to reach an advanced level in the Arabic language.