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The Advanced Tajweed Rules Course is a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing individuals’ proficiency in reciting the Holy Quran. Tajweed, which is the science of correct pronunciation and intonation of Quranic verses, is of utmost importance to Muslims around the world. This course caters to those who already possess a basic understanding of Tajweed and aims to improve their knowledge and skills in this sacred art. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the Advanced Tajweed Rules Course and the benefits it offers to individuals.

Firstly, the Advanced Tajweed Rules Course delves deeper into the intricacies of Tajweed, allowing participants to develop a more profound understanding of the rules and techniques. By studying advanced concepts such as ‘Qalqalah’ (vibrating letters), ‘Idgham’ (assimilation of letters), and ‘Madd’ (prolongation of sounds), individuals can attain a higher level of expertise in recitation. The course provides extensive practice sessions for students to apply these rules, enabling them to recite the Quran with utmost accuracy and beauty, echoing the rhythm and melody imbued within its verses.

Moreover, the Advanced Tajweed Rules Course provides students with the ability to correct errors in their recitation. Participants learn how to identify common errors and correct them using the principles they have learned throughout the course. This knowledge not only enhances their recitation, but also qualifies them to help others in mastering Tajweed. Therefore, graduates of this course play a vital role in preserving the purity and integrity of the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Furthermore, the Advanced Tajweed Rules Course emphasizes the importance of understanding the meanings and context of Quranic verses. By delving deeper into the linguistic and historical aspects of the Quran, students gain a deeper appreciation for its teachings. This comprehensive approach to Quranic studies nurtures spiritual growth by fostering a true connection between the reader and the divine words. It also enables students to effectively convey the intended message of the Qur’an when reciting it to others, improving overall communication and understanding of its teachings.

In addition, the Advanced Tajweed Rules Course provides an opportunity for individuals to enhance their personal relationship with the Qur’an. By devoting time and effort to mastering Tajweed, students can experience a high level of sincerity and spiritual fulfillment. The profound impact of this course goes beyond superficial recitation; It touches the heart, leading to a deeper understanding and connection with the divine.

The Advanced Tajweed Rules Course is an essential program for individuals seeking to master the art of reciting the Holy Quran. With its focus on Advanced Tajweed Rules, correcting errors, understanding the meanings of Quranic verses, and the spiritual connection made through recitation, this course offers many benefits to participants. By completing this Advanced Tajweed Rules Course, individuals not only hone their skills, but also become bearers of the profound wisdom and beauty of the Holy Quran, thus contributing to the preservation and dissemination of this sacred knowledge for future generations.

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What Will You Learn In This Advanced Tajweed Rules Course?

We work hard on the enlisted topics to make your Tajweed exceptional.

Hidden Mistakes in Tajweed

There are 2 types of mistakes in pronouncing Arabic letters: clear and hidden mistakes. Avoiding hidden mistakes will make your Quran recitation sound like the Prophet Muhammad’s recitation. So, enroll with us to learn Quran Tajweed without mistakes and recite Quran confidently.

Complex Tajweed Rules for Recitation

The rules that need a lot of practice along with a clear understanding are taught. Some of the rules are:

  • (Part 1) The meeting of two letters (introduction).
  • (Part 2) The meeting of two letters(alike-Similar-Approximates-Far)
  • (Part3) The meeting of two letters (Small – Big – absolute).
  • (Part 4) The meeting of two letters (Rules of Reading).
  • Rules of Pausing & Stopping.
  • Rules of Quran Recitation (The dos and don’ts).
  • Revision and practice of basic Rules.
  • Learning some of the Mattoon (texts).
  • Qualifying for Ijazah to teach others.

Our Qualified Tajweed Rules Tutors

  • The teachers assigned to this course are not regular teachers.
  • They are selected based on the following qualifying factors and then interviewed for further scrutiny.
  • They must be native Arabs because they have an exceptional dialect to teach Tajweed to non-Arabs.
  • They must have the ijazah of a well-known and highly qualified sheikh to pass on the responsibility of teaching to their students as well.
  • They must have years of teaching experience and must use the latest technology to make all lessons easy to understand.
  • They must have a clear accent of English to teach students the commonly used language.

Who Can Enroll In This Advanced Tajweed Course

We do not enroll everyone in this professional program because it requires good knowledge of the basics of Tajweed beforehand and a lot of dedication to reach the license in recitation. The following people can take this course:

  • Adults (males and females) who have prior knowledge of Tajweed.
  • Students who have memorized the Holy Qur’an and want to obtain a recitation license.
  • Teachers who want to master Tajweed.
  • Sisters who want to learn advanced Tajweed.

Outcomes Of Our Advanced Tajweed Course

The following outcomes are kept in mind before the classes begin.

  • To make students able to master all advanced Tajweed rules with due revisions and practice.
  • To apply all the rules consciously while reciting Quran.
  • To adorn the recitation by beautifying voices.
  • To be able to recite Quran exactly like the prophet Muhammad SAWW.

Our Best Structured Tajweed Advanced Plan

Adults can get a customized plan according to their daily availability and class length. This program will be intense so we will not skip any rule in the plan. The customized plan will simply arrange the rules in a step-by-step manner to help students learn by achieving small goals.

You can get a customized intonation plan according to your level. Suppose you are already skilled in some Tajweed rules and want to learn other rules, your teacher will do it for you by designing the plan according to your weekly classes and the duration of your classes as well. You can also take an additional review chapter for any of the rules you want to work on further.

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Best Tajweed Rules Courses For Kids & Adults

We have a variety of other courses that serve differently and facilitate all the users. These are:

  • Tajweed For Beginners
  • Tajweed For Kids
  • Tajweed For Sisters
  • Tajweed For Adults

Advanced Tajweed classes are a must for the professional Quran reciter as they have to apply all the rules consciously. Become a Tajweed expert with us by registering for a Free Trial. We assure you that you will love to dig deep to learn with intensity.


Q: Can young kids learn Advanced Tajweed Rules?

Yes, if they have a good grip on recitation then they can enroll in an advanced Tajweed course.

Q: How much time does this course require?

Normally it takes 5 to 6 months, but it totally depends on how you have customized your course.

Q: Can everyone get enrolled in an Ijazah course after these advanced classes?

Not really, if you have successfully completed the advanced course then you can go for an Ijazah.

Q: Do you include Quran Memorization in the Advanced Tajweed course?

Yes, a little Matan (portion) is included in this course to apply the rules correctly.