How To Learn The Quran Fast And Easily Online

*How To Learn The Quran Fast And Easily Online*

How To Learn Quran Fast And Easy

Learn the Holy Quran online with Mishkah Academy, the first number in the Arab world to teach the Holy Quran online in individual Quran sessions with male and female teachers certified by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. The male or female student can learn from the mobile phone by simply downloading the Zoom or Google Meet program and start learning the Quran. Face to face with the teacher, the male or female student can determine the appropriate time for online sessions of memorizing the Holy Quran on the website Mishkah Academy.

How To Learn Quran Fast And Easy at Your Own Pace?

If you are looking for platforms for memorizing the Quran online for adults and children, you are in the right place, Mishkah Academy. We will get to know one of the most important and best electronic platforms designed specifically for memorizing the Quran, correcting its recitation, and learning the provisions of Tajweed, which is the Mishkah Academy platform. It always seeks to teach the Holy Qur’an in an easy and smooth way to different nationalities and ages, whether adults or children. In addition, it relies on the use of the latest technologies and is keen to invest distinguished educational cadres and includes a wonderful elite of various scientific and academic degrees.

Advantages Of Learning Quarn Online

There are many benefits of e-learning that can be used in traditional learning processes, and direct learning processes and e-learning can be combined to achieve high quality of the Learn the Quran Fast and Easily online process:

Save time and effort and cost

One of the most important benefits of e-learning is the exclusive saving of time, effort and cost associated with applying modern technologies in the educational field.

This innovative system helps all parties to the educational process overcome many challenges that require effort and time, such as preparing explanations and assignments and conducting tests to evaluate students’ levels. The system also contributes to reducing costs associated with purchasing educational materials, transportation, and accommodation for students and teachers.

Enable communication between students and teachers

Advanced e-learning management systems enhance communication between all parties of the educational process, the most important benefits of e-learning.

It also works to provide the necessary tools and techniques to achieve this, so that all parties can communicate freely and without any barriers, which helps motivate students to share their ideas and visions easily and make teachers aware of those ideas and respond to them effectively.

Enabling students to gain self-confidence, enhance their social and communication skills, and achieve ideal communication between all parties of the educational process around the clock and in an easy and accessible manner.

Easy access to courses

The e-learning management system enables students to easily access academic courses, retrieve all explanations for review, and pose inquiries to teachers, without time or place restrictions, making it an exclusive system that enhances ease of access to academic information.

Thus, this innovative system was able to remove the barriers that hindered students’ absorption of information and restricted them to the school walls, thus contributing to enhancing academic performance in general.

The teacher follows up on the students’ levels

As for the teacher’s monitoring of students’ levels, thanks to e-learning management systems, it has become easy for teachers to do this and work to improve their efficiency in achievement by devising innovative solutions and Learn the Quran Fast and Easily online.

Teachers can use these systems to communicate with parents, follow up on students’ progress, and monitor problems that hinder their good understanding of courses, among the benefits of e-learning.

Teachers can also contact the educational supervisor to follow up on a number of students who need to improve their levels, and provide feedback that helps the teacher develop their skills and improve their performance.

Thanks to these systems, it also becomes possible for teachers to create distinct and diverse educational content using the tools available to them, such as interactive platforms, educational videos, and educational materials available online. Teachers can also create and send assignments, tests, and exams easily and simply, and effectively monitor students’ response.

Benefits Of Learning Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quran is the best work that a student of knowledge can occupy his time with. In the following lines, we will learn about The Importance of Learning the Quran and Learn the Quran Fast and Easily online:

  • Memorizing the Quran is considered a basic stage of great importance in seeking Islamic knowledge. Where legal rulings and evidence are derived from its verses. Where scholars began memorizing the Quran from a young age. They are keen to memorize it completely before reaching adulthood.
  • The Islamic nation must follow the approach of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace – and his honorable companions – may God be pleased with them. One of the guidance of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, was to memorize the Quran in addition to understanding its meanings. And work with it. Therefore, the nation must renew its faith by realizing how important it is for the seeker of knowledge to memorize the Quran and follow the commands stated in the Quran.
  • Drawing closer to God Almighty and obtaining His satisfaction, in addition to winning Paradise, as well as arming yourself with His verses and commands in confronting Satan. In addition to controlling the desires and whims of the soul.
  • Evaluating the tongue and eloquence when speaking Arabic. Preserving the Great Quran in the hearts and facilitating its recitation in every place and time. Reading the Quran while working, where preoccupation with worldly affairs and events does not prevent you from memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • Obtaining guidance both in this world and in the hereafter: because memorizing the Great Quran, adhering to it, understanding its meanings, and implementing its laws are considered among the reasons for stability. Also, staying away from turmoil and anxiety in this worldly life.

Traditional vs. E-Learning Methods

The educational process and its teaching methods have undergone a great development that did not focus only on the external and structural form of this system, but also extended the depth of its strategies, and changed many of its concepts, in order to keep pace with the rapid steps in technical and cognitive progress in our current era, which are as follows:

Old teaching methods

The old methods rely on simple strategies that put the student in the position of receiving the largest amount of information, memorizing it, and storing it in his memory, then transcribing it through school tests, and making the student rely heavily on the textbook.

This method also focuses on the student’s senses of hearing and sight, who must focus on the teacher’s explanation, then transfer all the information he wrote down on the board to his notebook. This method does not take into account individual differences between students, but rather deals with students in one class as if they were all at the same level.

Modern teaching methods

Modern methods depend on paying attention to the learner himself, focusing attention on understanding the differences between students, and taking into account the problems or learning difficulties they have. They also depend on including means and tools that increase interaction within the classroom, and increase interaction between the students and the teacher on the one hand, and between the students themselves on the other hand. On the other hand, this method also encourages students to search and obtain information in an easy and quick way through the information network (the Internet), instead of relying completely on textbooks.

How E-Learning Makes Quran Learning Easy and Accessible?

E-learning makes learning the Quran easy and accessible through the methods that we will mention in the following lines:

  • Designing an easy and simple user interface: so that users can interact with the program easily and access information faster.
  • Educational stages based on listening and repetition: where there is an explanation of the correct pronunciation of verses and words, practical exercises to apply what has been learned, and listening to a reader reading the Quran.
  • Integrating modern technology into the program: such as using smart applications and multimedia such as photos, videos, and illustrations that help with better understanding.
  • Use assessment and testing systems to determine the learning level of users and provide improvements in subsequent stages.
  • Introducing students to Islam and its teachings: the importance of reciting the Holy Quran and motivating them to continue learning it.
  • Since teaching the Holy Quran depends on repetition and training, the educational program can develop an educational plan that can be followed institutionally to achieve the required goals.


The Power of E-Learning for Quran Education is Embraced so that students can benefit from the experiences of reciters to learn the Holy Quran effectively and permanently. The Mishkah Academy is considered one of the best e-readers available on the Internet.