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Learn Tajweed Classes For Children

Are you ready for a fun-filled Quranic adventure? Colored, fun and activity-packed Tajweed lessons await young learners of the Quran! At Mishkah Academy, Tajweed lessons for children, which include Noorani Al-Qaida, letter pronunciation and Tajweed rules, which are essential for learning the Qur’an, are entertaining with the participation of children from all over the world! We look forward to you joining us with our staff of experienced educators who can use online education and online platforms in the most effective way for children.

Teaching Tajweed For Kids

Learning Tajweed is a process that requires a lot of patience in itself. All Muslims strive to learn the rules of Tajweed in the best way as it is commanded to read them according to the principles of Quran recitation. Muslim families want their children to take these lessons from an early age and to lay the permanent foundations for the rules of Tajweed.

Thus, children try to read the Qur’an as required throughout their lives with the knowledge they learn at an early age. While the Tajweed rules for children are sometimes complex, how is this taught to children?

The primary purpose of the Tajweed courses for children is to impart the teaching of Tajweed and the Qur’an to children in the most effective way, with course contents that can appeal to students with different learning styles such as kinesthetic, auditory, etc. One is for students, so all attention is on the student taking the lesson.

Our experienced teachers in teaching Quran to children use the most effective teaching methods by establishing the best communication with their students. In this way, Tajweed for children is supported with videos, pictures and various games, and children are made to love reading the Qur’an in addition to entertaining and educational lessons.

Tajweed For Beginners

Our Quran Tajweed Course for Kids is divided into 3 classes according to the levels, these are mainly;

1- Classes for Beginners:

These classes are designed for children who have not previously studied the Qur’an. At this stage, children learn Noorani Qaida, and basic rules of Tajweed are taught from day one, in addition to the pronunciation of Arabic letters. In a few months, our young readers will be able to read the Qur’an with an Arabic accent, God willing. After the beginner class is complete, our students are ready for the next step…

2- Reading Classes:

Our experienced Qur’an teachers now provide the best training for our students moving from a beginner’s class to a Qur’an reading class, to apply learned rules of Tajweed, as well as to gain fluency and speed in reading. Our experienced Qur’an teachers now provide the best training for our students moving from a beginner’s class to a Qur’an reading class, to apply learned rules of Tajweed, as well as to gain fluency and speed in reading.

In addition to practicing Tajweed for children and how to apply it, students are now learning some famous verses and surahs by heart. Thanks to our original Arab teachers, the meanings of the surahs have been mentioned at the necessary level and memorization has become permanent.

3- Memorization Classes:

We have special Online Quran Classes For Kids who want to memorize the entire Qur’an, or just want to memorize parts of the Qur’an, can attend this class. If the student can read the Qur’an and apply Tajweed to children at a level sufficient for memorization, this means that memorization classes can begin. Our experienced Hifz Process memorizer teachers teach stimulating lessons in line with diverse and effective memorization methods.

Note: Mishkah academy also offer special Islamic Studies Course For Kids Course.

Tajweed Rules For Children

Most Muslim families want their children to take lessons from Arabic teachers so that they can acquire the skills of the hafiz, especially the Arabic dialect. So, do students who want to take Tajweed lessons online at Mishkat Academy from all over the world have to know Arabic? of course not.

Our Quran teachers, who speak good English, make Quran and Tajweed lessons for kids easy and fun. Online Tajweed lessons for children are taught in English. In this way, our students, no matter what country they come from, do not have any difficulties in understanding the lessons, thanks to the fact that the language of communication is English.

In short, the basic rules of intonation are taught to children in the most fun and understandable way. So, what are the basic Tajweed rules required for children to read the Qur’an and understand Tajweed correctly? lets take a look…

Best Age To Learn Tajweed For Kids

There is no doubt that the most effective way to teach children something is to make them love what they are about to learn. While taking Tajweed lessons at an early age has many advantages in terms of success and efficiency, there are many parents who face difficulties in getting children’s attention and making them like the material to be taught. So how do we do this?

Generally, the ideal age to start the Quranic alphabet is 4-5 years. However, even if the teaching of the Qur’an begins at a very young age, a playful and entertaining way of loving people should be preferred. Otherwise, it may distract your child from reading the Quran in the following years.

In this era, starting with Noorani Al-Qaida, when the student moves to the Qur’an, the Qur’an is taught according to the rules of Tajweed, and thus the Qur’an is learned by applying the rules of Tajweed from an early age. Consider factors such as your child’s activities and school, and find the best time to teach.

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How Do I Teach My Child Tajweed

As mentioned earlier, starting from an early age can help you a lot when teaching Tajweed to children. But in the process, definitely and definitely do not stress your children and make them interesting with a flexible program that will not confuse them. Here are some helpful tips on how to do it right:

Looking for an experienced teacher

The reason for this is that it is difficult for children to accept their parents as teachers outside of the parental role. Most of the time, when they go to study with their parents, they get shy or are constantly distracted. The most effective way to prevent this situation is for children to receive Quranic instruction from someone other than their parents.

Request 1-on-1 lessons

Often, moving around is difficult or time is limited during the day. This can lead to endless delays. Precisely for these reasons, Islamic institutions promise Tajweed and Quran courses on the online platform of high quality and affordable prices. It provides your child with continuous Islamic education not only during the summer holidays but also with flexible schedules and even timetables that you as parents can create.

Mishkah Academy offers online Special Education to Kids, whose content is prepared by experienced Quran teachers. If you want your kids to be one of our students who attend our courses from different parts of the world, Click here to contact Us!

Learn To Recite Quran With Tajweed For Kids

It is the duty of parents to raise their children in the atmosphere of the Qur’an and Sunnah in order to preserve the spiritual life of their children from loss. The following hadith shows our level of sincerity and affection towards the Qur’an:

“One who is proficient in the Quran is associated with the noble, upright, recording angels; and he who falters in it, and finds it difficult for him, will have two rewards.”

By learning to read the Quran, your child is getting acquainted with a new alphabet, so give it plenty of time. Be very patient with this. Because learning to read the Quran is like learning a different language for children. But this language is the best language for both the soul and the body.

Parents want their children to get the best Islamic education and they are very concerned about this. While these fears are well-founded, they should not reflect them on their children. If some children are prone to learning at an early age, they are taught according to their potential.

Teaching the Quran to children is a programmed process to keep their attention and desires dynamic. Course contents should be prepared according to children’s perceptual structure. This is possible by consulting an expert or having the children take lessons from professionals in teaching the Qur’an.

If you want your child to take lessons from experienced Quran teachers and you have no other idea about where to start other than the advice we have given above, contact us now and we will give you the best guidance with our experienced education staff to determine the most suitable lesson plan for your child!

Learn Quran With Tajweed For Kids

Mishkat Academy offers your child the opportunity to take Tajweed and Quran lessons delivered by authentic Arabic teachers in the comfort of your home. We know that children are much faster than adults at learning and recording information. The new memories will instantly record every piece of information that comes out of their teacher’s mouth.

We turn children’s learning of visuals, sounds and information very quickly into an advantage and take them on a fun journey of learning Tajweed and the Qur’an with our experienced teachers in teaching Muslim children.

If you would like to enjoy the step-by-step process of success in your child’s learning of the Qur’an and get started right on this rewarding journey, contact us now and start our free Tajweed lessons for kids!

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