Mashallah Tabarakallah

Mashallah Tabarakallah

Masha Allah Tabarak Allah

Muslims have a cordial connection with Allah and Islam. They not just offer the obligatory deeds but also try to make their act and speech according to the teaching of Islam.

The use of several small words in the daily routine makes them connected with Allah and brings Muslims closer to each other.

Alhamdulillah, Jazakallah, Allahumma Barik, and MaSha Allah Tabarakallah are some common words used by Muslims to pray for Muslim brothers/sisters, thank each other, and thank Almighty Allah.

These are little words but hold great power. These words prosper the love between Muslims, help to earn easy rewards, and attain the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Tabarakallah is also used by Muslims in many situations. Read till the end to get more information about the use of Tabarakallah, Quran references, examples, and meanings.

Tabarakallah In Arabic

In Arabic, Tabarakallah is written as:

تَبَارَكَ ٱللَّهُ

Tabarakallah Meaning

English translation of Tabarakallah

“May Allah Bless”

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Say Mashallah Or Tabarakallah!

ALLAHUMMA BARIK is the word that is used to ward off evil eyes. Some scholars suggest that Masha Allah La Quwwata Illa Billah (ماشاء الله لا ولا قوة إلا بالله) mentioned in Surah Kahf can also protect evil eyes.

Tabarakallah is the word used to glorify Allah. May the goodness and bounties of Allah increase.

Both Masha Allah and Tabarakallah are good phrases and an expression of love and affection. Both the words are used to appreciate the blessings and beauty that astonishes.

However, Masha Allah is more frequently said one admires or appreciates the beauty that can be sighted through eyes or felt through senses.

Whereas the word Tabarakallah is more frequently used to thank someone’s kindness and appreciate a good act. It is similar to the word Shukran.

For example, when someone helps you out or you love his deed. You can say Tabarakallah, “May Allah bless“. It shows your love and appreciation for kindness or good deeds.

Mashallah Tabarakallah Meaning

Mash Allah Tabarak Allah

What Does Mashallah Tabarakallah Mean

Masha Allah and Tabarakallah have similar meanings. Tabarakallah is an Arabic word that can be translated as “may Allah bless” whereas Masha Allah means “what Allah has willed“.

Masha Allah Tabarakallah is the phrase Muslims use most of the time to express appreciation of anything. It is an Arabic phrase that is used to protect the other person from catching evil eyes.

Masha Allah Tabarakallah is greatly used by Muslims to show the good wills of one Muslim toward the other Muslim’s blessing or beautiful thing.

A complete Surah is available in the Holy Quran named Surah Tabarak or most famously known as Surah Mulk.

The word Tabarakallah is found in many verses of the Holy Quran. This word in the Holy Quran appreciates the blessings of Allah SWT.

Mashallah Tabarakallah In Arabic

In Arabic Ma Sha Allah Tabarakallah is written as

ما شاء الله تبارك الله

Tabarakallah Quran Reference

  • Verse 54, Surah Al A’raf

تَبَارَكَ ٱللَّهُ رَبُّ ٱلْعَٰلَمِينَ

tabaarakal laahu Rabbul ‘aalamee

blessed is Allāh, Lord of the worlds.

Verse 1, Surah Al Furqan

تَبَارَكَ ٱلَّذِى نَزَّلَ ٱلْفُرْقَانَ عَلَىٰ عَبْدِهِۦ لِيَكُونَ لِلْعَـٰلَمِينَ نَذِيرًا

Tabaarakal lazee nazzalal Furqaana ‘Alaa ‘abdihee li yakoona lil’aalameena nazeera

Blessed is the One Who has sent down the Criterion to His slave, so that he may be a warner to the worlds

  • Verse 78, Surah Ar Rahman

تَبَـٰرَكَ ٱسْمُ رَبِّكَ ذِى ٱلْجَلَـٰلِ وَٱلْإِكْرَامِ

Tabaarak asmu Rabbika Zil-Jalaali wal-Ikraam

Blessed is the Name of your Lord, full of Majesty and Honour

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When To Say Mashallah Tabarakallah

The common Islamic term Tabarakallah significantly expresses the feeling of appreciation for Allah’s blessings. The addition of this term can make the sentence noble and rewarding. Because whenever a Muslim praises Allah or thanks Allah for the blessing, he gets great rewards from Allah.

For example

The Quran is the most beautiful part of our life. Tabarakallah.

The term is small but it adds many emotions and goodwill to the sentence.

You can use Masha Allah Tabarakallah in the following ways.

  • When appreciating the blessings.
  • When admiring the beauty.
  • When sighting the blessings of other Muslim brothers.
  • When protecting the brother from evil eyes.

Mashallah Tabarakallah Uses

Do you want to know how you can use Masha Allah Tabarakallah in your daily routine?

We have evaluated social media for you to find how people are using Tabarakallah in their daily routine. It can guide you in using Tabarakallah in small sentences.


My kids are the most beautiful blessings of Allah. Whenever I see them, I thank Allah for his blessings. Masha Allah Tabarakallah.


He was suffering from fever, however, he’s fine now. Ma Sha Allah Tabarakallah.


Masha Allah Tabarakallah, my brother is blessed with a baby girl.


Masha Allah Tabarakallah, Allah has blessed me with a beautiful wife, smart kids and a great job. Allah is great. He is so merciful.


Ma Sha Allah Tabarakallah has grown so well.

Mashallah Tabarakallah Response

Masha Allah, Islam is a beautiful religion that promotes love and condemns hatred. How beautifully a brother says Masha Allah Tabarakallah for his other brother’s blessings so his happiness doesn’t catch bad eyes of his own.

Masha Allah Tabarakallah is an Islamic phrase that greatly rewards the person saying it and also the person to whom it has been said.

When a Muslim hear such a beautiful and meaningful phrase from his brother, he can reply with the same beauty and love by saying another Islamic word or in another form by praying for that brother.

It is not sunnah to say something in response to Masha Allah Tabarakallah. However, whenever a Muslim prays for his brother, Allah and the angel loves his praying and the angel says Ameen to his prayer.

This Ameen means an angel is asking the same dua for the person making dua for his brother.

Here are some words you can use to respond to Masha Allah Tabarakallah.

  • Jazakallah Khair is also an Arabic phrase. It means, “May Allah reward you with goodness”. This phrase shows that you have goodwill and ask for the blessing from Allah for the other person.
  • Or you can also say Barak Allahu Feekum which is translated as “May Allah bless you. It holds a relatively similar meaning to Ma Sha Allah Tabarakallah and can greatly be used as an expression of love for another person.

Mashaallah Tabarakallah Importance

The Masha Allah Tabarakallah phrase is not found in the sunnah to use in daily routine. However, the word Tabarakallah is found in the Holy Quran multiple times.

Whenever someone says Masha Allah Tabarakallah, he wishes good for his brother and also remembers Allah.

Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) love those who love all the human beings and Allah’s creatures.

Whenever a Muslim makes dua for his brother, Allah appreciates his actions and gives him a great reward for the act.

Masha Allah Tabarakallah shows one belief that nothing can happen without Allah’s will and He is the only one that can give and take the blessings.

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Islam is a religion of love that guides humans to promote love not only through acts but through words also. Masha Allah Tabarakallah is a great form of promoting brotherhood and love between Muslims. Use Masha Allah Tabarakallah in your daily routine to see the good change and love between your relations. Try to do small and easy good deeds every day. No one knows which deeds become the source of Allah’s pleasure. Nothing can save humans from the fire of hell except Allah himself.

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