Jumma Mubarak Meaning, Dua & Wishes

jumma mubarak

What Is Jumma Mubarak

Jummah has religious significance in the life of every Muslim. The Friday of every week is considered a Jumma. It is the prior interest in praying on Friday and dispensing with the blessings of God. We spend this day performing prayers, making generous donations, reciting the Qur’an, and listening to the hadiths of the Prophet. This auspicious day has great meaning for the pious.

Prophet PBUH says:

On this day there is a time when no Muslim stands and prays, asking Allaah for something, but Allaah will grant him it. (Bukhari)

Jewish people have sabbath day on Saturday, Christians have their church services on Sundays, we Muslims celebrate Friday as our holy day.

It was named Jumma because it is derived from the word Jam’ in Arabic which means to gather.

Abu Hurairah reports that one Friday the Prophet (saws) said:

“O gathering of Muslims, Allah has made this day (of Friday) an Eid for you, so make ghusl and use the miswak (on this day).” Related by At-Tabarani

There’s is even a surah in the Quran titled Al-Jumu’ah. In the last 3 ayat of this surah Allah says:

O you who have believed, when [the adhan] is called for the prayer on the day of Jumu’ah [Friday], then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. That is better for you, if you only knew.

And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah, and remember Allah often that you may succeed.

But when they saw a transaction or a diversion, [O Muhammad], they rushed to it and left you standing. Say, “What is with Allah is better than diversion and than a transaction, and Allah is the best of providers.”

In these verses, God asks us to pause all our actions and spend part of our day in Friday prayers. We are not required to spend the whole day, but only a small part.

After that, we can “disperse within the Earth” until we ask for the reward that He left us. So remember, don’t get distracted easily on Friday. Make time for God. Only for people who remember God will God remember them.

What Does Jumma Mubarak Mean

Jumma Mubārak literally means: Happy Friday, where Jumma means “Friday” and Mubārak translates as “blessed”. Muslims offer weekly prayers at noon on Jumma which is sacred to their religion and considered a holy day according to Islamic beliefs.

The phrase is generally believed to be a friendly greeting on the holy day of Jummah, not something suggested or said by the Prophet Muhammad himself or written in Islamic law.

Jumma Mubarak means “happy Friday” or “have a blessed Friday”.

“Jummah” or “جمعة” means Friday in Arabic and Urdu.

And “mubarakah” or “مباركة” is translated as “blessed” or “blessing”.

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Jumma Mubarak Dua

  • Jumma Mubarak! Keep me in your prayers!
  • May Friday carry these divine blessings! Jumma Mubarak!
  • May God bless you with much happiness this Jumma!
  • May our prayers are answered on Friday with God’s blessings.
  • Jumma Mubarak. May this Jumma bring serenity to all.
  • Jumma Mubarak! Oh Allah, show us the right path!
  • Jumma Mubarak! May the Almighty hear our heartfelt prayer today!
  • May this Friday allow us to seek His mercy and blessings.

Jumma Mubarak Wishes

Every Friday is considered Jummah, which is a holy day for all Muslims around the world. On this day, Muslims devote themselves to prayer, generous alms, memorizing the Qur’an, and hearing hadiths. It is very important to welcome our Muslim brothers with greetings such as Juma Mubarak wishes and messages, along with sincere prayers and blessings, because this auspicious day is of great importance to the religious people.

  • Have a nice and pleasant Jumma.
  • Jumma Mubarak to you and your family.
  • May this day bring you peace and tranquility.
  • Jumma Mubarak! Ask forgiveness from God on this happy day!
  • May God forgive us all on this special day, Jumma Mubarak everyone!
  • I wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful life. Jumma Mubarak.
  • May God grant you peace, health and many benefits!

How To Reply Jumma Mubarak

Friday in the Islamic religion is considered a holiday. It is important to greet other Muslims with greetings like Jumma Mubarak. You can also send prayers, wishes, messages and blessings to your friends and loved ones. How do you respond to a Muslim when they say Juma Mubarak out of excitement? When someone wishes you a Jumma Mubarak, you can reply: “Jumma Mubarak to you.” However, there are other responses as well. Here are some of the best responses to Jumma Mubarak.

  • May God bless you with endless happiness. Jumma Mubarakah.
  • Indeed, God’s benevolence knows no bounds. God bless you.
  • May this day bring you peace and serenity. Jumma Mubarakah.
  • May this Friday enlighten your life. Jumma Mubarakah.
  • May Allah reward you with His unconditional blessings. Jumma Mubarakah.
  • God is the one who has power in general. Jumma Mubarakah.
  • God hears your repentance for your mistakes and answers your prayers.
  • May God grant all your hopes and aspirations through your prayers. Jumma Mubarakah.
  • May God bless you with new hope and happiness. Jumma Mubarakah.

Jumma Mubarak Quote

  • Jumma Mubarak to you! May Allah bless you.
  • Jumma Mubarak! May Allah shower every Muslim with blessings.
  • Jumma Mubarak!  May Allah keep you safe, happy and healthy!
  • Wishing you Jumma Mubarak. May all your prayers be heard today!
  • Jumma Mubarak to All! May Allah fulfill all our hopes!

Juma Kareem messages | Jumat Mubarak Messages

  • Isn’t it amazing that we hand over all our worries to Him and in return God blesses us! So just keep praying and keep me in yours too.
  • When you perform the Friday prayer, the light of Friday shines into your life and strengthens your faith. God acknowledged Friday petitions!
  • Once again here is a day of mercy- Friday. May God reward you and may God have mercy on you and your family!
  • Along with the countless blessings and basket of God’s mercy, Friday is here again. May God keep our faith in our hearts and forgive us!
  • Praying for others without knowing them is one of the beauties of exceptional Islam, and in return the angels recommend God to you. Keep praying.
  • Be happy to help others, for God will help the person through you. May God grant us all the ability to help others! blessed Friday.
  • On this auspicious day of Guma, there is nothing more precious than a supplication for bestowing on someone. God bless all your prayers in the Friday petition!
  • Friday is a precious day that contains more reward and brings countless blessings. May God help us to increase His worship on this precious day!
  • Our Lord, keep us away from the sins that will distance us from Him, and follow the good deeds that will bring us closer to Him! blessed Friday.

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Performing Friday prayers and devoting ourselves to God’s guidance is very important for us as Muslims. Our enduring faith and purity of heart determine how our prayers will be answered. However, God Almighty forgives us and guides us in everything we do. We should all encourage Friday prayers to our Muslim brothers by sending Jumma Mubarak wishes messages and blessings or even posting quotes and captions on social media platforms. This helps us prioritize Friday prayers and spread the importance and relevance of Friday prayers.

With the above mentioned Jumma Mubarak quotes, wishes and messages you can wish your family, friends, colleagues and relatives. Boost them up for doing more prayers on this beautiful day and encourage them to seek more blessings from God. Not only will this put a smile on the faces of your Muslim brothers, but it will also help them feel a strong connection with Allah, the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipotent, yet always forgiving, kind and benevolent.


Why Don’t say Jumma Mubarak?

Can We Say Jumma Mubarak? We do not think it is prescribed to exchange congratulations on Fridays, such as saying to one another Jumma Mubarak and so on.

How to write Jumma Mubarak in Arabic?

Jumma Mubarak! Happy Friday my friend. May you be blessed with peace, good health and favors of Allah! Wish you pleasant Jummah.
If someone says Jumma Mubarak to you, it is polite to respond by saying, “Jumma Mubarak,” wishing goodwill to those who greeted you. You can also say “May Allah reward you well” which means thank you, but literally translates as “May Allah reward you with good”.
The Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) before Friday was to pray 4 Sunnah. Then it is followed by two fards, followed by four confirmed years, one confirmed year, and then 2 nafl prayers. In total there will be 14 rak’ahs for the Friday prayer.

Jumca Mubarak | Why is Friday Mubarak?

What does Jumma Mubarak mean and why do people say it? Juma Mubarak means “Happy Friday” or “Blessed Friday”. The phrase is generally believed to be a friendly greeting on the holy day, not something suggested or said by the Prophet Muhammad himself or written in Islamic law.

jumat mubarak greetings

Muslims value Jummah as a special day of the week. They observe this obligatory prayer and some send Jummah Mubarak messages, wishes and prayers (duas) to their loved ones.