Dua For Breaking Fast | Dua Before & After Eating

Dua For Breaking Fast | Dua Before & After Eating

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Importance & Power Of Dua

Dua is very important in the life of Muslims because Dua is like a conversation with Allah Almighty in which we put our needs before Him and ask His help in the resolution of our problems. We ask from Almighty Allah for everything that we want in our life no matter how big or small.

Dua is a means of keeping in touch with Allah and due to Dua, we get closer to our Lord. So, Dua is a source of keeping the supplicant closer to the Almighty Allah. Dua is not only a submission about our needs before Allah Almighty but it is a form of worship as well.

Dua is considered a weapon with the help of which we can change our situation by asking for help from Almighty Allah. Dua can change the destiny so try to make Dua in every situation because with Dua you will always get closer to Almighty Allah.

The use of Dua has significantly been emphasized in the Quran and Sunnah and is a means for people to draw closer to Allah.

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran:

“When my servants ask you concerning me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on me.” (Quran, 2:186).

So with this verse, we can say that Allah Almighty listens to us when we make Dua. We should always seek help from Allah.

The importance of Dua can be evaluated from this Hadith:

“Nothing is more honorable to Allah the Most High than Dua.”
[Sahih al-Jami` no.5268]

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Dua For Fasting

The following dua is recited at the beginning and end of the fast to indicate and affirm the intention of the fast.

The purpose of making an intention before every deed is to remind our inner self and confirm with our verbal intention that we seek the pleasure of God in our all actions.

وَبِصَوْمِ غَدٍ نَّوَيْتُ

Wa bisawmi ghadinn nawaiytu,,,

I intend to keep the fast for tomorrow,,,

أَشهَدُ أَن لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ الله، أَستَغفِرُ الله، نَسأَلُكَ الجَنَّةَ ونَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنَ النَّار

ash-hadu an laa ilaha ill Allah, astaghfirullah, nasa’luka al jannah wa nau’zu bika min an naar

“I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah, I seek forgiveness from Allah, we ask you (O Allah) for Paradise and we seek refuge with you from the Hellfire.”

Dua For Breaking Fast | Dua For Iftar

اللَّهُمَّ اِنِّى لَكَ صُمْتُ وَبِكَ امنْتُ وَعَليْكَ تَوَكّلتُ وَ عَلى رِزْقِكَ اَفْطَرْتُ

Allahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu wa alayka tawakkaltu wa ala rizq-ika-aftartu

“O Allah! I fasted for You and I believe in You and I put my trust in You and I break my fast with Your sustenance”.

ذَهَبَ الظَّمأُ، وابْتَلَّتِ العُرُوقُ، وَثَبَتَ الأَجْرُ إِنْ شاءَ اللَّهُ

zahab al-zama’ wabtalat al-u’rooq wa thabata al ajar in sha Allah

“The thirst is gone, the veins are moistened, and the reward has been earned if Allah wills”.

Dua Before Eating

بِسْمِ اللهِ‎


In the Name of Allah.

However, in case of forgetting to recite the Bismillah and we are already halfway eating our meal, we may recite:

بِسمِ اللهِ أَوَّلَهُ وَآخِرَه‏ُ

Bismillahi awwalahu wa akhirahu

In the Name of Allah at the beginning and at the end.

This is based on the hadith of the Prophet s.a.w:

When any of you wants to eat, he should mention the Name of Allah (Bismillah) in the beginning. If he forgets to do it in the beginning, he should say (I begin with the Name of Allah at the beginning and at the end).”

Another Dua that is often recited:

اللَّهُمَّ بَارِكْ لَنَا فِيمَا رَزَقْتَنَا وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

Allahumma barik lana fima razaqtana waqina azaban-nar

“O Allah! Bless us in what You have provided us with and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.”

 اللَّهُمَّ بَارِكْ لَنَا فِيهِ وَأَطْعِمْنَا خَيْرًا مِنْهُ

Allahumma barik lana fih wa-ati’mna khairan minhu

“O Allah! Bless it for us and provide us with that which is even better”

Dua After Eating | After Eat Dua

اَلْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِي أَطْعَمَنِي هَذَا، وَرَزَقَنِيهِ مِنْ غَيْرِ حَوْلٍ مِنِّي وَلَا قُوَّةٍ

Al-hamdu lillahi-llazi at’amani haza, wa razaqaniihi min ghairi haulin minni wa la quwwah

“All praise is due to Allah Who has given me food to eat and provided it without any endeavour on my part or any power.”

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذِي أَطْعَمَنَا وَسَقَانَا وَجَعَلَنَا مُسْلِمِينَ

Alhamdu-lillahil-lazi at’amana wa saqana wa ja’alana muslimin

“All praise is due to Allah Who have given us food and drinks and ordained us as Muslims”

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ حَمْدًا كَثِيرًا طَيِّبًا مُبَارَكًا فِيهِ غَيْرَ مُوَدَّعٍ وَلاَ مُسْتَغْنًى عَنْهُ رَبُّنَا

ِAlhamdulillahi hamdan kathiran tayyiban mubarakan fihi, ghaira muwadda’in wa-la mustaghnan ‘anhu Rabbuna

“All praise is due to Allah – an abundant, pure and blessed praise; a praise that can neither be forsaken nor dispensed with, our Lord”

Importance Of Dua Before & After Eating

Dua is a powerful weapon that saves us from Shayateen in an unimaginable way. It is a kind of protective gear that we attain as we remember Allah SWT before any work that we do. There are many benefits of reciting dua before and after eating food.

● Reciting Dua after eating gets our past sins forgiven.

● Reciting Dua before and a Dua after eating is a part of Sunnah.

● Reciting Dua before and a Dua after eating keeps Satan away from our food.

● Reciting the Dua before and a dua after eating brings blessings and Barakah.

Manners & Etiquette Of Eating & Drinking

● Always start with the name of Allah.

● Eat with the right hand and eat from the corner of your own side that is near to you.

● Never criticize the food.

● Do not overeat.

● Drink water in three gulps.

● Always recite dua before eating and the other dua after eating a meal.

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